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Soulja Boy

Army-Bashing Song

WON'T Be On My New Album

9/7/2011 1:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Soulja Boy and his management team are SCRAMBLING to remove all traces of the rapper's army-bashing song from the Internet -- and they swear ... it won't come anywhere near Soulja's new album.

A rep for Soulja's management team, Debby Coda, tells TMZ, both the rapper's management and his record label have been working nonstop since Friday to take the video down off the Internet.

Debby tells us, the song "Let's Be Real" was hastily and foolishly posted to the Internet -- and was never approved for any album, including his upcoming "Respect My Hustle."

Debby insists, the song will never be available for purchase.

We're told Soulja is willing to do whatever he can to make up for the song -- which contains the lyric "f**k all the army troops" -- including free shows for the military, and meet-and-greet sessions.

As we previously reported, Soulja has apologized for the song, blogging, "I Am Deeply Sorry To All Members Of The United States Military Services And Their Families."



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This guy is doing the right thing. He made a poor judgment call, but is man enough to say so. And I am NO FAN of rap! But so far he's earned my respect for his handling of this situation.

Let's give a break where one is due.

1112 days ago

So What    

This guy is another loser. Let him move in with his loser brother Obama.

1112 days ago


Apologize all you want. But the fact is he disrespected the armed forces . . . and all the apologies in the world cant make up for that fact that he was rude enough to disrespect the ones out fighting for our freedom so he can even have the right to sing such lyrics. As said before, if he didnt mean the lyrics he wouldnt have rapped them. No soldier in their right mind (coming from a soldier myself) would want a free show or a meet and greet from this man. Stop acting like that would be a favor to us.

1112 days ago


You can't understand half of what he says because he only says half of every word. His music is crap without the bashing. The bashing just reiterates his ignorance.

1112 days ago


Sounds like some serious damage control going on!

1112 days ago


Is the album THAT bad that you need to trash our troops to sell records? This is the saddest publicity stunt to date...

1112 days ago


NO- His handlers and management team apologized... not him. Cleaning up and sweeping under the rug a full on, disgusting mess.

1112 days ago


He's only a coward for backing down on his lyrics and taking the song off the CD.

1112 days ago


"f**k all the army troops", nuff said. Tie a yellow ribbon around that! This Piece of ****, no talent idiot will make millions. I;d like to say he would suffer but all ya'll will listen to his song and your niece's will buy his "album".Feel bad for my friends that have served. **** YOU

1112 days ago


Boycott his album, get him where it hurts. His wallet.

1112 days ago

Ya Mon    

The only way this dim witted charcoled abortion can make any amends with our Military is if he dropped the 'Souljah" from his name and just go by "Boy" and then go a "Shoe shine Tour.." shinin all the shoes of the "Real" Soldiers.

1112 days ago


I can't help but notice the irony between the initials of his name, "SB", and what my first thought is...**** bag.

1112 days ago


Too little, too late, the damage has been done.

1112 days ago


It all seems so insincere. He made the song, wrote it, etc., it got out onto the internet and as soon as people started reacting, he started back peddling and said some nonsense about when you're an "artist" you get caught up in your words. Well, if this was some crappy demo that leaked out that he'd hastily done in the studio in one take, I could understand. But this is a recorded, engineering, produced song where he, or his team, had what is most likely MONTHS to think about not putting out there. So his back tracking doesn't really fly, imo. If you're going to put that stuff out there and be controversial, just stand by it.

1112 days ago


This loser is a waste of space, skin and body organs. And the crap he puts out as "music" has put the final nail in the coffin of real hip hop. He doesn't deserve to be labeled a rapper, and has the lyrical and verbal ability of a first grader. Revoke his citizenship, and send his azz to some buttcrack third world country since he clearly does not value what it means to be an American.

1112 days ago
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