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Oksana Grigorieva

Turns Custody Hearing

Into Shameless Promotion

8/31/2011 9:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson
and Oksana Grigorieva were both in court his morning to sign the final settlement of their custody war -- but Oksana got a little something extra out of it ... plugs for her music career!

Mel sat stoic through much of the hearing ... though he clearly rolled his eyes when the judge warned both sides that no further audio recordings can be released -- an obvious reference to Oksana's recorded conversations with Mel.

But when Oksana and Mel each thanked the judge for resolving the dispute ... her attorney slipped in an odd statement about her plans for future musical recordings.

Aahh ... Hollywood.


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Talk about the pot calling the kettle TMZ. You buy a photo of a visibly frail Steve Jobs after he made it clear on many occasions that he hoped the media could respect the privacy of him and his family.Shameless promotion? You s***bags make money by selling your souls to the devil.

1147 days ago


Oxy the next pop princess with a bunch of hating gibson songs

look out Lady Ga(g) Ga(g)!!

1147 days ago


I'm sure noone will be much interested in what she has coming up. She should have stuck with teaching children music. Better get cracking, Oxy-toxin

1147 days ago


Shameless promotion: This is exactly what I was thinking while watching the video. It made me sick. I don't understand a judge letting them make career "advertisements" for someone in court. Did Mel Gibson get equal time?

1147 days ago

Music is the last thing on people's minds when they see this skank.

1147 days ago


OMG, I couldn't believe I was hearing that from her attorneys either. I seriously thought I was hearing it wrong, because the volume was so low cuz I am at work, haha. But they really did promote her next two cd's right there in the court room, haha. I also found it odd, but I don't spend time in courts usually, that both sides felt it necessary to thank a judge for doing his job. It seemed gratuitous and strange to me. Is this normal in courts these days??

1147 days ago


Ah, deluded Russian golddiggers.. go back to your moth hole, Ox!


1147 days ago


The only airplay this broad's music will get will be on TMZ's Like or Dislike

1147 days ago


She will never pay Eric George's bill by screeching like a cat. What a joke this bitch is!

Extortion pays less than she thought.

1147 days ago


WTF is with her "lowers" ties??? Someone needs to get those dirt bags a stylist who isn't a tacky Russian slutsky

1147 days ago


wow Horowitz did not look happy at all on Video.
Judge resolved this matter with skill and great finesse. Gibson's career still suffered. He also lost financially (he must pay for her many lawyers fees But 50/50 custody is most fair, jmo

1147 days ago


I could piss on the lid of a aluminum garbage can and it would sound better than her music.

1147 days ago


That little cd promo was totally embarrassing for the lawyers. Do they get their own street corner to sell whatever 'music' like the $250K a year O-the-ho scam artist?

1147 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

I have three observations:

1. When you're in Court, you always stand when addressing the's a show of respect. Mel and her attorney did. She didn't. She's been in Court enough to know better.

2. You turn down $15M because you're greedy and want more...and end up with $750K. All I can say is the karma train came back around for her.

3. Plugging her CD was pathetic. But who is going to buy it anyway?

1147 days ago


I want to know why Mel got stuck having to pay her lawyer fees(?) What's the logic there? She went through, literally, dozens of lawyers, trying to find one that would get her more $$ than she deserved.
Why does Mel have to pay for that? That is the most TOTALLY unfair part about this case! SHE hired all those lawyers, SHE should be the one that has to pay them!

1147 days ago
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