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Celine Dion

Pastry-Munching Bath-Taker

Broke Into My Home!

9/6/2011 4:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Celine Dion
was the victim of a fridge-raiding burglary yesterday, according to police -- after a man was arrested inside her Montreal mansion while munching on pastries ... and trying to take a bath.

According to CBS News, 36-year-old Daniel Bedard has been charged with breaking and entering, auto theft, and causing property damage -- after the man allegedly stole keys from Celine's husband's car ... and used them to break into the singer's house.

Bedard tripped the alarm in the process and police raided the home -- catching him while he was making himself a bath.

Laval police spokesman Franco Di Genova said,
"He opened the water faucets, was pouring a nice warmish bath (and) he even managed to eat some pastry that was in the fridge."

Di Genova continued, "
The suspect was coming down the big staircase and was asking: 'Hey, guys what are young doing here?'"

The officers arrested him on the spot.


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WOW!!!! This is too freaky for comment!!

1143 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

They posted her picture because it was The Games brother, and they have filled up the front page of TMZ today!

1143 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

One way to train your girlfriend
Daniel Bédard, 36, of Lotbinière, persuaded his girlfriend to move in with him, a decision she regretted when she realized he was an inveterate alcoholic. On Oct. 2, 2004, she announced that she was leaving him after a mere eight days of co-habitation. His response was to punch her in the face three times. She fled in her car. But he followed, and as she waited at a level crossing, he repeatedly accelerated his vehicle into hers in an attempt to land her car on the train tracks in front of the oncoming train. The cop station was right in front and Bédard was arrested. Fellow inmates decided that Bédard might be a pedophile, so they savagely beat him. Bédard suffered permanent damage and was treated in a 12-hour operation requiring 55 screws in his face. He got 34 months in jail.

Comes with the "name".

1143 days ago


Maybe the little fella was checking the mansion for over-the- top decorating mistakes!

1143 days ago


Not safe to leave your car running unattended in Laval. Rene should have known better. I swear everyone with the last name of Bedard is batsh*t crazy.

1143 days ago


Sounds exactly like one of those ******* Quebecer panhandlers I have in my city every summer. I guess he moved back to Montréal after Labour Day.

1143 days ago


Hahaha, looking at LoveMyFans post, it seems that if you don't leave a space between "about" and "water", it stars out the "t", "w", "a" & "t"!

1143 days ago


I'm surprised she noticed at all, since her estate is bigger than Disneyland.

1143 days ago


I'm surprised she even noticed, given that her estate is bigger Disneyland.

1143 days ago


Maybe next time the guy should try a shelter is he's in need of food and a bath. lol some people, you just have to wonder What were they thinking!?!

1143 days ago


non, I think he said it in French. Sounds like a good situation comedy idea to me. I'd watch.

1143 days ago

some guy    

Meh... I'll bet Celine's husband had the engine running and doors unlocked while he was inside some store. Dumbass. I hope he used their toothbrushes while he was in their bathroom. Both of them.

1143 days ago


Harv, ol' boy, if you have the keys you're not breaking in.


1143 days ago


To David Jong -- Celine and her husband are French. They don't own toothbrushes.


1143 days ago


yes! yes!
That's because Americans can save water and respecting the environment!
You idiot!

1143 days ago
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