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Michael Jackson Estate

Katherine and MJ's Kids to

Score $30 Million

9/13/2011 4:49 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A huge development in the Michael Jackson Estate case.  The Executors have done so well making money for the Estate since Jackson died, they want to fund the Michael Jackson Trust to the tune of $30 million for the benefit of Katherine Jackson and Michael's 3 kids.

TMZ has obtained court documents in which co-Executors John Branca and John McClain are asking the court's permission to fund the trust.  According to the docs, the Estate generated more than $310 million in gross revenues as of December 31, 2010 -- that's the latest accounting.

In addition to funding the trust, the Executors are asking the court's permission to sell the longtime family home on Hayvenhurst Avenue in Encino, CA.  According to the docs, Katherine wants to sell the house and, although no price is mentioned, the property was valued at $4,150,000 when Michael died.

The docs say Katherine wants the Estate to purchase another home and she's eying several properties, but we're told the home she really wants is the Calabasas house in which she and the kids are currently living.



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I wonder would that 30 million fund to the Trust Fund increase their monthly allowances. And I also wonder if Alejandra and her children are at the new home where they are now staying. And if not, is that the reason she wants to sell the Hayvenhurst home and buy the new home?

1100 days ago


AND... Make the estate pay back the City of Los Angeles' taxpayers the multimillions they cost for the "funeral" held at the Staples Center. Why should our taxpayers have to pay for the police & security for AEG's "This Is (*****" filming?

1100 days ago


There's a new video on Youtube called MICHAEL JACKSON'S DEATH CELEBRITOONS that reveals what really happened on MJ's last night with Dr. Murray.

1100 days ago



1100 days ago



1100 days ago


With all that money do the kids have to look like rag-a-muffins??

1100 days ago


I must admit I started crying when I read Katherine Jackson wants to sell Hayvenhurst - in the eve of her life, and the only thing Michael that's left. He built that house. He lived there for many years.

It's her and the children's prerogative to do so, I know, and I suppose they have their reasons. Not my business. Still - it hit me hard.

1100 days ago


ONE QUESTION: did anybody get the DNA? Will this ever be asked..."how does a BLACK man have 3 white kids? Who happen to resemble his doctor?" (ie:the ears, chin...Maury all i'm sayin)

1100 days ago


It's only a matter of time before a book will be written by one of the kids do***enting how the rest of the J family f'ed them out of their money. Mother K is no better than the rest of the leaching POS in the Jackson family.

1100 days ago



urnorthlyte: 15 minutes ago

ONE QUESTION: did anybody get the DNA? Will this ever be asked..."how does a BLACK man have 3 white kids? Who happen to resemble his doctor?" (ie:the ears, chin...Maury all i'm sayin)"

It doesn't matter! The children are legally Michael's, and they are emotionally Michael's. If you or anyone else think they may have another biological father, it doesn't change anything at all. Not even is there was proof! He saw them born, he brought them up, he loved them, and he willed his money to them and his mother. No one can challenge any of that - not even if the children's bloodline came from the moon - which it doesn't.

1100 days ago


Congratulations MJ fans. You have succeeded in paying off the pedophile junkie's debts and making Arnie Klein's kids much richer. Meanwhile, the country is bankrupt, the poor are getting poorer and people are being kicked out of their homes because they can't pay their mortgage. But it's OK as long as MJ white kids have a pool to swim in and a mansion to sleep in. Good job.

1100 days ago


Who knew that being the spawn of a freak would pay so much. If i had known this I would have been a side show freak myself.

1100 days ago


Being as Mj loved kids why isnt the money donated to all the starving, poor children out there what else do they need the money for, a new home. If I had millions of dollars I would make sure That the money would go to ppl that needed it, not to buy 10 cars,4 houses,an airplane,anew nose, a different look. Look around ppl are dying, homeless, and sick. Such a selfish world we live in.

1100 days ago


There is obviously a whole bunch of people in here obsessed with MJ:s children, writing post after post about the possible non-existant biological connection to Michael. Why? Who cares?? So he adopted them. Fine! Are you guys saying that all adoptions should be illegal, or what exactly is your point?

It seems rather unhealthy to be this fixated with three beautiful and lovely kids, wishing to cause them pain and sadness.

1100 days ago


Arnie Klein is reading this and laughing his @ss off. MJ fan*****e Arnie Klein, but they are making his two children richer and richer. These children are going to be billionaires and Arnie did not have to do any of the work. All he had to do was jack off and put it in Debbie Rowe.

1100 days ago
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