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Soulja Boy

The Right to Blast the Military?

9/6/2011 11:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Soulja Boy apologizes for ripping the U.S Military -- the same military fighting to protect his right to free speech. So, was the apology necessary ... and will it save Soulja's bacon with the troops?

Plus, Taylor and Russell Armstrong were in couple's therapy before his suicide -- do YOU think therapy can save a marriage?

And, Charles and Jason call "radishes" on Harvey -- if you don't know what that means ... it's DEFINITELY worth finding out.


(4:15) Soulja Boy rips the military in a dumb new rap song -- then apologizes for the blunder.
(6:00) The terrible song in question.
(7:20) A veteran's opinion of Soulja's song and apology.
(17:30) A group calls for a boycott of "Dancing" because of Chaz Bono -- so Gloria Allred, naturally, has his back.
(26:10) We put up NINE polls on the Chaz situation ... so what did you think?
(33:00) "Housewives" new season premiered last night -- and Charles was forced to watch it, you know, for news reasons. 
(38:00) Does couple's therapy work?
(42:20) The tree Tiger Woods crashed into -- exposing his cheating scandal ... is as dead as Tiger's golf game.
(46:00) The "radishes" explanation.
(48:02) Harvey's latest crazy story. Radishes?


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First and foremost, what is Soldier Boy 6 years old. What kind of rap is that, if tyou're going to piss off the vast majority of people for artistic freedom, at least make sure your 'art' is well crafted. He sounds like a child, an ignorant child at that. To down the troops and everything that they are fighint for which unfortunately includes your right to be a fool and have the ability to spout nonsense. Anywhere else and you would be stoned for this, not saying you don't deserve it. This boy needs to just GO AWAY.

1107 days ago

some guy    

I think he knew what was gonna happen when he put it out, but didn't expect this much backlash. Didn't really think it through IMO.

1107 days ago

some guy    

I think Soulja should see some do***entaries; see what war's like.

1107 days ago

nee nee    

Soulja Boy = IGNORANT - period

1107 days ago


I think you and Charles have it wrong. He's being honest. He was being obnoxious and realized it. Why is it more honorable to rationalize it? So he's soft, but he apologized. I'm not accepting it, but saying you would have more respect for him if he rationalized it is way off.

1107 days ago


he's making an incendiary statement at an opportune time and is trying to keep himself relevant...

1107 days ago


The Navy is in Afghanistan.

1107 days ago


Gloria Alred is really good at "inserting herself" into controversy. Maybe she is more transgender than we the public know!

1107 days ago

some guy    

Ehh... IMO Chaz is just dancing. Don't suck.

1107 days ago


Chaz Bono? A bit freaky, and tired of hearing about him/her. Just like the gay thing, keep it to yourselves and stop trying to shove it down our throats.

1107 days ago


Do you not think that they are way off track with Chaz? The show is about DANCING! If television influenced your child that much that it would sway them to a sex change then you're NOT parenting enough! The decision should be discussed long before they get their information from television! People need to talk to their children and educate them. Gloria needs to back off, she's making it worse! Alot of people don't respect her!!

1107 days ago


Yes Soulja has the right with free speech and all; however anyone else who doesn't like it has the right to call him out on it. Free speech works both ways.

1107 days ago


Obviously Chaz's g/f loves him for who he is no matter what. Maybe his g/f is bi-sexual so it doesn't matter either way.

1107 days ago


I guess SB is exercising his freedom to be an idiot too. He has that one down perfect.

1107 days ago

some guy    

Is Nancy going to be as bad a dancer as she is a lawyer?

1107 days ago
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