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Chaz Bono on 'Dancing'


On Kids with Gender Dysphoria

9/6/2011 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090611_chaz_videoChaz Bono believes his stint on "Dancing with the Stars" will have a "positive impact on kids with gender dysphoria" -- and says it's "crazy" that people are boycotting the show.

Chaz appeared on "Good Morning America" and told George Stephanopoulos, "When I was growing up, if I would have seen someone like me on a show like this, it would have made all the difference in the world."

In the end, Chaz says he's just "a regular guy."



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A Positive Impact on Kids with Gender Dysphoria. Chaz is suffering from Delusions of Grandeur. Dancing with the Stars has gone too far this time and will suffer by what they have done. It is no role model for anything.

1105 days ago

Patsy Smith    

Chaz says he's just a "regular guy." Well I have never met a regular guy without a penis.

1105 days ago


I hate that this confused woman thinks she should encourage children with her foolishness. No one is born with the wrong gender. That is a mental illness. It is not normal to mutilate your body to make yourself look like the gender you want to be. Cut off or add what you want to your body, but in the end, you can't change your genetic make up. So "Chaz" will always be Chastity.

1105 days ago


I am so sick of all you ignorant idiotic haters. you have no idea what this person has had to endure. the confusion, frustration, not feeling confortable in their own skin. now he is happy with who he is and all you can do i*****e. just because you don't understand it doesn't give you the right to judge. not one of you out there is perfect. get over yourselves. he is a person with feelings. don't forget that, regardless of his gender.

1105 days ago

SHOOTER12 instead of an ugly disgusting excuse of a woman, she's an uglier disgusting excuse of a man.

1105 days ago


Gender Dysphoria? What the hell is this? I would say it is another made up excuse for your sins. One person on a post said it was a persons choice to be gay, now you are saying it is some kind of Dysphoria. Too funny!!

Tell the truth, it isn't a medical thing, you wanted to be a man and not a woman. it was YOUR choice. Just like it is for a woman to make herself a blow up sex joke.

1105 days ago


these ****n ******* and this mainstream bull**** is ridiculous. knock it off if you're gay ok but don't be sellin or making people think it's's not.......

1105 days ago


these ****n ******* and this mainstream bull**** is ridiculous. knock it off if you're gay ok but don't be sellin or making people think it's's not.......

1105 days ago


LOL, TMZ keeps referring to it as a "him." She's a "regular guy" alright. Because regular guy's used to have tits and a vagina, and know have their uterus flipped inside out and go around pretending to be a male, when they were born a female. Yeah, that's a "regular guy" alright. lol. Disgusting and pathetic TMZ even promoting this garbage. Get real.

1105 days ago

What I Think    

Maybe ABC will consent to schools showing a dvd of Chaz's dancing to children confused about their sexual identity. They could call it Scared Straight. LOL

1103 days ago


I don’*****ch DWTS because I can’t stand the loud mouth obnoxious twit female judge. god she is irritating … STUFF A SOCK IN IT GIRL ITS NOT ABOUT YOU SO TONE IT DOWN. The stars are not stars they are HAS BEENS. Nancy Grace – REALLY !!!!! Star (not), big mouth (yes), self-obsorbed (absolutely), nice looking (YECH!!), TOO FAT TO BE DANCING WITH ABNYBODY OR EVEN DANCING AT ALL. As for Chaz (or whatever). I remember when the Sonny & Cher showed aired and later Chas was brought on stage. God what a beautiful little girl. Now … OMG WTF. Sonny would be rolling over in his grave.

1101 days ago


She's intentionally speaking to goad those who don't want to see her. It's arrogant and selfish on her part to intentionally draw this kind of attention when she could have ignored it all like Bristol. Because she got the same flack because of her mom.

1098 days ago


i'M SORRY i SPENT TIME POSTINMG TO THIS! i DON'T KNOWE HOW TO CONFIRM MY IDENTY AND HAVE NOT anything inm my inbox I guess my inbox would by my be E mail right? I did not receive Anything! in my e-mail. I assume that is what you mean by inbox. ?
I'm ust going to LURK Instead of wasteing so much time

1092 days ago


I support Chaz 100 percent. I think he shows much courage to be so o[pen abouty his being transgender. I think he is helping to educate people. I'm certainly being educated about this. I never understood what transgender was before, not really anyway. Actually I still don't'/ not completly .
People need to be more open minded, and they need to open their hearts too.
Chaz is helping a lot of folks understant this better including me.

The people who are saying hateful things about Chaz are terribly closed minded. I am so happy to see4 see that the majoritry of the peoplwe posting are accepting of this. By the wagy, I loved his Mothers response! “leave my child alone!” What a wonderful Mother Cher is.
I am 70 yras old and always loved Sony and Cher !

1092 days ago

T Mac    

Chaz was wonderful! Keep him in the competition. Please vote, America! #3418

1092 days ago
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