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"Dancing With the Stars"

Shrink Group Cool With Kids

Watching Chaz Bono Dance

9/12/2011 5:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Chaz Bono dancing the Cha Cha on TV ... in front of your kids ... will NOT make them want to have a sex change -- at least according to the American Psychiatric Association.

In a recent article, psychiatrist and former talk show host Dr. Keith Ablow suggested kids could develop Gender Identity Disorder (GID) just from watching Chaz on "Dancing With the Stars."

John M. Oldham, M.D. -- the APA President -- acknowledges GID is a psychiatric disorder ... but also told TMZ, "There is no evidence that viewing a television game show with a transgender contestant would induce Gender Identity Disorder in young people."


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unfortunately 1st

1136 days ago

Professor Chaos    

Of course it won't make them want to change sex. It'll just make them want to vomit.
This insane girl is disgusting. Come on. Get her help instead of putting her on TV. If a human being feels like they have another sex trapped in their body and the only way to feel right is to be surgically altered then they're crazy. Period.
It's not a gay or lesbian issue. It's a mental health issue.

1136 days ago


The only people making this an issue are the Celebrity News outlets. No one gives two ****s about this including me! This guy is just a kid of someone famous. Why SHOULD I care!?!

1136 days ago


There are all different kids of people in this world. Sticking your head in the sand/ignoring it, boycotting, or throwing holy water at people is not going to change that. I'm more worried about the hateful adults that are going to use Chaz as a platform to teach hatred to their children.

1136 days ago



1136 days ago


I just puked...I wonder if kids won't do the same.

1136 days ago


tmz it seems like you peeps want to build her up. Stop bringing this up and let it go. I am tired of looking at her ugly azz....I don*****ch dwts

1136 days ago

Fat Mike    


1136 days ago


Oh for crying out loud. It's not like your TV is going to explode if Chaz Bono shows up ballroom dancing in a tuxedo. Your kids aren't going to be confused - the guy looks like a lumberjack. It's not like we're talking Johnny Weir here.

Besides, if Chaz makes it past the first couple weeks it will be because he's entertaining. He is Sonny Bono's son after all, even if Sonny never knew he had a son. Although Chaz did say on Leno that Sonny used to call him 'Fred', so.

1136 days ago


If you're a chick and simply watching a dude on TV who used to be a chick makes you want to become are a f*cking idiot.

1136 days ago

lost grrl    

The only way kids will be traumatized by this is if their bigoted parents teach them to be. No little kid is going to look at Chaz and see a girl.

1136 days ago


I've got a very simple solution for the idiots that don't want to see Chaz on the tv. CHANGE THE CHANNEL. i've got a simple solution for the parents that like dwts, but don't want their children to see a transgender (which how will they know what that means unless you explain to them? How will they know Chaz used to be a woman unless you tell them?) dancer then, CHANGE THE CHANNEL WHEN HE COMES ON!! Sheesh, its not that freaking difficult people.

1136 days ago


Why would parents even want to call attention to the fact that Chaz used to be a female? The kids can't tell by looking and he is legally a man now. The issue for me is that DWTS is not appropriate for younger children anyway. The dancers are almost naked and the moves are suggestive. It's not a family show.

1136 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

No but just because it is a boring show.

1136 days ago


This is so freaking stupid I don't know why you put this up TMZ.

If the kid don't know Chaz is a transgender or even if he/she did why would that make them want to be a transgender?

I see why some foreigners call us stupid Americans.

1136 days ago
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