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The Game

Closeted Gays Spread AIDS

9/8/2011 10:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

090811_thegame_video2Rapper The Game believes closeted gay men are spreading AIDS by "fooling" women into having sex with them.

Game just gave an interview to VLADTV -- saying he doesn't have a problem with most gay people -- just the ones who are "pretending" not to be gay and sleeping with women.

Game says, "The #1 issue with that is you could be fooling somebody and you could give them AIDS and they can die ... and that s**t spreads because that girl you might be fooling might leave you and go find another dude who ain't gay and give him the disease."

Game seems to be saying that all closeted gay men have AIDS ... and he wants them to come out of the closet in a Scarlet Letter sort of a way -- so people know to avoid them unless they want to get AIDS.


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Anyone can spread aids, gay or straight. I didn't hear you mention anything about condoms though, what about all the unwanted pregnancies out there. That's an epidemic too.

1084 days ago


I don't think The Game is saying that all closet gays have aids, i think he is speaking truthfully about all the men out there who are afraid to come out of the closet because of fear of what society will do to them and who continue to lie and sleep with women as a front. That is the truth. a lot of men do that. And by doing so, you are increasing the risk of your partner contracting aids. So everyone that has something stupis to say about blacks, rapper or the game just needs to stfu because they are the ones sounding ignorant!

1084 days ago


maybe if you *****s would stop putting ur banana bare into hoes without a condom you wouldnt be getting diseases

1084 days ago


He's talking about down-low men, which is a huge thing in the Black community. There have been several do***entaries made, interviewing men on the down-low, who admitted to infecting their female partners with AIDS. They also admitted to sleeping with men, but not using condoms because they were ashamed of sleeping with other men. It had to do with homophobia in the Black community and the Black churches. Very sad, and very unfortunate.

1084 days ago


what about straight guys with aids doing these chicks? The Gayme's got no game!!! shut your mought

1084 days ago


AIDS is not a gay disease. When is that stereotype going to disappear? The Game is ridiculous in his thinking that only gay men are the ones who conceal the fact they may have AIDS. Everyone needs to be honest about their sexual history when they decide to have sex with anyone, regardless of their sexual orientation.

1084 days ago


TMZ why do you care so much about rappers are saying? Vlad TV is a bunch of nonsense.Get back to real celebrity news please.

1084 days ago

Charlie Sheen's Watch    

Closted Gays spread aids?

You stupid Frock! Blacks have the highest AIDS infections per capita.

Using your logic - It is actually Black men who sleep with women that will likely spread AIDS.

To females, you are more likely to be infected with AIDS if you sleep around with a black man.

How do you like that for a reality check you Frocking idiot.

Your logic you Frocking idiot not mine.

So ladies - Anytime you get Jungle Fever - remember one fact - Statistically, you increase your chances significantly of getting AIDS if you sleep with a Black man.

Again, this Frocker's logic not mine. Frocking bigot, imbecile. That same logic is the **** spewed by bigots against your people you frocking worthless piece of ****.

1084 days ago

ur mom    

He is RIGHT! I'm a microbiology student. We watched a do***entary called "Aids in Black America". Aids is the 1# killer of Black American WOMEN! Another report estimated that a 1/3 of Black men in the U.S. are on the downlow. Not to mention the # of men who have unprotected sex in prison, and continue heterosexual relationships once out. Do u think they disclose their homosexual history to these new women?

1084 days ago


He is very wrong on his view! I do believe that it's up to an idividual to make sure they know the person they are sleeping with are free off STDs. How do you do that? You both go to a doctor and have all STDS checked and once given a clean bill of health you may stop using the condom and only when in a committed relationship otherwise use condoms all the time. I bet all of the people who have posted here do not know their HIV status or have never been tested. (and remember you cannot go by another person's test have to have your own blood tested).Just because you look healthy and feel healthy that does not mean you are ok. You may have the virus and not know until you end up in the hospital (which could be up to 10 years). Go get tested and get educated. I wrote a college paper(Last semester) on HIV treatment and i learnt a lot about the disease. Education is Key to everything.

1084 days ago

USAF Chick    

There is some truth to this, however, I do believe that bisexual, transgender, gay or should be protecting yoursel****ainst communicable diseases should be a responsiblity that they own up too. If you are sleeping with women and your a non-outted bisexual male, or vise should protect not only yourself but the next person you are sleeping with. However the SAME goes for STRAIGHT people who are sleeping around. Everyone should take part in protecting themselves and others against spreading or contracting STD's...plain and simple!

1084 days ago


I'm 50-50 on this issue. No I don't think only gay people have aids, aids is spread by anyone who has it, gay or straight. But I do agree that people should say they do so the unaffected can stay away. Call it what you may, the unaffected have every right to want to stay away from the affected, forget their feelings. They have an untreatable disease that the rest of us do not want. Quarantine them!

1084 days ago


He's not expressing his thoughts very well however there is a disproportionate rate of HIV infections among his age group.

1084 days ago


Although he could have maybe phrased it a little more intelligently the situation he is referring to is brothers who are on the 'down low'. That is a phrase used to describe a closeted gay man who in public may have a girlfriend, or wife, but secretly is sleeping with men. And it is a huge problem within the African American community. This situation is how many African American women are contracting the HIV virus. Some of the men may have come out of prison with the virus after having unprotected sex while incarcerated. Some of the men are too afraid to come out because of the homophobia within the African American community. Whatever the situation or reason this matter is one of the leading causes of the spread of the HIV virus.

1084 days ago

serious BLACK    

He is using generalities people, he didnt say "black" gay men or "black" women. He said "gay men" are giving "women" AIDS and hes totally right, no needle sharing addict, lessbian woman, straight partners or prostitue has ever given anyone else AIDS, it is a "gay" man in every case. go back to rapping about drugs and guns, leave the social issues to someone who graduated high school.

1084 days ago
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