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Big Brother Muscle Man

Expected Death Threats on Show

9/5/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Former Big Brother contestant Jessie Godderz -- who appeared in last night's episode -- isn't a bit surprised the family of former house guest Shelly Moore were targeted with death threats over her game play -- telling TMZ the show truly has die-hard fans.

We got Mr. PEC-Tacular at LAX ... where he also said he knows who will take home the half-million bucks.

And he's got some choice words for the pride of the "Jersey Shore"


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so the player o*****ame based on tricking, lying and deceiving your way to $250,000 is having death threats sent to her husband and 8yr old daughter? How pathetic can on be, that's not a die hard fan that is a dangerous loser with no life.

1153 days ago


Well, at least he's more attractive then Mike from Jersey Shore.

1153 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Jessie was funny last night as Mr Pectacular. The show is great but this season has been boring because its been so predictable. But usually its a fun show to watch, one of the better reality shows out there because its not scripted. Even though Rachel bothered me during her season and earlier this season, out of those left i want her to win because she's been the best competitor out of the remaining people. Kailia has done nothing, Adam has done nothing and Jordan has done nothing. Even Porsche has done better than all of them when it comes to the challenges, she's just awful at the strategy part of the game because she's a ditz.

1153 days ago


I don't understand why the producers of Big Brother continually insist on plugging the houseguests that most viewers NEVER want to see again! The part with him and Rachel was pretty funny but it was embarrassing to watch him think he is a celebrity wrestler when... he's not.

1153 days ago


the funny thing about this is that it's exposing Jessie's jealousy of The Situation. He obviously feels he has more to offer. Jessie still doesn't realize that he has no personality. He's like a wet rag. Situation's personality is what got him famous, not the abs.

1153 days ago


Jessie went against Jeff and Jordan (and received no death threats) Shelly goes against JJ (and gets death threats)...Why?
Jessie never bashed in a personal style, (just on gameplay or for humor)....besides., Everyone now knows the death threats were from butthurt Dani Donato fans in attempts to make sure JJ never return to BB.

1153 days ago


Big Brother is as scripted as wrestling.

1153 days ago


This guy is dumber than a gun rack, but he sure is nice to look at. I'm not into kinky stuff, but I do believe a 'ball gag' would be in order for intimacy with Jesse.

1153 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

"It's aalliiiiive..."

Holy steroids, Batman!

1153 days ago

The Love Sponge    

I know a bunch of prisoner would like to get a hold of him.

1153 days ago


Why is his "moob" so low? They sag worse than an old lady's

1153 days ago


why do they do this to the h.g.'s? isnt his head big enuff already? im sure his momma is proud and i would be also if he were my son, but i have one that is low key so no big time pectacular poses for him! oh jessie, your momma loves ya!

1153 days ago


haha people saying all the contestants suck at competitions..well comps r just a small chunk of the show..ive watched all ssns and u always see ppl who may win comps..but dont know how to interact socially...its the people who are in the middle....really likeable but mayb not the best comp guy..tht person will make final 4 more often then not..look at adam/jordan.....and lydia and natalie fro m jessies original season

1153 days ago

Hamptons dude    

Douche nozzle.

1153 days ago


Wow I wonder how many bottles of fat burners it took to get those abs? Enjoy the future heart problems buddy.

1152 days ago
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