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Christina Hendricks

My Boobs Are NOT

a Conversation Piece!!!!

9/15/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One day after she wore a top that shoved her boobs into her chin ... "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks SHUT US DOWN when we asked a TOTALLY FAIR question about 'em.

Hendricks was out in L.A. Tuesday night when we asked if she ever gets tired about people talking about her gals ... when she refused to answer and walked away from our camera.

Of course, Christina hasn't always been so shy about her chest ... and if you're not a blind person, you can see the proof below.



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Asking a woman about her tits is bad form, how can you guys not understand that? Also her walking away from the question clearly answers it for you guys...

1132 days ago


TMZ....has no respect for women in general.SMH

1132 days ago


are they real

1132 days ago


Are you really surprised by her reaction? She's a classy woman for ignoring you. The guy basically attacked her with the question as soon as she walked out the door! Just because she flaunts them doesn't give you the right to harass her. Gosh, have some respect for the lady!

1132 days ago


I've got only one thing to say: Not classy! It is one thing to show a nice décolleté but this is overload and not attractive.

1132 days ago


**** that fire crotch. she uglier than ****. fat sloooooout.
she stuff her funbags to her chin and cant answer s simple question with s smart /cute remark. what another b list actress trying to act like an A lister... its funny cause a A lister probably would have something smart to say. be gone fat ass.

1132 days ago

brown dynamite    

Since when did asking a woman about her boobs ever become a great question? Idiots.

1132 days ago


she look like varuka from willie wonka after she ate the bad gum . u aint hot...

1132 days ago


I think red hair is ugly, and I heard she's a natural blonde, what's wrong with her??

1132 days ago

Professor Chaos    

I don't blame her. What kind of an idiot walks up to a woman they don't even really know and starts asking her questions about her breasts. So what if she's worn clothing that shows them off.
Saying it's ok to ask her that kind of s*** just because of pictures she's posed for is like saying that you saw Kim Kardashian getting banged in her sex tape so it's ok to walk up to her, bend her over penetrate her because based on the video, she likes that sort of thing.
Wait, I hear that's how she met her husband. Ok, maybe that would work.

1132 days ago

Silverado Mom    

Women are odd aren't we? They love being the center of attn at times. Some lead their lives by their breasts, which is sad for those women of substance who enjoy intellectual stimulation. Some get photographed in Playboy but only want certain men to view the photos. This woman doesn't owe any TMZ staff member an answer when they don't hv boundaries. But she's a fool to flaunt her boobs in their face and expect them not to notice. Duh.

1132 days ago


I think if she constantly lays them out begging for attention, questions are fair game.

1132 days ago


They would be less tempted to ask if they wernt clearly on display....when you have cleavage like that and wear low cut dresses like those...the guys cant help but be glued to em. If you want to be treated intelligently try dressing like your intelligent. WTF else would he talk about? Who is this chick anyhow?

1132 days ago


obviously--her breast intrigues the people especially mens... "~)

1132 days ago

John Basedow    

looks more like that she didnt wanna talk to ur **** asking her the questions.

1132 days ago
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