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Christina Hendricks

My Boobs Are NOT

a Conversation Piece!!!!

9/15/2011 12:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


One day after she wore a top that shoved her boobs into her chin ... "Mad Men" actress Christina Hendricks SHUT US DOWN when we asked a TOTALLY FAIR question about 'em.

Hendricks was out in L.A. Tuesday night when we asked if she ever gets tired about people talking about her gals ... when she refused to answer and walked away from our camera.

Of course, Christina hasn't always been so shy about her chest ... and if you're not a blind person, you can see the proof below.



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Maybe you should stop flaunting them...

1099 days ago


Ask me once about my breasts and your balls are gonna meet my foot twice.

1099 days ago


I agree with the people who said she has a right to wear what she wants without the rude questions. I too have rather large breasts and the gals can are very hard to hide...even in baggy t-shirts, and who wants to wear those all the time. Larger breasted women have just as much right to be fashionable as smaller breasted women do. I say, leave her, and her lady parts, alone.

1099 days ago


Totally agree with Amber - she doesn't look "classy" with them hiked up to her chin.

1099 days ago


Then why is she constantly showing them off!!!

1099 days ago


I think Christina is great and a classy lady. That being said, as a woman, I find it amusing when a woman "wears" her breasts so pushed up that it resembles a backside peeking out of the top of her dress.

1099 days ago


If the dumb b**** wouldn't show them off she wouldn't get questions like that, not to mention she is one ugly, no talented actress

1099 days ago


If Christina chooses to wear such revealing outfits what does she expect? When you display a solid 6 inches of cleavage, you know exactly what people will be looking at. And that's fine. If she doesn't want people to talk about her boobs she shouldn't put them on display the way she does. That's like wearing spandex booty shorts then b!tching that people are looking at your rear end. If you don't want people to talk about your breasts put 'em away Christina! Just sayin'

1099 days ago


What an idiot person asking about the twins - IDIOT! Total sleaze that person.
And she had a blouse on that covered her chest. And you (TMZ) are even bigger idiot for posting .

1099 days ago


Check out every picture.
The one the left is higher than the right. Who is the surgeon?
Bad boob job!

1099 days ago

scarlet sue    

She's a classy lady with a beautiful body and ample...yes, we can see that. Is it necessary to make that a focal point on a weekly basis? Did TMZ hire Beavis and Butthead to run stories? It's a conspiracy!

1099 days ago


ALIEN parts?

1099 days ago

Earl McLovin    

It would be OK for her to have that attitude if she dressed modestly. But, she doesn't so it is a fair question.

1099 days ago


If they aren't supposed to be a topic of conversation, then don't wear outfits like you're serving them up. It's like a stripper telling a guy not to ogle her.

1099 days ago


Asking a question in public about someone's breasts is in poor taste, but one can assume that there would be fewer questions about them if Christina Hendricks did not have them displayed so prominently. People of class and taste generally don't need to "let it all hang out."

1099 days ago
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