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Mel Gibson

I'm Making a Jewish Movie!

9/9/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

File this under ironic and interesting ...  Mel Gibson is producing a movie that triumphs the Jewish struggle against tyranny ... a movie about the greatest Jewish hero of all time.

Mel's publicist Alan Nierob tells TMZ ... Mel is teaming up with screenwriter Joe Eszterhas (right) -- who wrote the Jewish-themed movies "Betrayed" and "Music Box" -- to produce a movie about Judah Maccabee, the Jewish warrior who defeated the Greek-Syrian armies in the second century B.C.

Mel -- who famously directed the arguably anti-Jewish "Passion of the Christ" in 2004 -- has signed on with Warner Bros., which won out over several other studios that wanted the project.

Nierob says Gibson has been working on the Maccabee project for a decade, but now it's about to become real.

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Confused: 10 minutes ago
Very glad you speak for all of us-------who made you our spokesman.

Your screen name "Confused" fits you perfectly!!! If you knew how to worship "GOD" as opposed to "personalities", you wouldn't be SO DAMN "CONFUSED"!!! HATE ON ME all you want but the NUMBERS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES!!! See the examples below:

The Help

Worldwide Total as of Sep. 7, 2011: = $128,797,578 Distributor: Buena Vista Release Date: August 10, 2011. This movie was released less than 30 days ago. $127,097,578 of this total are DOMESTIC sales. The production budget was ONLY $25 MILLION!!!

The Blind Side

Worldwide Total Gross: $309,208,309. Distributor: Warner Bros. Release Date: November 20, 2009. The production budget was ONLY $29 MILLION!!! The Domestic gross was $255,959,475!!! As I recall, Sandra Bullock won an Oscar for her performance in this movie.

Both of these are WONDERFUL movies with "sincere", "heart warming" story lines and very little, if any VIOLENCE!!!


1143 days ago


It was not anti Jewish. Jesus was Jewish.

1143 days ago


Your insistence that the Passion film is "arguably" anti-semitic is ridiculous. The story of Christ is about the Saviour of the world, and he himself is a JEW! And it is a historical narrative that the people who executed him also happened to be Jewish. It's in the Bible. That doesn't mean the story is anti-Jewish. I acknowledge that the people who killed Jews during the Holocaust were German, but that doesn't mean if we tell the story factually, we are inherently anti-German. DUH! Get it straight Harvey. (pun intended).

1143 days ago


It might have been believable that he was truly sorry for his rants about Jews years ago if he had not opened his mouth earlier this year and openly used the 'N' word. He hasn't changed one bit. And anyone who supports him is as horrible as he is.

1143 days ago


It matters little what MEL chooses to do - I AM NOT GOING TO go see it (and neither will anyone else I know).

He's revolting.

1143 days ago


This is runned by jews asholes

1143 days ago


what happened I made a comment about Jews and my emails are deleted

1143 days ago


Mel don't be a sell out I wont see anything as pathetic as that,I stood by you and now you look like a hooker, please don't.

these ******* are the ones that have cause so much misery and they never were an empire, by the way there is not a single jewish campaign in the poor countries, why is that?
The Christians have bared the burden of the poor while these ******** claim a right to heaven. while they make pornos fpr our kids

don't do it Saint Paul stood against them why can't you

1143 days ago


ohreally: 42 minutes ago
ehhh! You are trying to turn Mel Gibson into a micro talent. He is a HUGE talent, one of the greatest. You won't see him doing insignificant projects, because he thinks too big, he is incapable of film making mediocrity.
This movie will be a hit! People will go to the theater expecting another stellar experience and he won't let them down.

Mel Gibson has NO ONE TO BLAME EXCEPT HIMSELF for his current difficulties and ignoring "ECONOMIC & SOCIAL REALITIES" isn't going to make the hurdles he has to face DISAPPEAR!!! In America, you're only as GOOD AS YOUR LAST HIT!!! WHAT DID "THE BEAVER" DO??? I REST MY CASE!!! It's time for "The Emperor" to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!

1143 days ago



1143 days ago


Sincerity: 11 minutes ago

Mel Gibson has NO ONE TO BLAME EXCEPT HIMSELF for his current difficulties and ignoring "ECONOMIC & SOCIAL REALITIES" isn't going to make the hurdles he has to face DISAPPEAR!!! In America, you're only as GOOD AS YOUR LAST HIT!!! WHAT DID "THE BEAVER" DO??? I REST MY CASE!!! It's time for "The Emperor" to PUT SOME CLOTHES ON!!!

So what if he has had difficulties?? SO WHAT???
So you think to consign a person with "difficulties" to the bottom of the heap? Who are YOU to decide this?
This is a free country. He can rise up from the ashes and surge high again, and he WILL.
He is no ordinary man. No one cares how much money "the Beaver" brought in. No one. Warner sure doesn't! LOL Do you really think they would produce this movie if they thought they would lose on it? Heck no.
Mel is a winner. He hit a rough patch but believe me, HE IS BACK.

1143 days ago


Every does a mistake. Mel isn't perfect neither do any of you. Haters get a life. TEAM MEL

1143 days ago


HARVEY - Passion of the Christ was not anti-Jewish, it was anti-EVERYONE, because EVERYONE either betrayed or condemned Jesus in his darkest hour except his mother, John and a couple of other ladies. The Jews, the Romans, his "disciples", the people of Jerusalem who cheered him as the Messiah with waving palms a couple of days earlier...that is the whole point of the story. He sacrificed himself for all of them, and that's how they responded. This is what Christians are thinking when they view a "passion play", not that Jewish people are bad people. You, my good sir, are stepping into Mel Gibson territory with your open ignorance.

1143 days ago


Sincy is that you? I thought you were on the MM wagon train to obscurity!? I have to agree with you on this one. MM is going to insist this movie be made on an epic scale that will drive WB to the brink of bankruptcy. I doubt he can afford to bankroll it all himself. This one will put 'Waterworld' to bed.

You're absolutely right about what's driving interest at the box office right now and it's not historical period pieces with dumb, worn out themes aof honor and bravery, with a heavy dose of blood splattering. Grown men are opting for animation and over the top special effects so he's lost his core audience. Any movie requiring the cost of a babysitter is doomed. Plus he needs to find an A list actor willing to touch it. Haven't Farrell and Pitt already failed miserably in centurion costume?

The Help was an excellent movie. Too bad MM didn't think of producing a movie in that genre to resuscitate his career.

1143 days ago


What You Really Want To See: about an hour ago
DetroitRocks: 3 hours ago
Has anyone ever figured out why the word W**A**T**C**H** is edited on here?
yeah, any ******* idiot can work it out... you just need to lift your intelligence up to the level of any f.uc*ng idiot. Quite impossible, I suspect.


Couldn't help but laugh!
DetroitRocks, here's a hint:
I suspect a.e.d.i.p.u.s s.y.n.d.r.o.m.e will be censored too.
Let's try: aedi******ndrome

1143 days ago
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