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Chaz Bono

Too Hot for TV?

9/3/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono
has triggered predictable controversy after signing on to do "Dancing with the Stars" -- just as producers hoped. So what will be the fallout? We gotta ask ...


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I wish there was an option if he'll be eliminated 2nd because Nancy will be first.

1147 days ago


Yeah so TMZ has 50-70,000 twisted gay L.A. types who vote for Chaz as being some pilar of normalcy so that MUST make it ok and normal!
HA! SUUUUUURRRRRE TMZ - when you let Chaz drive your girlfriends or wives around or sleep over or babysit your kids then maybe I'll listen to you freaks.

1147 days ago


It's all for the Spectacle of his/her appearance. Their cast in the upcoming season are "P" rated celebrities (so far down the chain from C and D list celebrities) so they pull this crap to garner viewers. I have no problem with Chaz getting things changed. But honestly, I didn't want to see her when she was a she, I certainly don't want to see her 2 ton ass swirling around a dance floor with a homeless beard.

1147 days ago


Our society sucks. When will we just leave people alone to live their lives as they see fit, regardless of race,color,religion, sexual orientation or how much money they do or don't have?
Chaz Bono has never hurt anyone, he made a decision based on his belief that he was not comfortable in his body as a woman, that's his choice. You just don't wake up one day and say "gee, I think I'll undergo a life altering surgery", there is way more to it than that. If anyone watched Chaz's special on OWN they would understand this was a life long struggle for him. Why is it OK for people to undergo plastic surgery to change their looks but not OK for someone who has been "trapped" in their body to change?
Open your minds up people, have some compassion here. None of you with negative comments know what it's like to stand in Chaz's body and live his life. Worry about your own lives and the stuff going on under your own roof.
You have the support of many people Chaz, dance your heart out.

1147 days ago


Funny, no one has brought up or mentioned the GAY Rob Kardashian. He's going to be dancing with a woman. How are some of you going to explain that to your kids. "Yes, honey, he's queer as a football bat, but he's dancing with a woman to look normal because he's afraid of people finding out about the real person inside himself."

1147 days ago


So TMZ is going to force this **** down our throats everyday. I'll go elsewhere.

1147 days ago


as if Chaz dancing on DWTS was the single event that is disrupting the very fiber of moral in society.... this is such a none issue!

1147 days ago


You ignorant people have options here, turn off your TV or change the channel or is that to difficult for you to understand?
Grow the heck up, learn some compassion and stop with the school yard comments. The majority of you that have posted on here your distain for Chaz will be watching because you think it's a freak show, admit it. It's lack of tolerance like this that makes change difficult. Open your minds people but more importantly, your hearts.

1147 days ago


I think, if they want to be fairly representative of alternative lifestyles, she should
dance with RUPAUL.

1147 days ago


...Of course Chaz is just being USED . And that is the offensive part

Truly Offensive....Chaz

1147 days ago


People who enjoy professional dancing should not be maligned for not accepting
trashy, controversial entries to enhance ratings. No, I don't have to watch and I
absolutely won't Bristol Palin was bad enough. This is ridiculous.
Those of you who say critics are intolerant - we all have a right to our own opinions!

1147 days ago


...I think it's sad to watch Chaz make this choice to let the show use and exploit him .

I am not intolerant of him having a sex change ..I applaud that and wish him the very best...
Not the issue

1147 days ago


Well, I've only watched a couple episodes of this show with Brandy and Jennifer Grey. Don't know if I'll tune in for this one as I stopped watching when that season ended.
Essentially don't consider myself intolerant but trans gender and tranny types have never been my cup of tea. However, I wouldn't let Chaz being on the show stop me from watching.
This may sound shallow but I find Chaz quite unattractive and grossly overweight. People may be more tolerant if Chaz still resembled the adorable child he/she used to be.

1147 days ago


I think Chaz is a dreadful role model not because he is transgender but because he has never treated his body with respect living for most of his/her life as a fat sloppy mess. Not to be mean but he is not just obese he is unhealthy looking. Unless he uses this as an opportunity like Kirsty Alley to make fitness and good eating part of his life it is a waste of time. I just can't see him being able to compete at the size and condition he is. I don't think his being transgender should have been or should continue to be any kind of issue. I wish him all the best and hope at some point he can find the self esteem to really be happy and respect his body.

1147 days ago


It is amazing the mindless people that post approval for this girl mental problem calling it normal and calling her a he because she mutilated her body, i tell you their is a lot of sick people out there that need mental help that look at this as normal, let us put pedophiles next since to some this is normal just what kind of society have we become that there is no boundories to this insanity

1147 days ago
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