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Mel Gibson vs. Oksana Grigorieva


8/27/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have finally settled their custody war.

After days of negotiations at the downtown L.A. courthouse, the court announced that the former lovebirds turned mortal enemies struck a deal. 

Sources say the agreement covers custody of Lucia, as well as support.  As we first reported, Oksana was asking for enormous sums of money, but we're told her demands just didn't fly.


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You might have missed this one, since you were gone. I posted it on a previous thread.

Baby sea eagle in Australia. I have worried about this one since the other one didn't make it.

1150 days ago


Heyo all folks of good will !!!

I never know what to think about Rabies Online articles. So now they have a 'legal editor'? Hahahahahaha.

Tee hee

1150 days ago


ROL: "Mel Gibson previously pled no contest to a single misdemeanor battery count in connection with an altercation against the Russian beauty, in which Oksana claimed he had hit her in the face."

SINGLE misdemeanor battery count: in other words, he slapped her, once with an open hand.

"Oksana claimed he had hit her in the face" - Uh, no. She claimed he beat her (over and over) REAL bad, knocked out her teeth, blacked her eye, punched her TWICE in the face WHILE she was holding their baby, hit the baby by mistake and their was BLOOD EVERYWHERE.

So what's with the backtracking RadarOnline?

1150 days ago


Fuddy Lol, ooh you spoil all of my fun lol! I was just going to post the link but I've been out a day so I'm behind with things here lol! Looks as if Wednesday is going to be quite a day since Mel is attending the court on this case, that should mean we'll get to hear the result won't it - we just won't get to hear about the family court case.

LAR That link was beautiful thank you for posting it, |I left my comment as a reply in the original post.

BTW Someone was mentioning earlier, don't know if it's sorted out since not gone back and read everything, about hitting the dislike button by mistake. Tou don't need TMZ's help, all you have to do is go over to the like button on the same comment and it will change your dislike to a like - even if you come back a day later lol!!

Night for now guys see you soon Hugs
Night for now guys

1150 days ago


Good Wednesday August 31st grand finally morning to all.

So Rubbish on Line is trying to backtrack now. Hmmm.
Now it's a 'single' misdemeanor battery count and Oksana was just 'hit' in the face.
What happened to the badly beaten, punched twice in the face, teeth knocked out, choked, threatened at gunpoint, spit all over her face, conscussion, baby got hit and blood everywhere PACK OF LIES?

1149 days ago

Bunny that earns scooby snacks!    

Perhaps we'll get some video--then we can see Mel. :)

1149 days ago


I hope a guy comes along and scams the sh*t out of her. Tells her that he has a ton of money and gets all the free sex before telling her he's broke. Wouldn't that be a hoot!

1149 days ago


What would be even better is if the guy had a vasectomy and Ox told him she was pregnant. Then he tells her he's broke! No mullah for you! Ha ha ha

1149 days ago



I was thinking the same thing. ROL - Rampant Obsessive Lies - does seem to be back tracking a little. They know that they backed the wrong horse I mean Ox. Their just trying to do damage control so that they can come back with Ox promised us it was the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and we were duped right along with everyone else. The problem being that they were the only ones duped (which I don't think they really were, they knew what they were doing) and it was all for money on both parts. Sink ROL Sink, for you will be going down right along with Oxymoron.

1149 days ago


Morning everyone, it is good to hear everyone is ok.
I hope things go well for Mel today. More visitation for him and less money to the toxicmoron.

1149 days ago
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