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Pregnant Man

Chaz Bono Hurt My Chances

For 'Dancing with the Stars'

8/31/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The Pregnant Man -- Thomas Beatie -- claims he SHOULD HAVE been chosen to compete on "Dancing with the Stars" this season ... but says, "Chaz Bono stole my thunder."

Beatie tells TMZ ... he reached out to casting in the hopes of landing a spot a few months ago -- but never got a call back. But after DWTS announced that Chaz would be on the show, Thomas says he thinks he knows why he was rejected -- the transgender quota had already been filled.

Thomas says he understands why producers wouldn't cast two famous transgender people on the show -- but he's still pretty bummed out ... telling us, "I wanted to try my new body out. I’m an athlete and I know I would have excelled."

There's always next season ...



No Avatar


Do NOT want to see, hear, or know about "the pregnant man" EVER for the rest of recorded history.

1117 days ago


If you get pregnant and give birth to not one, not two, but THREE children after claiming you are a man, you are a very delusional woman. Just stay home and take care of your children, lady.

1117 days ago

A Real Lawyer    

TMZ you are buying into their mental illness and giving them the attention they so desperately crave. Both were born girls, both are still girls. The "pregnant man" is an oxymoron. In fact, the "preg man" is also a MORON. Claims to be a man then has a baby all for attention.

Octomom, preg man, Chaz Bono all freaks that scream "look at me, look at me" on a daily basis and stupid TMZ gives them the attention.

If you'd stop posting anything about those three losers they'd shrivel up and die because they can't function without attention, can't function with narcissistic supply. ENOUGH with them!

While you're at it - stop posting about the biggest narcissist of all time - Kim K and her porn. Enough with that moraless, no-talent and self-absorbed pig.

1117 days ago


Really the first pregnant man? That the only thing you're famous for and for the fact that you were a women shouldn't even count but you can keep the title if that makes you feel better about yourself. Haha Stupid bitch literally.

1117 days ago


or maybe they just didn't want you on the show....

1117 days ago


She isn't a pregnant man, she's a women. There is no news here.

1117 days ago

Ohhh FFS!!    

Too many Freaks Not enough Circuses!!!

1117 days ago


Last time I checked, men do not have vagianas! When he finally makes the final switch...she will be able to be called a man.

1117 days ago


Hey TMZ...this person was not a "pregnant man." That is biologically impossible. This person was pregnant because SHE IS A FEMALE! As far as DWTS, neither one of these women should be on a public television channel. There are families with children that could be exposed to this nonsense. These women are obviously mentally ill and need professional help, big time! Shame on DWTS for exploiting that woman!!

1117 days ago


Oh get real, Thomas Beatie. You're a non-famous he/she. At least I never heard of you until you hit the rag newspapers and magazines regarding giving birth to your children. Would they pair you with a man or a woman dance partner?

1117 days ago


both of you go away.....far away

1117 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Even our local radio station had something to say about this and I'm sure it wasn't GLAAD approved. GLAAD may be a big deal around TMZ and Harvey, but with the rest of this country, they're not. Most don't know they even exist and if they did more people would become wise to their quotas in movies and tv shows and avoid them.

1117 days ago


1. Neither on of them are stars
2. Both of them are women

1117 days ago


I think Hollywood and especially TMZ are simply lost and misguided in thier efforts to push forward the agenda that mentally deranged people who twist reality are some how normal.
Just because TMZ calls these freaks men does not make it so.
If these deranged women actually ponied up and got rid of thier vaginas then MAYBE it would be taken more seriously.
But then again is there an operation that changes chromosones?
This is nothing more than desperate people who are desperately trying to be noticed and are being desperately accepted by equally desperate people.......Now that is some desperately funny "Bird Cage" stuff there. Grow up you silly people.

1117 days ago


Oh by the way - that freaky Hungarian looking chick with the beer belly looks like the victim of a double masectomy.
Just gross. I wonder what her lesbian girlfriend looks like? How twisted are the chicks that would do these freaks?
There are lipstick lesbians you know! You don't have to be stuck with a lumberjack wanna be softball player with wiskers and a vag!

1117 days ago
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