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Reports to Probation

8/25/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Casey Anthony has reported to probation in Florida, TMZ has confirmed.

Anthony reported to the Florida Department of Corrections on Wednesday night to begin serving her one-year probation sentence for a check fraud case.

Casey, who was released from jail last month after being acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee, had until Friday at noon to report or could have been arrested.

Florida corrections officials have scheduled a press conference today at 11 a.m. ET regarding Casey's probation status.

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Doesn't matter how he had to get his hands a little dirty, but Your Honorable Judge Stan Strickland, your a Rock Star. At last Casey Anthony isn't getting with something, even if it's only probation for check fraud.
I've got this feeling she won't do well on probation, too many restrictions, and we all know how Casey HATES anyone having authority over her.
Just have to peek into her life with Mommy and her hatred for her mother.
Too bad Mommy and Grandpa didn't go through with filing charges against her BEFORE Caylee was murdered, they might still have Caylee in their lives.
If you do the crime you better expect to do the time !
Then disappear off the face of the earth. Maybe go into the Swiss Alps and live in a little cottage miles away from society and the human touch.
Thanks Judge Strickland for catching the error, you took heat for it, but in the head the truth and justice of it prevailed.

1154 days ago


Casey slipped into probation check-in without anybody noticing? How is that possible? I also heard on Twitter and on that she is seeking spiritual counseling in McIntosh, FL at a center owned by her attorney Dorothy Sims. Didn't Baez say she was seeking spiritual therapy too? That makes sense, free therapy!

1154 days ago

some guy    

Hope Florida enjoys having Casey back while their unemployment lines grow. Elections are next year, right?

1154 days ago

eve from eden    

Somebody needs to inject this killer. I can see her lying in water with a needle in her neck. WITH her jury right beside her.

1154 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

What? Why the crap are they having a press conference? For crying out loud!

1154 days ago


She's definitely a murderer. The jury was a bunch of stupid suckers who fell for a lot of garbage.

1154 days ago


I know I'm being a hypocrite here, but it's time for all of us to stop posting comments about this woman. My strength gets weakened when I see a news story about her, but my resolve is strong.
We al NEED to stop buying into this story and leave the comments section blank. I promise I will from now on. I will no longer write a message that has to do with this child killer.
But I couldn't help but congratulate Judge Strickland for catching the mistake, and even though the mistake should have been caught sooner by him, better late then never.
Kudos to Strickland and Perry and the Appellate Court for upholding the original sentence for the check fraud case.

1154 days ago


A Press conference??? ok, way to keep low...hahahah...this is a joke, will the 12 jurors be speaking also?? i can't beleive no one in florida has found their guns yet.shame.theres no spiritual help for people that walk with satan.

1154 days ago


The fact THEY scheduled a press conference PROVES they were out to get her and show her that she can't run. The FDC wants to get back at her for their case falling apart. It's friggin clear as day!

1154 days ago


She is *so* pretty... I wouldn't care if she killed her kid tbh, I'd ride her like seabiscuit.

1154 days ago


How long will it take to pay Baez for more pictures?

1154 days ago


don;t forget.....BOYCOTT the DR. PHIL show.....

1154 days ago

Rico Suavy    

I would let her sit on my face. I would also let her p--s in one eye if I could keep the other one open.

1154 days ago


I'm sure the press conference is being held to try and convince the public that she is receiving the same unbiased treatment that anyone else on probation would receive...she reported to probation Wed. special arrangements made there, right? I understand that they feel her safety could be in jeopardy if she has to follow the regime that everyone else on probation follows but I don't believe her case should be handled with kid gloves, if she's going to have the same *rights* as anyone free, she should also have to face the same consequences as someone on probation.

1154 days ago


where was the raging mob that everyone was so concerned about? all a bunch of BS. i am glad she was not able to wiggle out of her probation. she no longer is above the law as she thinks she is. no one cars about you, you are trash. now go away.

1154 days ago
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