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Charlie Sheen & Brooke Mueller

NOT Getting Back Together

8/21/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller looked as cozy as two people can be this weekend in Mexico (see above) -- but Charlie tells TMZ ... they're still just "good friends trying to be great parents."

As TMZ first reported, the former couple went south of the border this weekend -- Charlie decided to take Brooke as a sort of "birthday/you're doing great in rehab" present.

But no matter how good they look together in the pics, Charlie tells us a romantic reconciliation is not in the cards. In warlock speak, Charlie says they are simply "working on mending the bridges, replanting scorched earth. The goal is harmony."


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1167 days ago

Metta Worldhate    

He's rich. He can do what he wants. Suck it.

1167 days ago


She so hates your guts Charlie, ugh.

1167 days ago


Then why twitter you're on a romantic weekend?

1167 days ago


"Your a 47-48 year old man...." His birthday is on Sept. 3, 1965, that makes him almost 46! NICE TRY! LOL!

1167 days ago



These staged photos are too weird. And she looks like a crack whore all corpsey and desperate-looking.

1167 days ago


People, you do realize this is all about publicity & getting Sheen some kind of reputation back, right? If his porn queens had stuck around, he'd still be threatening to send Mueller's head to her parents. No doubt about it. And should be ashamed of yourself to fall into Sheen's so obvious trap. Funny how TMZ is the only one who actually prints what Sheen's publicist sends out. You don't find anythingabout him anywhere else. Thank God!

1167 days ago


I think Charlie looks h-o-t in these pics! Brooke, like a wasted away crack whore.

1167 days ago


Body language is better, their faces look tense. Glad they aren't forcing a relationship that doesn't work.

1167 days ago


Give it up Carlos, no one cares!!! That you have to do such stupid stuff to get attention is just sad. Your new show is going to fail as no one wants to see your cracked ass say anything anymore & that's if you can even get it to air as I doubt it will. I mean the movie sucked so why would a show with you of all people be any better? If this is all you can come up with to make news, you both should crawl back into the crack pipe and DIE! Did you learn a little lesson Carlos? Did you come down off that 2 decade high that made you think you were God because you stood on an X and repeated some lines and realized there are a MILLION douches just like you to take your place? Has it sunk into your cracked brain that NO ONE CARES and all the leeches you surround yourself with are only there because of the $$$$?!? Why TMZ gives you any air time shows just how slow a news day it must be. You fired your publicist as your inflated ego makes you think lame stunts like this are good for you. HA! HA! Please join Wino and go to hell aleady. If I never hear the word Carlos again, it will be a better world without your wasted space in it! And please for the love of God put your fake teeth back in as you look like **** and your rotten mouth is just disguting to look at! Only a dumb bitch geting paid to screw you would want to put her mouth to that toliet of disease and fake a smile=now that's more acting than you've done in your entire life. Oh and NO ONE cares about MLwhatever# you keep spouting about. If anyone finds this POS interestnig, please get help as you must really need a life to want to live thru this boy child!!! I WEEP for your CHILDREN!!!

1167 days ago
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