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Montel Williams

The Salahis USED Me

8/25/2011 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0825_montel_salahi_exMontel Williams is threatening legal action against no one's favorite couple -- Michaele and Tareq Salahi -- accusing them of using his name to promote an upcoming event.

The Salahis are planning a charitable event next month to celebrate the reopening of their Oasis Winery in Virginia -- and, apparently, they've listed Montel as one of their celebrity guests.

That's news to Montel -- because his rep tells TMZ, "Montel doesn't support the Salahis, doesn't know them and did not give them permission to use his name." He says the event organizers also, falsely, announced that Montel's MS Foundation is involved

The rep says a cease and desist letter was fired off to the Salahis today -- demanding they stop using Montel's name and foundation -- and we're told both have since been removed from the website promoting the event.

The Salahis are pleading ignorance ... telling TMZ they had no knowledge Montel's name was on the site.


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What aren't these 2 fame whores in jail yet? Is it because they are wealthy? If it was some poor bastard that crashed the White House, their ass would've been in Federal Person LONG AGO!

1155 days ago


Salahi Salahi Baloney

1155 days ago


Just when you though Palin was the biggest fame hog, here come the Salahis. Only press they get is when they break in where they're not supposed to be or about to be sued. Kicked off a reality show, check. Failed music recording "career", check. 15 minutes are up!

1155 days ago


I thought Montel had been dead for the past five years and these other people have obvious mental illness issues and like the plastic surgery addicts should be directed towards the health care system and away from entertainment.

1155 days ago


Wow these people are really crazy!! Wonder if the other celebrities on the invite are really supporters!?!?!??I think they should be notified just in case!!

1155 days ago


the salahis are cool. love or hate we all follow them and what they are doing. Montel has Ms like Michaele Salahi right? what is up with him and not helping another person /
Montel is really looking mean and bitter.
why is he so angry ? who cares about his name?

1155 days ago


Don't buy anything these people are trying to hauk on's knock off junk. Oh wait, this is a story about knock off fake people. Proceed!

1155 days ago


I guess TMZ also forgot to report the Salahi's do NOT own the winery,NEVER HAVE. Also, the winery is NOT REOPENING it's in bankruptcy, all assets are being LIQUIDATED A WEEK before the event their advertising. This is A BLATANT CON to garner money since the couple are DEAD BROKE and DESPERATE. Howard Cromwell their partner in crime is a Piece of work himself, a regular on the charity scam circuit..he co-chaired the fake charity/Bravo premier which was supposed to go the military for wounded soldiers, yet the charity did NOT receive a DIME. The Salahi's once again pocketed the money, claiming they had no affiliation with the charity, yet their company,owned solely by the Salahis "America's Polo" was clearly on the invite as SPONSORING the event. Please stop ENABLING these ppl TMZ- please continue EXPOSING their cons/scams and lies.

1155 days ago


These people know that Americans are impressed by an accent, well I went to Cambridge and I'm NOT impressed!!! This serves as yet another exhibited and further proof that these people are bonafide daffy and fake.

1155 days ago


This is their MO..Advertising fake sponsors to gain credibility to their cons. On their now defunct America's Polo-goat rodeo scam they had an array of sponsors listed that had NO IDEA their logos were being used. Chanel, King Fisher along with local businesses here in DC. King Fisher repeatedly sent them cease and desist letters yet the Salahi's IGNORED it, just as they are doing with the wine tour lawsuits against them,refusing to show up in court, not once but twice..both court cases are being rescheduled. This is the Salahi's do. Georgetown Cupcake was FURIOUS about the Salahi's using of their logo.

1155 days ago


"Michaele" Holt and Tareq Salahi's wedding announcement-Archive from the Washington Post:
Michaele Holt and Tareq Salahi are planning to be married on October 5,2002 at St. Matthew�s Cathedral in Washington, D.C.
Michaele is the daughter of Howard & Rosemary Holt of Fairfax, Virginia.Michaele is a graduate of Kings College, a professional model who has appeared inVOGUE Magazine, InStyle, Modern Bride, Town & Country, Harpers Bazaar,Saks Fifth Avenue, BET TV, MTV, Escada, Chanel, Ralph Lauren/Polo andother print & television. She supports many charities including JDF, Make-A-Wish,Breast Cancer Awareness, United Way & additional others. Michaele alsohas coordinated events for the PGA Association, Chanel, Nordstrom & many fashion designers.

She claims in an taped interview with journalist Carol Joynt she was born "Michaele" the name was a combination of her parents first names "Michael and Michelle" Umm, clearly, you can see her parents names are Howard and Rosemary. She also claims to have been a 'model' another LIE. She worked at the cosmetic counter at Nordstroms- her only actual job prior to marrying Tareq. Lived with her mother well into her 30's, was very dependent on her mother ( she can't and does not drive) yet claims NO ONE knew she was suffering from the devastating MS "secret" she kept for 17 years. When asked why a woman her age did not drive she told ppl it was because she was a Super model in NYC and always had personal drivers.This woman is PSYCHOPATH/PATHOLOGICAL LIAR.

1155 days ago

Yep I said that    

Thye should invite Kim Kardashian she'll turn up any where and she would fit right in with these media wh0res

1155 days ago


Her face disgusts me. She is a narcissistic, evil person. I don't know how she can look at herself.

1155 days ago


She's got strange cheek wrinkles!

1155 days ago


You 2 are sick
You need help
go away

1155 days ago
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