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Floyd Mayweather

My Obnoxious Partying

Is Just An Act

8/25/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Floyd Mayweather
claims the only reason he parties his face off at nightclubs ... and passes out booze ... and flashes money ... and otherwise acts like a complete a-hole ... is JUST to promote his fights.

It's all in legal docs filed by Pretty Boy Floyd as part of his ongoing war with Manny Pacquiao -- this time, Mayweather responded to allegations that he was irresponsibly partying around the country instead of attending a deposition.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Mayweather claims the nightclubbing is "not random acts of partying, but calculated promotional events designed to appeal to his fan base and maintain his public presence."

Mayweather acknowledges that "many people hate him" because of his "Money" Mayweather alter ego -- but explains, "If even those who dislike him are willing to pay for the privilege of watching the fight, he is more profitable."

Mayweather also declares that he "does not drink, smoke or take drugs."

The fighter insists he MUST participate in these "promotional activities" -- and that's one of the reasons why he did not appear to be deposed on any of the dates requested by Pacquiao's camp.

So, we gotta ask ...

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Floyd again lied saying he was promoting his fight, that is the latest episode of telling lies just to skip the deposition.

1122 days ago

perry ayos    

JUST ACTING FOR PROMOTIONAL PURPOSES is the best way to put it. Boxing fans may very well be swayed to believe him, and why not, The entertainment business thrives on acting, just like prostitution in Vegas.

1122 days ago


Sorry folks, I can't compare the in the same way. Ok, one tihing is for sure they are both elite boxers. Take a look their life outside the RING. Floyd our guys are too far to compare this little **** Manny. He's educated, simple, charismatic, and have a good sense of humor. He is a HERO to his homeland. He is a congresman, actor, singer, basketball player. How about our FLOYD??? WE americans knew floyd well. Do we have to compare???

1122 days ago


Mayweather,your FULL of LIES..anyway,Boxing Fans will never buy PPV on your Fight with Ortiz,we don't want to waste our money with a FIXED game.This time you will learn and All your Entorage especially your DAD,your Uncle and your Trainer.

1122 days ago



1122 days ago


promoting boxing with booze, smoke & drugs at night clubs? yeah right... tell that to my 7 yr. old son.

1122 days ago


i think floydie is on peds... he's got big ego and incoherrent reasoning.. i think they should level the field... hehehe

1122 days ago


different style... different event... but FLOYD it's still the same strategy of EXCUSES... BORING.

1121 days ago

Jvan Luna    

Maynever was already partying even before he announced he's fighting Ortiz. So why do some self promoting? The deposition he has to attend to has been there for quite some time now & it should never even bother his partying because they could have happened in the morning.

Soon, Maynever's first defeat will come. Not in the ring but in the house of justice-something he cannot dodge. Here comes a KO!

1121 days ago


Mayweather never runs out of excuses... floyd is the one who makes black people look bad for his example.

1121 days ago


Mayweather never runs out of excuses, Floyd is the one who makes black people look bad..

1121 days ago


what a chump

1121 days ago

elvis michael    

pacman is a beer drinker,he is always spotted drinking beer most of the time when playing billiard pool or gambling..

1121 days ago

johnny b goode    

floyd's just trying anything he can to avoid pac, in and out of the ring and courthouse. he could've knocked the deposition out at any point (24 freaking dates that he blew off including one, right after the fight was signed, 3 months ago), which would only take a few hours at most in his own town, yet he claims he doesn't have time to do it bc he's got to train/promote for his fight, but has plenty of time to fly out to the ATL and go out to clubs. newsflash *******, any time you're at a club, unless it has punching bags, you're not training. and you're floyd mayweather, people already know who you are, so you can't give the excuse that you need to promote the fight; you only fight once a year, and are right up there w/ pac in terms of popularity. and besides, that's what press conferences and the commercials are for! victor ortiz is lesser known than you, but do you see him going out to "promote" the fight? NO. he's full of ****, and can't even man up to go to court to either a) back up his claims against pacquiao or b)apologize and admit he was full of ****. and you just know, that's why he's stalling all these legal cases against him, he's just going to pull them out periodically and use it as an excuse to get out of a fight w/ pac, should he get by ortiz.

1121 days ago


1. What fights? He hasn't fought anywhere near as much as he parties.
2. Depositions are during the day, not at night so if he "parties" but actually doesn't drink, then he can attend a deposition.
3. To promote a fight, you have to have one first. I'd love to see the "fights" he has been promoting with the partying.
4. It seems he just admitted to being a punk a$$ bitch poseur

1121 days ago
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