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Russell Armstrong

Chilling 911 Call:

'My Friend Just Hanged Himself'

8/30/2011 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained the 911 call made moments after the body of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Russell Armstrong was found on August 15 at a friend's home where Russell was staying.

You can hear the caller say, "My friend just hanged himself, do you understand? Come over here and stop asking questions."

As TMZ first reported, Russell's estranged wife Taylor Armstrong was also there when the body was found -- and you can hear the caller console her ... saying, "Come here Taylor, it's alright. It's alright, it's alright." The first words you hear a sobbing Taylor say are, "I need my psychiatrist."

Perhaps the most heartbreaking part is when the caller reveals Russell's 5-year old daughter is also at the house. At one point he says, "Taylor, have your daughter go away please."

The 911 operator asks if Russell is beyond help -- and the caller responds, "No, there's nothing you can do, it's nothing we can do. Just please come as soon as possible."



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I know that 911 calls are public record, but you could have done the right thing and not broadcast it. Just putting myself in Taylor's place makes me sick to my stomach. I am so sorry for the family. This is an invasion of privacy beyond all reason and logic.

1150 days ago


I hate when people are abusive to 911 operators. This jerk-off says "It's a house FOR THE SECOND TIME...Stop asking questions." Whatever!!! Kudos to the 911 operator's professionalism.

1150 days ago


You put the "ass" in class TMZ. Now their children's schoolmates are probably pulling up this call to play over and over again. ******* douche bags, hope if one of your staff's loved one's committed suicide you would still post that 911 call.

1150 days ago


Jesus christ, that's awful. I can't imagine walking up and seeing the father of my child hanging. My thoughts and prayers go out to the friend, Taylor, their child and family that he left behind that has to listen to this.

1150 days ago

go home!    

Although I support Taylor, I'm kind of turned off by the "I need my psychiatrist" comment. Me, me, me, it's all about me...the man is hanging there and she turns it into being about her right away. That is weird. She is clearly unstable, but i guess we knew that before. Anyway, the friend on the phone sounds like a lovely man.

1150 days ago

squeeky need your psychiatrist? Maybe all the
GUILT you feel? If the friend found him, why didnt
the so called friend get the kid OUT of there. Who
gives a rats azz about Taylor. She is the reason he
is dead. Probably ran to her shrink can
we SPIN this so I come out of this smelling like a
rose. Sorry Taylor, you are a skank, and a killer.
Now just go AWAY..everybody hates are EVIL...

1150 days ago


Don't blame TMZ. Put the blame where it belongs; on that materialistic, coward and ****ty father that strapped all his kids with his inability to find a way to get his act together. He left them with the questions of "Why?" and "How could I have saved him? "What did I do to make him leave or not want to stay?" What he did to them and what HE left them with is where the real blame and shame belongs. Why should TMZ care more about his kids than he did (or did not?

1150 days ago


They really should remove this from the site out of respect for the family

1150 days ago


Out of respect for the family TMZ should remove the 911 call off there website

1150 days ago


I wish you people would shut the hell up. This is a celebrity gossip site and if you don't like what they're gossiping about then you have the right to leave. Stop your bitching and complaining! God you people are so annoying!

1150 days ago


TMZ, you run a fun website, you keep us up to date on all things celebrity and you have a great online show and TV show.

That said, stop crossing the line with posting these 911 calls, respect peoples privacy!

1150 days ago

Michael V    

How friggin' self absorbed. Your estranged husband is hanging there and your daughter's nearby, and your first reaction isn't sorrow for the husband or to protect your daughter, but to ask for your shrink? If I was married to that I'd hang myself too.

1150 days ago


TMZ you are shameful for releasing this. This is beyond tragic and sad.. The grief is unbareable to hear. This is below your high standards. Prayers to Taylor and her family.

1150 days ago


Of course the first thing she thought about was herself, she probably felt guilty for pushing him into the grave. She's a selFISH c@@t who only thinks of herself. They need to pull the plug on that show, most of us Americans are having a tough time feeding our families , NOT deciding how ton spend $50,000 on a 5 year olds birthday party. She might as well have kicked the chair out from under the guy, she's wondering "why is he so despondent?" and he's wondering how can I pay for this? Good job fish lips.

1150 days ago


I would be pissed if it was my house. Now the homeowner has to worry about it being haunted. Oooooooooooooh.

1150 days ago
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