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Report: Shady Banks $3.3 MIL

For Two Shows This Weekend

8/22/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0822_eminem_getty$66,000 per song ... that's how much money Eminem reportedly made to perform at a U.K. music festival this weekend -- and he performed roughly FIFTY songs!!!

Eminem hit the stage at the V Festival in England this weekend -- a two night affair. According to the British tabloid The Sun, Slim Shady (pictured above at the festival) raked in a cool TWO MILLION pounds for the 2 nights of work ... which translates to roughly $3.3 million.

Em reportedly performed for 90 minutes on both Saturday and Sunday night -- and was joined on stage by Rihanna ... who is said to have received around $825,000 per night to perform as well.

Calls and emails to Em's reps were not immediately returned.

Recovery, indeed. Check out a snippet of the performance below.


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Go Slim! I've always liked his songs.

1136 days ago


Hey TMZ check your math. 2.2 mio STG x 1.6450 = $3,619,000. Em don't pay tourist rates.

1136 days ago


i wonder if these comments would've been so supportive if this was Jay z , 50 cent or kanye...

1136 days ago


EMINEM is as big as it gets. He's worth every penny he's paid. EMS an ICON. That simple. I seen EM here in Cali last year and it was BY FAR the most exciting, biggest, crazy and absolute kick a** concert ive EVERRRRR been to. EMS the greatest. Not kanye, wayne, jay or pac. EMINEM!

1136 days ago

Prince Von A-Hole    

Its about the art. He does it for the fans. As long as they can afford $300 tickets

1136 days ago


even em knows he's not the best , decent sure but far from the best hell he's even written songs about you delusional fans & your ignorant claims , "stan", 'white america"" eta al .Em is only really popular for 2 reasons ,his skin colour & Dr dre , these are the 2 things that made him stand out

1136 days ago

PRO US    

Amazing that he performed roughly 50 songs when he cannot sing to save his life. He talks. He rhymes. He cannot sing. He has no quality in his voice to sing at all. He is a moron. People who buy his songs are morons. There are millions of morons in the USA. If you buy anything Eminem has ever spoken, you are a moron. You don't like being called a moron because you bought an Eminem "talkee"? Too fracking bad! You're a moron. Sucks to be you! You freaks with no taste and no ear and no brains. If you're on drugs like crack or ice, you have an excuse for buying his drivel because you're mentally unhinged, incapacitated and disabled. If you're not drunk or drugged, you have no excuse, so it means you're mentally retarded. Half of you are illiterates and the other half are barely functional morons. Let's put it this way, none of you have read a book by Melville, Dumas, Hugo, Camus, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Chekhov, Dostoevsky, Tolstoy or Kierkegaard since High School because the sports page is the most intellectual fare that you can absorb into the simulacrums of brains you tote around. You're like a sub-species, not even fully a member of Homo Sapiens. Have a nice day watching cars go around in circles, you dummies! Ha Ha!

1136 days ago


It does not seem like any more or any less $$$$ than others have been paid to perform. 90 minutes each evening is a heck of a lot longer than others perform for a lot less IMHO and while the $$$$ amount is listed no real info on the size of the crowd or what they paid to see the concert. So I say good for him if someone wants to pay it I say he would be foolish to turn it down....

1136 days ago

orit garbourg    

Good for him!!! He's Brilliant!!

1136 days ago


It's so funny to hear the same people who say "Good for him!" will turn around in the next breath an berate some CEO who employs 1000's of us for a few mil in a bonus. What a joke!

1136 days ago

PRO US    

Change Em In Em's look to someone who doesn't look like him and change his name to something completely different like "Wimpee ****", and have him put out songs. You'd find nobody would buy them. America is all about brand names today. Put out complete crap products backed by a recognizable brand name and millions of people will buy the products with no regard to their quality. Take the brand name off the products, and almost nobody will buy them. People are sheep following the mass marketing shephards who like Warren Buffett are paying 15% federal income tax on their earnings while the sheepeople are paying 25% to 35%. People are conformists without the self-confidence and independent spirit to make up their own minds as to what is good. That's why McDonalds, Burger King, Arby's and Wendy's and all the other massive fast food chains are popular. People go to them and spend their hard earned money there because they have a brand name and for no other reason. The quality of their beef products is 1 level above that which all American beef producers have to put in only canned goods or food for animals. The food there isn't tasty or high quality or healthy so that's not the reason sheepeople spend their money there. It's a sad, pitiful, pathetic indication of how Americans support producers and marketers of total crap as long as the crap is backed by a recognizable brand name. The beef you buy is mostly made up of stuff that is not beef like fillers, extenders, preservatives, oats, grains, soya beans, emulsifers, solidifiers, homogenized fats and oils etc., the leather goods you buy like shoes and belts are made up mostly of powdered, glued-together leather paste, the rubber you buy is 90% of the time synthetic, etc. etc. It's sick. You want a real leather belt? You won't get one for less than $100 anywhere unless they're second hand. If it says "genuine leather" on it, it's 90% of the time made of powdered, plastic coated leather. Even on $700 Italian leather shoes, the soles are 90% of the time hollow and filled with a hollow plastic container making up the bulk of the sole. It's world that mass manufacturers have corrupted and cheapened and the products might look good when new but they won't last so you can spend more money and buy them again making the owners of the mass marketed crud factories richer all the time. Happy shopping!

1136 days ago


EM deserves ALL THAT MONEY AND MORE!! he is the BESSST live performer/RAPPER out theree!!! i bet all those ppl came ONLY to SEE EMINEM!! SLIM SHADY I LOVE YOU!! come to TDOT!!!!<3

1136 days ago


The ruination of real Hip Hop. The guy is hyped up majorly simply because he is white. Nothing more. If the same weak lyrics and attacking NOTHING but women were coming from a black man, he would have been shown the door a long time ago. It DOES matter what color you are.

1136 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

He's still a phony angry douche. Albeit a rich one. Always will be.

1136 days ago


At 39, isn't he a little old for all this shrill, tuneless screaming?

1136 days ago
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