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'Toddlers and Tiaras' Mom

The Hooker Costume Was Cute!

9/7/2011 12:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


 "Toddlers and Tiaras" mom Wendy Dickey called in to defend her decision to dress her 3-year-old daughter up like a hooker -- the Julia Roberts hooker from "Pretty Woman" -- and she thinks it was "incredibly hilarious."

Just as funny -- why Harvey now thinks Pebbles from "The Fintsones" was a ho!

Plus, amazing insight into the Al Michaels/Al Davis feud -- does it all start with NFL Hall of Famer Marcus Allen? And, Bill Cosby disses the deliciousness of Jell-O pudding?!!


(0:00) The great Brian McDaniel makes it three.
(4:45) Radishes? Not this time.
(3:22) Wendy Dickey -- the "Toddlers" mom who dressed her daughter up like a prostitute -- calls in to defend the outfit.
(7:30) Wendy calls her daughter's routine "incredibly hilarious."
(14:40) Pebbles was a ho???
(27:00) Al Michaels says the Raiders won't win a Super Bowl while Al Davis is still alive. Ouch.
(30:50) A Raiders insider calls in to explain the origin of the Michaels/Davis rivaly ... which eventually leads back to O.J.!
(35:20) Charles' horrible Bill Cosby impression ... and a clip of Cosby totally dissing pudding pops.
(40:30) Why do TMZ employees have suicide clauses?
(45:01) Celine Dion's Goldilocks-like intruder.
(47:30) Rachel Uchitel to sue over incendiary 9/11 story.


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If you have to take more than one second thinking over whether or not anything to do with Toddler and Tiaras is TOTALLY ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING AND PATHETIC, then you must are a complete a-hole and poor excuse for a human being and please just go crawl under a rock and never come out.

1105 days ago


Toddlers and tiaras is ri-frickin-diculous.

1105 days ago


It always makes me laugh when people like that toddlers mother say "people need to look at their own lives and stop judging other people" but HELLO! She is the moron who is putting her life on TV for people to judge. She is an idiot.

1105 days ago


the toddler in the Pretty Woman costume....gross! i wish she would just be honest and admit she wouldn't let the kid play sports regardless. she enters her child into pageants for her own selfish reasons, she even pointed out how the kid doesn't even know what character she's portraying. hmm, i bet she would have understood dressing up as a princess or dora the explorer, but the mom isn't a fan of those characters so bring on the hooker gear...? the mom needs a life. or a doll. remember "my buddy" and "kid sister" from the 80s? lol, THAT.

1105 days ago


Harvey couldnt Russell's family be trying to call his death a murder due to insurance policy. A lot of insurance cut policy payouts into half or completly void it if the cause of death is suicicde.

1105 days ago

Bad Motherhugger    

Harvey, please address the fact that and / or had advertisements for "Toddlers and Tiaras" on the first page and the Flash video player just a few weeks ago on TMZ Live! I'd really like to hear a comment or an explanation from you about that.

1105 days ago


Anything that is out in the world is "fair game" for reality tv, but I think it is a poor trend to continue multiple seasons of some shows (such as T&T, Teen Mom) because it leads some people to act irresponsibly with the goal to simply be on a reality show.

1105 days ago


I do not care what this "mother" has to say about her pimping her daughter and Harvey you are disgusting by just chuckling at what she said. You are a pathetic human being also.

1105 days ago


How does that mother react knowing pedifiles are jerking off to her daughters pictures as we speak.

1105 days ago


Allso the primeminister of Canada at the time was ( Jean Chretien )chased a burgler out of his bedroom,true story look it up.

1105 days ago


What! Omg! Listen to this woman's bs. Harvey, what is wrong with you! There are "crazy" this and that according to this woman? What the hell does she think she is! Social services needs to step in.

1105 days ago


It grosses me out to think that pedophiles watch this show. Why don't parents and T&T producers realize this? Also, male co-hosts of these shows, E-w-w-w-!

1105 days ago


That's right Charles, Pebbles is at least 17 in that picture. Can't compare that to this 3 yr old pimped by her mother.

1105 days ago


The mothers of these children are S-I-C-K! A couple of weeks ago I saw where one mother put a fake butt and breast on her 5 yr old.
They're depriving these girls of a normal childhood. These kids ought to be playing with other kids their age and driving their parents nuts. That is what a 5 yr old should be doing...not dressing up like tramps...and possibly enticing perverts.

1105 days ago

Sara Felts    

I want to know how innocent mothers think it is about men jacking off watching their 3 year old daughters?

1105 days ago
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