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Taylor Armstrong

Meets with Coroner Over

Russell Armstrong's Suicide

8/26/2011 11:49 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has learned the L.A. County Coroner just paid a visit to Taylor Armstrong to find out what she knows about Russell Armstrong's suicide, and the trip was necessary because Taylor has not made herself available for more than a week.

Sources tell TMZ ... The Coroner's office wanted the meeting because Taylor was at the scene of Russell's suicide when his body was discovered nearly 2 weeks ago.  Investigators were not able to speak with Taylor that day because she left before they arrived.

L.A. County Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter met with Taylor at home for a half hour and discussed, among other things, Russell's state of mind in the weeks leading up to his death, his drug use and whether he was under a doctor's care. 

0826_coronor_sub_swipe_splash_3Sources say Taylor told Winter ... Russell was not under any regimen of drugs and she had absolutely no idea he would commit suicide.

Winters left Taylor's house moments ago (video below) -- and according to him, it's the first time he has interviewed the housewife since Russell's death.


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Shut that bitch up. We don't care about you. You should be the one dead.

1156 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

I like how she always has to make a duck face before she speaks, otherwise her giant kielbasa sausage lips block her words. Um, yuck?

1156 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

In the matter of less than two weeks, she has managed to become an even bigger piece of white trash!

1156 days ago


She had no idea, but starts a frantic search when he misses a meeting?! Yeah, right!!! A person misses a meeting with me, I call them up, and if I get their cellphone, ask them where the heck they were b/c they left me waiting. Then, it might be hours or a day or two before I start wondering why they haven't gotten back to me. She knew darn well the man was suicidal b/c she knowingly pushed him over the edge.

1156 days ago

John T.    

Has this skank took a really hard good look in a mirror? Your lips are nasty looking lady, they look deformed . They do not make you look pretty or younger. They make you look like a STUPID sucker fish.

1156 days ago


She has been 'unavailable' because last night it came
out that she has been 'shopping around' to sell her
'story' to the highest far NO TAKERS.
How much lower can you GO Taylor.... I mean you drove
this poor man to SUICIDE and you act so sad and depressed.
YOU and your greed and spending habits basically ended
his life. AND it also came out..that there have been
NO, I repeat, NO reports filed with the police, about
ANY physical abuse by Russell. Nice try Taylor. He did
not smash your cheek had plastic surgery
implants and blamed HIM. Rest in peace Russell. You
deserve it. Who is going to pay for your $9000 monthly
rental in Beverly Hills NOW SKANK? If they do not
THROW your nasty self OFF Real Housewives, Bravo will
be making a BIG mistake..the same one they made when
they put the likes of YOU on their show. So, what is
your REAL name Taylor, before you changed it because
everyone knew you were a thief and a grifter??

1156 days ago


Ed is looking for his 15 minutes.

He already knew the cause of death. Anything criminal or suspicious should have been researched by the police.

1156 days ago


I have to say, after watching the show last season, it was obvious Russell didn't fit in. It was painfully obvious (because you know he saw the show too) that some of the other housewives were making rude comments about his appearance and disposition. Shame on Lisa most of all. I thought she had more class than that. But Taylor is the one I'm most disappointed with. Surely she could see that her marriage and Russell were in trouble. She couldn't be bothered to leave the show and take care of her family. She doesn't deserve Kennedy.

1156 days ago


Tragic situation, but when did Paul Sr. from the "OCC" show start moonlighting as a coroner?

1156 days ago


If he beat her so badly, why did she go back to see him for more???? Wasn't she alone????
THEY were being sued by investors to the tune of $1.5M, which just because he's dead, does not go away, now she's on the hook alone. the image she has from the TV show doesn't help. This is the woman with a $50,000 birthday party for a four year old.

1156 days ago


She might as well have kicked the chair out from under him. She knew how bad things were financially and how did she help out? She went and threw a $50,000.00 birthday party for her 5 year old! Then she wonders why he was so despondent and withdrawn, no fun etc. What a which, if she really wanted to save her marriage and his life she should have quit spending money like the other millionaires on the show moved in to a more modest home and kept things together. She's a greedy, spoiled self centered bitch.

1156 days ago


She's with the coronoer saying "OK, I'm on a TV show and I'm popular. You can;t say anything about how he died that might, umm you know, get me trouble. It can make me look like a bitch, because that's good for ratings, but just don't get me in real trouble ...."

1156 days ago


Her poor husband was in major financial trouble when she staged that pathetically expensive birthday party for her brat child who got up on the wrong side of the bed that day. She could have spent $200 at Chucky Cheese like the rest of us and it wouldn't have mattered if the kid was cranky. She has spent massive amounts of Russel's money on plastic surgery procedures that have helped her look like a fine, fine horse. I have little sympathy for her.

1155 days ago


That is one ugly woman!!

1155 days ago

lil harvey    


1155 days ago
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