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Chaz Bono to "Dancing" Staff

Cut the Crap!

9/5/2011 7:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Chaz Bono
has already lost 5 pounds rehearsing for "Dancing with the Stars," but he's upset because he feels all the crappy junk food -- courtesy of producers -- is thwarting his diet.

As for the food that's pissing off the freshly-minted man ... chips, candy, granola and protein bars. 

We're told Chaz has already made very specific food demands to producers.

God help Chaz if he ever comes to the TMZ office.


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John T.    

All of a sudden she is worried about what she puts in her mouth, give me a break. She's been a fat slob for years, now all of a sudden it's important. SHE is a freak and a joke in Hollywood, if it wasn't for her mother no one would give this loser a second look or thought.

1146 days ago


She is making demands for her diet since you are a fat slob HA HA ABC you have man/woman transexual and forget they want special treatment. IN YOU FACE. Not going to watch nor vote Chastity you are a girl a big fat ugly one.

1146 days ago

What I Think    

Chaz??? On Dancing With The Stars??? Maybe ABC should change the name of the show to Dancing With The Freaks.

1146 days ago


it isnt enough that they let her have a woman dance partner even though she is a she is demanding special food.she thinks she is brad pitt star wise and gender wise.i got news for her she isnt him star wise nor gender wise.

1146 days ago


whats funny is if a star got drunk one night and howled at the moon and said they were a wolf.tmz would post it joking about how stupid that person is for thinking they are a wolf.but they continue to call this woman a man just because she took some hormone pills to grow facial hair

1146 days ago


aw that box she's carrying has two nipples you gave her back her nipples. Good job, she's back to normal

1146 days ago

She's baaaack    

Chaz dear, I'm sure in regular life a whole pizza for breakfast isn't that big a deal. God knows you sure look like you could down one in record time. You need to see a nutritionist because if you think you can nutritionally keep up with the rigorous physical demands of being a DWTS contestant on vegetables and a few egg whites tossed in here and there you are so far from wrong it isn't even funny. You're going to have protein bars IV when you pass out from serious nutrient loss. There ain't no saint like a reformed sinner is there?

1146 days ago


Typical. It's not YOU, it's what's out there that's doing you in. Alcoholic? Liquor's fault! Druggie? Drugs fault! Foodie? It's the food's fault!

1146 days ago

Don Pedro    

If this "mistake" wanted attention....Tmz certainly has become an enabler

1146 days ago


What is with all the spam on here and why can one not mark it as such/having said that not everyone there may have the same type of weight challenges and may in fact want different foods to munch on after the dancing work out/I am at a point where I watch what I eat however I do not expect those who can still eat what they would like(within reason)to maintain the same eating habits as is called common sense and knowing your limits and simply being responsible....

1146 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Who told TMZ we care about this douchebag???

1146 days ago


Why should hr/his food preferences rule the rest of the cast. Not the person to go on a diet... pack your own food like the rest of the world and have some self control.. Not impressed with Chaz seems like a very whiny person who always thinks he/she is the victim. Grow up Chaz cause the rest of the world does not care about your sexuality or your diet.

1146 days ago


Come on Chaz! Don't have a spazz!! Mr. No Bone "O"

1146 days ago


I don't care what anyone does in there own yard, but to put it out where even kids have to see is so wrong,No matter what SHE does the DNA is still a women. SHE needs to be put in a mental hospital.WILL NO*****CH THIS SHOW.

1146 days ago


Why doesn't Chaz now do what she has done with most everything else about herself that she doesn't like-- cut it off or have it sucked out.
Liposuction, anyone?
She really needs to throw away her shovel- she just keeps getting deeper into the laughable absurdity of her "life."

1146 days ago
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