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Anthony Michael Hall

BUSTED in Neighborhood Dispute

9/6/2011 8:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0905_anthony_michael_hall_bnAnthony Michael Hall was arrested by one of his neighbors -- after allegedly going on a loud and violent tear around his Westside L.A. condo complex.

TMZ has learned Hall's neighbor made a citizen's arrest after the actor allegedly tore up plants, yelled at people in the complex, and pounded on doors.

One of the neighbors called LAPD -- and when officers showed up ... demanded they arrest Hall -- best known for roles in 80s teen flicks like "Weird Science."

Hall was booked on suspicion of disturbing the peace, and released shortly after midnight.


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nipples mugee    

No nipple action here, come on , lets see nipples.

1142 days ago


Steroids are a helluva drug.

1142 days ago


Love his old movies but I jus*****ched a show about the "Brat Pack" and they said he was a real jerk off. Apparently the fame and $$ went to his head.

1142 days ago

nipples mugee    

nipple poem :
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so sweet and tender
I live in a loft.
I drink all day and sleep all night
Dreaming of nipples all pink and tight .
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nipples nipples give me a trillion please

1142 days ago


"Cocaine's a helluva drug."
- Rick James

1142 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    

Either he was drugged out or (most likely) he has an upcoming project about to be released and the 'bad publicity' is better than no publicity.

Ask his agent or the lohans.

1142 days ago


He's not cute anymore. In fact, he looks like he's had a hard (chemicals?) life. Probably due for ye olde anger management classes.

1142 days ago


Another idiot from Hollywood with issued. Keep defending the liberal bull**** that Hollywood espouses.

1142 days ago


Next time just let him borrower your panties.

1142 days ago


Holy F*CK! That dude is still alive?

1142 days ago

Fallopia Lopez    

How about ONE OUNCE of HIS side of the story?! As usual, stellar reporting, TMZ. Ugh.

1142 days ago


He lives in Playa Del Rey. Had one too many run-ins with the guy in local bars in Playa. He tried to start a fight with my boyfriend at a local bar, because he wanted to impress his date, and AMH, wanted the pool table we were playing on, so he asked us to move to another table (we paid for our table), and when we wouldnt move to another table, he got in my boyfriends face, and told him to take his little friends elsewhere. My boyfriend wouldnt back down, even though he knew who AMH was. Just told him plain and simple, we were here first, we paid for our table, get the f*** away from us, I dont care who you are ! He wouldnt let up. He threatend to have us thrown out of the bar (but we're friends with the bar owner so it wouldnt have happened). Finally my boyfriend said if you have a problem lets take it outside, and AMH left with is date. I also walked in after him one day at the local AM PM, and he didnt hold the door for me, he let the door shut in my face. And we've seem him at other places around Marina Del Rey. He's the angriest looking celebrity I have ever come across. He even surpasses Sean Penn.
I hear he's bi-polar though, so maybe he doesnt take his meds like he's supposed to. But the guy is a total a** h**e ! Glad his neighbors called the cops on him ! Im willing to bet I know the building he lives in, in Playa as well. AMH is a total d***.

1142 days ago

Jerky Shore    

Small man complex. He's had it all his life. I know because I had it too. But then I grew up. Sort of.

1142 days ago

Jerky Shore    

Saw an old clip w/ him and Chris Penn behind the scenes of some movie right before chris died, and AMH was going on about something and Chris just stared at him and AMH just wilted!

1142 days ago


Hall's an angry sumbitch. You could see that in Edward Scissorhands. He was very believable in that part. Not because he could act...but because he IS that person.

1142 days ago
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