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Amy Winehouse's Dad

Ex-Husband Put Singer

On Path of Self-Destruction

9/13/2011 12:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Amy Winehouse
's father claims her ex-husband laid the groundwork for the singer's ultimate demise -- insisting it was Blake Fielder-Civil who first introduced her to hard drugs, like heroin.

Mitch Winehouse doesn't blame Amy's death on Blake -- who's currently serving time for a burglary and firearm offense -- but in an interview with Anderson Cooper, Mitch was pretty adamant ... if it weren't for BFC, Amy's life would NOT have spiraled out of control the way it did.


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Buddy The Elf    

It's ALWAYS someone else's fault, no matter the age the PARENT never takes any responsibility. Parents of stars are only there for the successes, never the failures. It was rock music or video games that ruined you drug addict daughter.

1138 days ago

Mel Zipskin    

They are lying she od'ed from heroin. Like, gimme a break.

1138 days ago



1138 days ago

two cents    

Sure, blame blake. Still in denial I see. Maybe if she were raised properly, she wouldn't have gotten involved with drugs either. We could play what ifs all day. Not everyone in the industry turns to drugs. Maybe they had better roots and upbringing. Stop blaming others. Stop blaming the meds, "seizures", etc. This was no surprise.

1138 days ago


Yeah, blame everyone else for your daughter being a drug addict and an alcoholic.

1138 days ago

Suju and 2NE1 fangirl

they look so normal after she died

1138 days ago


Give me a Break... Now he needs his 15 minutes of fame??? No one forced her to take drugs..She made that choice herself and KNEW she had a problem and did nothing about it. Her ex might have been a bad influence but she said YES!!! Just accept what happened and move on!! No one's fault but her own!

1138 days ago


I wish people would watch the videos before commenting, it doesn't make them look good. Winehouse's father is not blaming Fielder-Civil, the opposite, he's specifically said that it's not F-C's fault. He is saying that AW's hard drug addictions were introduced to her by Fielder Civil, and remarks that had she died then, when she was a total mess, it wouldn't have come as shock. I know from the British media, and rumours, that the marriage was seriously toxic and self destructive, so I think her dad's assertion that her brief marriage escalated things is correct. I don't think we'll ever know what the exact cause of death was, but obviously a history of alcoholism and drug abuse increase the risk factors for lots of things - but most people who are getting or have gotten clean don't have seizures and die, that's the tragedy of it.

1138 days ago


The only person to put Amy on a path to destruction was Amy herself..She chose to marry her ex-husband and she chose to drink and drug. Stop blaming everyone else for her failures.
Yes she was a talent, but there are many more young people who die every year from the choices THEY make. Those young people don't have fame so they ate just another check mark for statistice takers. Their lives were just as important as Amy's was.

1138 days ago


Its called addiction idiot

1138 days ago


No matter who was around her or what she saw them do, it was ultimately AMY'S choice to follow the path she did.

1138 days ago


I was at the show and let me tell you there are things that weren't aired that prove that her parents weren't in denial. The media went after Amy and posted everything they could and exaggerated it to make things/her look worse than they were. I can not say I was a fan of Amy's I enjoyed her music when it was on the radio but being a 40 year old from Long Island NY doesnt make me her target audience. I was not buying her music and I just happened to get tickets to this show.
Her father explained in length that they expected this to happen but a few years ago not now. She had had seizures in the past because of her drug abuse and continued to have them now. The rarely let her sleep alone because of them and of course that night around 1am her boyfriend went home to do things for a wedding they had to go to (like get his suit and go get a haircut). They think between 1am and 8am when she was found is when she may have had a seizure. The final toxicology reports are due in mid Oct and her dad says that will prove the rumors of her ODing will be put to rest. She was off of all drugs except a perscription for librium and that was to help her get off alcohol. She has been two years sober and the show in Belgrade was a relapse. It happens with addicts. But according to her family and boyfriend who knew her it was a seizure that most likely killed her. So all you who want to sit and judge from behind your computer give her family a break. They still lost their baby girl!

1138 days ago


oh and those of you saying he needs his 15 min of fame are you freaken kidding me? Did you even watch the show?? They made a foundation to help disabled children. All monies raised will stay where they are raised. So US money will go to the US kids and UK in the UK etc..

1138 days ago


Amy put Amy on the path of self destruction. No one else.

1138 days ago


I understand her Dad is hurting. But let the girl rest in peace. It is over, and ultimately whatever happened was Amy's fault. No one held her down and forced alcohol or drugs on her. She had an addictive personality and it caused her death. And saying that only prescription drugs were in her system means nothing. You can od on a prescription as well as on street drugs. Her family needs to mourn their daughter in private, and keep all of this out of the press. They are not helping Amy or themselves.

1138 days ago
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