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Mel Gibson vs. Oksana Grigorieva


8/27/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Mel Gibson and Oksana Grigorieva have finally settled their custody war.

After days of negotiations at the downtown L.A. courthouse, the court announced that the former lovebirds turned mortal enemies struck a deal. 

Sources say the agreement covers custody of Lucia, as well as support.  As we first reported, Oksana was asking for enormous sums of money, but we're told her demands just didn't fly.


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And like a good male friend from Australia ( his name happens to rhyme with penis (just add an n) any guy would be happy and be glad to star in a porn movie, for free! His friend agreed jokingly....

1130 days ago


His friend's name rhymes with Alex...

1130 days ago


There are no benefits here. Just ashes...thank the skank, i meant the male one :-) Oksana of course, the HE-BITCH *lol*

1130 days ago


@Ira It's always Ox and Lewdmula who leak and dribble to the press. When the Am press is bored they run home to the Russian rags.

1130 days ago


Oh! I should add Moussemaker, the professional paid Mel hater who is on IMDB 24/7 putting out propaganda against Mel and in Ox's favor. She also leaks and dribbles info, like today, that "Ox lobbied very hard to..." blah blah blah. HOW WOULD SHE KNOW? Ox pulls things out of her rear and hands them to Moussemaker who eats it all right up, very likely for a payday.

1130 days ago


@ Frieda-...IT's all with it....******** and pissing time is over- Love Mel, love Oksana and good day to you 2.

1130 days ago


@Scotty - are you lurking out there? Just wanted to say hello.

@Shuffle - I have been thinking about you wondering where you have been. Nice to see you.

1130 days ago


Well since I can't see Mel settling on anything unless he got 50/50 custody of Lucia, if it's true the settlement is reached then personally I reckon he got the 50/50 custody he wanted lol! If nothing else has been proven in this 3 ring circle it's that Mel loves Lucia and he will fight tooth and nail to remain in her life and to have a say in the choices made for her as well as maintaining a stable contact in her life! I can't see him under any cir****tances giving up that fight - not going to happen, so I guess he got what he wanted there! In turn that means OG's money goes down, she will only get the $20k a month for 6 months of the year - if indeed it stays at $20k lol!
OG has a lot of problems right now, her lawyers want paying now allegedly,(kazoo lessons no longer suitable credit lol!) and Sasha only a few short weeks ago put his arm through a stained glass window/door at Mel's Sherman Oaks home - indicating some serious anger issues there maybe!! If her lawyers want her to settle as was alleged then it means they know she's not getting the money she wants and if they don't settle her legal bills will be more than the settlement is worth lol!! They'd never get paid - Mel isn't going to be forced to pay ALL of OG's legal bills only a portion!
The mention that details would not be released and then that details would be arranged on Wednesday is puzzling I must admit, how can it be settled if the details aren't fixed yet, y'know what I mean?!
Perhaps what is more dubious is the way it's been reported on TMZ - they are not Mel fans and there's always a stinger in the tail of their reports on him. Truce maybe but definitely one born of defeat for OG - or is it? Let's not forget she's also suing Mel for $500k for Sasha's trauma in civil court hm?!
If it's settled and Mel's family are kept out of it from now on I'd happily do back flips in the corridor (don't get your hopes up btw, too old - ssh, lol!) but I have a feeling this is far from the last there will be in this saga. Mel can re-apply for custody terms and child support reduction every year as can OG - let's hope OG is being comfortably kept by her next victim so that she doesn't need to play that game and so further harm Lucia in the years to come. I have a feeling OG is going to be there with the brain washing "Daddy is evil, daddy hurt mummy, daddy to blame for everything, it's all daddy's fault!".
If the court case had been a victory for OG in any way she would be on every interview program and news outlet giving interviews proclaiming that "See I was right, the Judge saw Mel is evil. Laaarrry, oh Laarrry I can't thank you enough - you saved me!" LOLOLOL!!
BTW Is Abstergo and Tell one and the same or did their avatars just happen to be the same - just curious?

1130 days ago


Aah question answered lol! I see Tell's avi is back to normal, it was the same as abstergo's on a previous reply which is what got me so confused lol!

1130 days ago


Emeral wrote:

"The mention that details would not be released and then that details would be arranged on Wednesday is puzzling I must admit, how can it be settled if the details aren't fixed yet, y'know what I mean?!"

Maybe I can add something here -- what this means is that the mediator and the parties came to an agreement. On Wednesday (or whenever they are scheduled), they will go before the court (Judge Scott Gordon) and advise the court tha they came to an agreement and ask him to sign off on the orders. In other words, nothing is set until Judge Gordon gives all of this his blessings; he has to sign off on the do***ents and the orders.

I agree, Emerald -- I think Mel probably got the 50/50. I don't know that he will get out of paying some child support, but he may.

1130 days ago


Good Evening Everyone,

My prayers go out to everyone on the East Coast that they make it safe and intact through Irene. We have had some nasty ones here in Texas and I can sympathize with them.

1130 days ago


Fuddy Hiya, so glad you're back and you and your son are o.k double hugs lol! Thanks for clearing that up for me regarding the settlement, so I guess all Judge Gordon has to do now is agree and the deal will be settled!

Firefly I agree whole heartedly with that! I don't know how many of our fellow supporters are on the East Coast but I hope they are all safe. Irene looks to be heading for NY and even though still in UK it's reported here that 2 million people have been told to evacuate their homes - I hope everyone comes through this safely, Irene looks as if it's going to be a bad one!

1130 days ago


Hello, Emerald! And a big hug to you, also! Thank you for the good wishes for me and my son. Everyday we make a little progress. There is still much to do, but at least we are safe and uninjured and back in our home. It's good to be posting again.

Firefly -- and thank you for the kind thoughts for the people in the hurricane's path. My heart hurts when I see the destruction that nature's fury can cause.

1130 days ago


Truce - yeah, riiiight!
Didn't we hear about making "peace", "olive branch", ya-da ya-da before?
Ox is so unstable, I have serious doubts this truce will last.

1130 days ago


I know this is soooo old for many here, but I wasn't around when the discussions about The Beaver were happening.
(It didn't show around where I live so I finally got to see it a few days ago, as soon as it was released by Netflix.)

It was different than what I expected in a good way, I was pleasantly surprised. Again, MG is unbeatable in his acting, as always! And I also love JF, so I already started of biased.

The way I interpreted it, Walter Black's alter-Beaver-ego represented the guy he thought everyone wanted him to be, the successful businessman, the awesome boss, good husband and father, etc., a part he didn't feel like playing any longer, and getting irremediably depressed. I couldn't help but think of parallels between MG and WB, the quest for true identity versus the pressure of playing the part that the world around them expects them to play. The Beaver wanted WB to "blow up" everything and start over from scratch. I wonder if part of the seduction that OG initially had on MG was that he saw in her, similarly, a chance to start with a clean slate?

Yes, perhaps I'm getting carried away imagining too much, but all I know is that, after the fight between WB and the Beaver, when the Beaver turned to WB and looked him deeply in the eye and said something like "I love you, I'm the only one who loves you!" in a most creepy way, I have to say I couldn't help but imagine OG saying something quite similar to MG way back then. (And of course, it wasn't love but possessiveness.) And whereas WB had a loss in extricating himself from the Beaver (don't want to give it all away for those who haven't seen it), so did MG have great losses in extricating himself from OG!

At least the Beaver didn't have a child with WB! Oh well…

Am I the only one who thought of these parallels? Too nutty of my part?

1130 days ago
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