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Dancing with the Stars

Allred to Dance

With Transgenders for Chaz

9/6/2011 6:02 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria Allred and a famed lesbian rights activist will hold a news conference Monday to protest people who are urging children not to watch Chaz Bono on "Dancing with the Stars."

We're told there will be dance and viewing parties across the country with transgender individuals and their supporters on September 19 -- the night of Chaz's debut -- and Gloria will dance with every transgender person who wants to dance with her -- but only at the L.A. party.

The news conference will be held at Gloria's office at 10:30 AM PT.  Of course, we'll nutbush (a form of line dancing) right over there.

11:20 AM: Gloria and lesbian rights activist Robin Tyler just announced their pro-Bono dance and viewing parties later this month -- where Gloria promises to show off her moves -- but sadly ... she refused to give us a preview.



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Child, mommy who is that? It's sonny and chers child! that's simple enough. instead you have parents who will breed hate. turn the channel haters. Is your friggin fingers broke!!! CHAZ, LOVE YOU AND WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCK!!!

1112 days ago


If Chaz is a man now.....then why is Allred defending him? I thought Allred only helped women.

1112 days ago


why is a lesbian rights activist sticking up for chaz..i thought she was a man??

1112 days ago


Gloria is wrong..... Chaz was good great go dancing. I tell you that my ex niece to nephew was FTM last three years ago. Nothing wrong for transgender go to dancing... He was ex daugther to son from Singer Cher.... Gloria was power lawyer about woman abuse.... She was mistake now

1112 days ago


SHE will the first to makes me sick! SHE will never be a HE!!

1112 days ago


How appropriate Chaz the most confused human on earth, first dazzles the entertainment world with hes transgender morphing into Ralph Cramden, and if that's not enough to satisfy the humppost's need for the weird, he's going to bounce and giggle that body in front of millions. He and Nancy Grace would make an awesome pair. Will Chaz be entertaining us with "Beer Belly Dancing".

1112 days ago


I wish i knew where to sign that petition thats going around with the million moms that are protesting this she male from being on the show lol cause i would sign it to !!!

1112 days ago


Gloria Allred's law firm in Los Angeles is one of the best in the country for working class people with emploment law issues and those whose civil rights are being denied. You may not like Gloria Allred's skills at promoting the interests of her clients..but just think who else hates Gloria Allred for making their lives miserable and not letting them get away with murder..hmmmmm..... Scott Peterson for starters.

1112 days ago


All of these prudey blue noses who regularly get drilled by their grunting hubbies..these prudes who want to sign a petition to stop anyone from watching DWTS...those are the the real perverts...the ones who will if their lives depended on it.

1112 days ago


Sweetue,,,get a clue..Jesus wore dresses and hung out with other men in a supper club..all wearing dresses..Their only female friend was a prostitute who loved the gay men. Jesus never said anything..NOT ONE WORD...about gay or transgendered people. If it was sosooooooo important..he would have.Jesus never condemned any gay people or transgendered people...and he loved show tunes.

1112 days ago


It's scary to know that they're so many ignorant people around...Why be so trans-phobic? There are people out there who dont feel right in the gender they were born in, to say that they're mentally ill or make fun of them is completely undermining who they really are. I believe people who are trans have a complete insight to who they are, more than the majority of the population, maybe that's why there's so much hate. Try to educate yourself on the subject because alot of you sound reeeeaaally ignorant, it's 2011 not 1951

1112 days ago

Get a Nose Job, please!!!    

Wonder how much money Gloria will be paid? She doesn't do anything for free. She's as disgusting as Chaz Bono.
Both of them are Media Whores.

1112 days ago


Gloria Allred is a media and cash whore....totally.....why don't you both just go away.....NO ONE CARES......Cher is a disgrace for backing this union.....guess the 70's were good to you, huh? Maybe that's why your only kid is so f'd up.....sorry for your loss but I had losses too in the 70' me can't go back.....but you look like an idiot defending this super "out there" attitude....of your daughter/son.....make him live on one of your farms/hawaii house/etc.....just GO AWAY.....p.s make him get a JOB!!!!!!!I'm sure that's a FIRST!!!!!
P. S. S. why do the idiots have all the money???????

1112 days ago


I feel it's sad that this poor "he-she" has to be so forthcoming in his/her status....The 70's were good to Cher just like me.....maybe this is why her daugher turned into a son of sorts....if you were sincere, you would go and live your life, not impose your crap on the rest of us...I'm sure you've never even held a normal job or your Mom hasn't made you be a person of interest....Please go away and live your the way, if your mom wasn't Cher....who would have paid for the surgery???? YOU???? I doubt it.......leave the rest of us alone.....

1112 days ago


Gloria is a transgender herself. Just saying.

1111 days ago
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