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'Nail Files' Sued


My Medical Emergency

9/13/2011 12:48 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A limo driver is suing the people behind the TV Guide reality show "Nail Files" -- claiming the show RECORDED him when he went into diabetic shock ... and made it appear like he was DRUNK.

According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Fred Busby claims he was dispatched by his limo company to pick up celebrity manicurist Katie Cazorla and drive her to the airport last year.

Busby claims Cazorla was accompanied by a reality TV crew from 495 Productions -- which also produces "Jersey Shore" -- but Busby insists he NEVER consented to be on the show.

During the drive to LAX, Busby -- who says he's a diabetic -- claims he "felt his blood sugar levels dropping and he started sweating and feeling disoriented."

0913_nail_files_small_launch_3According to the suit, Fred claims the last thing he remembered was a passenger screaming, "Is this guy drunk?"

Fred claims when he came to ... the 495 cameraman repeatedly asked him for permission to use the footage from Fred's medical emergency, but Fred "emphatically and unambiguously said, 'No.'"

But Fred claims "Nail Files" aired the footage anyway -- violating his right to privacy and making him out to look like someone who drove while drunk.

Fred wants a judge to force the show to stop running the episode -- plus he wants unspecified damages and part of the show profits. Calls to 495 Productions have not been returned.


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Sue sue sue! That's all people do these days. Geez

1138 days ago


Oh and right after I typed that I see some fat pig is suing White Castle because the seats in the restaurants are too small. What a disgusting world we live in. People make me sick.

1138 days ago


As embarrassed as I am to admit that I seen the episode, I do have to say that they repeatedly stated that he was diabetic and that was the reason for the reckless driving.

1138 days ago


Bottom of the barrel news day TMZ?

1138 days ago


Stupid fool - now you lose your license - if you have shocks/seizures, you aren't allowed to drive.

1138 days ago


Now this is a perfectly good reason to sue. I would sue their butts off if they did this to me, who the hell do these people think they are!?

1138 days ago


this is lame and really lame @jordanvalliere/twitter

1138 days ago

fioo hoos    

BS he could never get his HACK lic to drive a limo with his medical problem.To get his muti pass endorsements and to drive a limo he must first pass medical and testing and be trained.NO way can he drive for a living NOT in any setting or vehicle total BS story

1138 days ago

fioo hoos    

He could`nt drive a DUMP truck with diabetos and couldn`t get his medical card WHO the FN smit wrote thdas BLOWsmit fake pile of poo?

1138 days ago

fioo hoos    

If all limo drivers amd bus driver had diabetical medical problems there would`nt be a world left to drive in dumb dumb and dumbest fire the puke whot wrote this dibble fast!

1138 days ago


i abhor frivolous lawsuits but i don't think this is one of them. my best friend's husband is diabetic and the symptoms are exactly as this man described, in addition to being disoriented you can even become combative. if they don't have his consent then they shouldn't have used his image.

1138 days ago


After watching that video it is clear that most of what he says is nonsense. By the end of the video they make it clear as can be that he was in a diabetic shock. The only thing he might have a claim on is them showing his face unblurred if he didn't sign a release.

Anyway, the vast majority of those diabetic incidents stem from the diabetic not taking proper care of himself that day.

1138 days ago

fioo hoos    

BS BS BS story he can`t DRIVE a limo with out his medical CARD and he can`t get his card if he has a medical problem.Those whom are diabetic can`t get a medical card to drive a muti/pass vehicle.He does`nt have a diabetic problem IF he is driveing a limo fake story produced by FOX CBS TMZ with PR BS fake sue sue and fake dibetical BS..if he did`nt have his medical CARD which he could`nt if he is a diabetic than he would be sued for noy haveing his HACK LIC.They are all trying to act with a fake PR tie in to FOX sony CBS TMZ Tailin running backwords

1138 days ago

fioo hoos    

BS fake money money money fake sue sue fake dibetical problem reality TV slucks slime from DOA bluthead~SS

1138 days ago


Don't these people all have to sing some sort of waver saying it is OK to use the footage? I didn't see anything (at least in this clip) of them saying he was drunk. I am confused as to what he is suing for?

1138 days ago
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