Katherine Jackson's Partner Backtracks on 'New' Song

11/7/2010 3:23 PM PST

Katherine Jackson's Partner Backtracks on 'New' Song

The guy behind the website JacksonSecretVault.com -- the one who called out the Jackson estate for releasing a song he insinuated wasn't "authentic" -- now has a big "authenticity" problem of his own.

Howard Mann, Katherine Jackson's business partner, now says the song his website released Saturday was not "unreleased" as he advertised, but rather a "remake."  Pretty big difference.

Mann told TMZ on Friday his site was releasing the song "Opis None" in part to "overcome the confusion" that arose from the release of the song "Breaking News."

But it turns out Mann is guilty himself of creating "confusion" by touting an unreleased song that was really a remake.

And on top of that, Mann touted that the release of "Opis None" was made with the blessing of Katherine Jackson.  Now he has taken all references to Mrs. Jackson out of the advertisement they posted on Friday (see below).

Bad timing for Mann and Katherine -- She's appearing on "Oprah" Monday to push the book she wrote on MJ as well as other projects ... projects in which she partnered with Mann.