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Jani Lane 911 Call

Nobody Wants to Touch the Body

8/24/2011 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

When Jani Lane's body was discovered at an L.A. hotel earlier this month, no one at the scene wanted to go near him... even to check if he was still alive -- this according to the 911 call obtained by TMZ.

According to the caller -- a lady at the front desk -- housekeepers discovered the body ... but no one would touch it to check for a pulse.

The dispatcher replies, "It would be nice to know if we can help him" -- but the hotel staff at the Comfort Inn hotel in Woodland Hills, CA still refused.

As we previously reported, investigators found a half-empty bottle of vodka and prescription pills on the scene. Toxicology results are expected shortly. Calls to the hotel haven't been returned.


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as she stated.. his eyes are open, mouth open with blood.. I can understand why they freaked, however, *I* would have checked him for a pulse. Rigamortis would have been obvious on a body dead more than 4 hours in those conditions.
Go to hell Haters :>
RIP Jani

1155 days ago

Adam G    

there was probably a chance to save his life if those idiots would of did something about it. one how could you not help another human being out? 2nd learn how to speak english or atleast try to learn if you gonna live in our country because WE SPEAK ENGLISH HERE! its sad to see what this world has become when people dont wanna help someone in trouble. they couldnt even attempt cpr??? or even check to see has a pulse????? those people make me sick. rip jani. i feel sorry for this world i really do. people amaze me. they should all be hanged for acting like that!

1155 days ago


It sounds like most people on here are sure that they'd heroically run to the rescue and immediately begin CPR in this situation, but actually touching a dead body is not pleasant and freaks most people out in reality. Dead bodies aren't pretty and after even a few hours they start to let off odors. Quit being so effin' judgmental - it was probably very obvious that he was beyond help.

1155 days ago


I have not personally heard this or any of the other 911 calls. I think it is a total invasion of privacy and disrespectful to the family. I wish TMZ would quit posting them. RIP Jani.

1155 days ago


Sounds like a bunch superstitious Mexicans who were afraid of getting a curse. Like children these people.

1155 days ago


There are so many little things that tell you this person is 'dead' .. no need to touch it.. curled hands, rigamortis, slack face, clouded eyes, bodily eliminations... who knows what they saw or smelled that lead them to refuse to touch the body at the time.

1155 days ago


I can't believe all the people going 'I wouldn't touch him either...' Seriously, people? Well God forbid if you ever have a medical emergency someone who feels that way is the only one around to help. Yes, they suspected (correctly) that he was dead, but to not even be willing to check for a pulse? That's effing ridiculous. What kind of pansy a$$, callous jackhole can't be bothered to make sure someone is beyond help before abandoning him to his fate? This is was a PERSON. I won't be staying at the Coward Inn.

1155 days ago


I wouldn't have touched that body with a 10 foot pole. It must have scared the hell out of her seeing him with his eyes and mouth open, white as a sheet. Don't tell me that the people shaming her here would have run up to him and given him mouth to mouth either. Get off your high horses! It's not her job to resuscitate every bum who uses that place as a flop house. She's probably illegal and afraid to be drawn into his mess. He was the irresponsible one. Plus you get what you pay for staying at a Comfort Inn. Don't expect the staff to be trained to do more than their job requires.

At least the cops can't say the scene was contaminated by the hotel staff and therefore can't conclude anything if there was some reason for suspicion. Somebody must have given their ID to the hotel so they should eventually get to the bottom of it.

1155 days ago


Have any of you ever seen a dead body? I have. You know when someone is dead. It looks nothing like being asleep or passed out. Dead looks dead. Would you go touch a dead stranger in a hotel room for non-sexual reasons? Didn't think so

1155 days ago


Seeing and hearing this has made me so sad....this is the most disturbing thing I have heard in my days.
I loved Jani Lane so much he was an amazing song writer. I feel sick at the thought of this being his last moments here on earth, even if he had already passed....RIP Jani

1155 days ago


This is so sad- for all the people saying "They wouldnt touch him"- I hope they never need to be checked on! Where have the days of human kindness gone? As far as the staff- kinda hard to call 911 when you dont speak the language. RIP Jani! Love u!

1155 days ago


This is unbelievably sad, the fact they said his eyes were open leads me to believe he didn't go peacefully in his sleep, hoping that isn't the case... something tells me had he shown signs of life, they wouldn't have had the first clue as to how to resuscitate him.

1155 days ago


I don't care who you are, if you appear to be unconscious, I WILL check on you. It could've been possible to save Jani if they at least checked, and performed CPR or something. When you work at something as social as a hotel, you should be prepared to help others, it's just a courteousy thing.

1155 days ago


Okay people, I am in the hotel business and am almost laughing at some of these comments! Hotel staff are supposed to have CPR training and medicial equiment? HAHAHA Not to my knowledge!!! Please 80% of front desk staff are between the age of 18 and 28 years old. Most are college students! I think it is morally wrong they would not help Jani, but it isn't ilegal or a requirement of their job. They are required to call 911, which they did. Also what if it had been a murder and the hotel staff had touched anything to mess up the crime scene then there would be a whole different story of how the hotel staff messed things up. No the hotel will not get sued. No hotels are not required to have cpr training, and no hotels are not required (nor are they allowed) to have medicial equipment as the staff are not trained or medicial professionals. We will call 911 that is all we are required to do. If an untrained person tries to perform cpr or give medicial assistance to someone and it goes wrong that is were there could be a lawsuit.

1155 days ago


So sad- No one would even check to see if Jani had a pulse- for those of you that said "I would never touch him" I hope if your life is ever in question you would be found by someone with more human decency than yourselves. This is just so sad. As far as the staff, its kinda hard to call 911 when you dont speak/understand the language! RIP Jani- Heaven isnt too far away!

1155 days ago
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