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Mel Gibson vs. Oksana Grigorieva


8/27/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have finally settled their custody war.

After days of negotiations at the downtown L.A. courthouse, the court announced that the former lovebirds turned mortal enemies struck a deal. 

Sources say the agreement covers custody of Lucia, as well as support.  As we first reported, Oksana was asking for enormous sums of money, but we're told her demands just didn't fly.


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Just Saying    

Contrary to what a lot of people here hope, I think Okstinky got something financially out of Mel - not as much as she hoped, but something to shut her up for now - maybe Mel agreed to pay her debts in return for guaranteed access to his daughter and more custody. I fantasise that her support will go down in line with Mel's reduced assets after Mel's divorce settlement with Robyn becomes final. As much as I wish and hope this to be, I don't think any court is going to reduce a woman's level of child support. Most courts in the Western world seem hellbent on squeezing every last drop of blood from fathers before they cut money to mothers.

1092 days ago


See the Secret Docket of

Rich people Are different.

1092 days ago


I don't think this is a truce at all. I think OG had to give in. I think she wanted a lot of things, but just didn't get them.

Wonder if she'll sign this agreement or back out at the last minute and claim that she was 'pressured' into making this agreement?

The fact that Alan Nierob made a statement, and specifically where he thanks the judge on Mel's behalf in mediating this agreement, makes me believe Mel came out better in this deal and OG. No comment from OG's camp usually means that things didn't go her way.

My take is that the mediated agreement probably was not set aside.

1092 days ago


Also forgot to mention that the fact that ROL has posted the Mel rants again, and is encouraging readers to listen 'again' to how Mel vented and was so angry at OG also makes me believe OG did not come out as well as she would have liked to in this 'deal.' Why the reposting again of the Mel rants? What's the purpose? I would tend to say that OG is mad and wants another 'jab' at Mel.

1092 days ago


God, Mad Mel is looking more like a shar pei in every photograph. It looks as though he dodged another bullet, keeping their settlement hush hush. I bet she got what she wanted and this is just another ruse.

1092 days ago


Whatever it is its still way too much. Gibson still will have nothing to do with her settlement or not. Ox knows she won't be able to pull this crap on someone else. Her getting pregnant for money days are over.

1092 days ago


Hi folks

Hi my dear fuddykins.

I too don’t think it is a truce on Oksana’s side, I think it sounds more like a surrender. I am sure she would have loved to keep this going forever and ever. Let’s face it, this is her only claim to fame. She went into this mediation with even more claims for money. All cards have to be on the table to come to a settlement and she just kept bringing in new and even more outrageous stuff. Here’s hoping she finally got shut down.

Either way, I pray that this will put an end to a truly horrendous year for Mel and his family. This little vampire tried to sap the life out of them all. All for what. Money no. Just revenge cause she was not ‘the one’. Glad at least that Mel finally woke up when he did, if he would have stayed any longer with conniving creature, she would have kept playing with his sanity until he might have ended up ‘in the rosegarden’.

Throughout this ordeal, Mel has been straight up about everything. He never once changed his version. He never said anything about Oksana. He never walked away from his little daughter. He never gave up his fight to be included in Lucia’s life.

Life may never be same for Mel Gibson but I hope that he can use what happened to him and build a better life now for himself and his family. May Mel go back to doing what he does best … great actor, great director and great movie maker.

Well now if only Oksana would be sent back into obscurity, the world would be a better place.

Word of advice to all you Hollywood hotshot men, especially you actors, Oksana may be on the loose any day now. Be afraid … be very afraid.

1092 days ago


Hey Ox, I hear Vivid is hiring.

1092 days ago

some guy    

Glad to hear things worked out. When's 'Beaver II' coming out?

1092 days ago


The stupid bitch reneged on the last settlement almost as soon as she agreed to it. What makes anyone think she'll honor this one? She'll be back for more money in a couple of months wait and see. Seriously someone needs to introduce the greedy Ho to Robert Blake.

Something tells me that as soon as Lucia turns 12 she's going to want to live with Mel. Then Oksana will be out of luck.

1092 days ago


You notice nothing was said about her son Sasha (from Tim Dalton), "falling" through stained glass and needing to be rushed to the hospital. Kinda strange this case gets settled right after this happened!!!

1092 days ago


17 fraus are getting their walking papers... thank gawd amazon has released the gibletz swan song "The Flopper" on DVD just in time for a K-Mart Blue Light "Back to Drool" Sippy Cup Special.

1092 days ago


Good morning everyone.
When the day comes to finalize everything Oxykaka will screw her face up in a knot and stomp her feet and say her arm was twisted to agree and didn't understand what was said.
The incident with Sasha very will may have helped Mel in court, I hope so.
The next time we hear anything about Mel will be news that he starting a new movie, I hope. Either to star in one or to direct one. I still think the movie that was talked about,Undercover and Alone, I think was the name. Would be a good movie for Mel to act in or direct. Good suspence movie.I read the book and it was really good.


1092 days ago

West Vasquez    

Poor Mel found out the hard way; you can't turn a whore into a housewife. If she is great at sucking **** and thats about the only thing she is good at; its probably not a good idea to get her pregnant.

1092 days ago


Good! Now maybe that things are settled she'll start focusing more on being a loving mother to Lucia and Alexander, instead of a spiteful, vindictive witch. All the time, energy and money wasted by her trying to get $$$ she didn't earn would've been better spent making a caring, loving home for her children!

I hope men everywhere are on the lookout for this baby making money grubber! I hope it's a very long time before I have to read about someone so evil again!

1092 days ago
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