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I Refuse to Clap for Chris Brown

8/29/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It was the standout performance of the MTV VMAs -- Chris Brown dancing his face off -- but while everyone from Kanye to Bieber stood up and cheered ... Jay-Z refused to even crack a smile.

Of course, Jay is the man who discovered Rihanna -- and they're still VERY tight. So, was his decision to NOT clap a message to Brown?  Or is Jay simply too cool for the room?


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JAY Z, ain't no different than any other man or rapper, He's done the same things himself, if not he would have no street cred either.

1153 days ago


Not a fan of Chris, Rihanna or Jay-z, however, if we continue to punish people for bad choices they make why waste time and money with the justice system. Chris has paid and continues to pay for what he did, watch him or not,time to put the Rihanna incident to rest.

1153 days ago


Good for him! I respect Jay-Z for that! Why should anyone clap for a woman-beater????? Did u all forget what he did? So i guess just because he comes out with a catchy song that erases everything right? ok.

1153 days ago

Mr Disgruntled    

Nobody cares what Jay Z thinks or feels... Tell him to go wash the sand out of mangina.
As far as Chris Brown goes...he can go and buy his dignity from Ebay, just like all the other losers who smack chicks around.

1153 days ago


i cant believe that theres men that still have respect for women. Come on man! They dont have respect for themselves,they need their azzes beat now and then and you know its the truth. Men been beating up women thousands of years even before that book some idiots called the bible. Sooo..ever wondered why men been kicking womens teeth in for thousands of years? Maybe..just maybe thats how it should be. Women are well known for sexing every man they see and spreading all kind of sickness on men.

1153 days ago


Hey did you guys notice the house band played the song 'Scrubs' immediately after Chris Brown left the stage?! Hilarious.

1153 days ago


look i get she was abused and everything and i'm not saying it's right, but i think even chris brown deserves some redemption. whether you want to admit it to yourself or not, he's an amazing entertainer and no one had any problems admitting that before the scandal. i don't think that scandal should effect anyone's opinion on how talented he really is an number two. by rihanna's choice to lift the order of protection, and become his friend on all these social networking sites, i think she's trying to put it all behind her, as should the rest of you. because let's face it, there are a **** load of other celebrities that have abused their wives as well aren't getting nearly as much **** as he KEEPS getting. charlie sheen beat denise richards way back when they were still together and sure it was a big deal for a minute but look at where he's at now. no one even really remembers it. nicholas cage was accused of domestic abuse charges and hardly anyone even knows about it.

so seriously, the kid is trying to come back from the issue, let him. he's got talent, and that shouldn't be put in the shadow.

1153 days ago


.....chris brown and rihanna are cool. rihanna and kanye and coool ......stop TRYING to make CB look bad and make up stupid ******* beef...JayZ didnt stand up for anybody but Beyonce....sooo #cuttheCRAP

1153 days ago


WHATEVER! People need to get over it. Chris brown made a mistake. Everyone has made a mistake at one point in their hopeless lives. Leave the KID alone. If your still hung up on him hitting Rihanna, do the world a favor and $#%& yourself...

1153 days ago


I hope he was sending a message, I turned the channel during the Chris Brown performance as I hope others did. Its unfortunate that MTV decided to put the spotlite on two individuals who don't deserve it, mainly Chris Brown. I could have done without the Kahne performance too.

1153 days ago


Who cares about Jay-Z! Chris Brown was awesome! I don't condone beating on ANYONE! However I honeslty don't care about the Rhianna thing. Not my business and I and therest of the world don't know everything that happened between the two of them. Nor do I care. GO BREEZY!!!

1153 days ago


Chris did NOT have the performance of the night! All he did was dance. P!nk has done acrobatics while singing. CB failed.

1153 days ago


Bravo Jay! I find it digusting that the rest of these idiots completely ignore the fact that he is a wife beating loser who has serious anger issues. If that was your sister that he beat the crap out of, would you be so quick to stand. They are all so pathetic and fake!

1153 days ago

Kris Sparks    

I'm also with David...I always switch channels when Bruiser Browns on. He will never get any of my money nor time.

1153 days ago


Love Jay-Z, and the respect points just upped him in my eyes

1153 days ago
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