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The Situation

I'm SORRY I Jacked

the Handicapped Spot

9/14/2011 10:38 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


The Situation
is expressing some serious remorse for parking his Ferrari in a handicapped spot in NJ yesterday ... telling his inner circle he was simply in a rush to get to the bank before it closed.

TMZ spoke with sources extremely close to the "Jersey Shore" star who tell us Sitch is "very sorry" for taking the spot ... especially after learning about the TMZ video which shows a handicapped person who was forced to park further away from the bank.

One source tells us, "Sitch was in a rush to get to the bank before closing time because he is only in town for a few days -- and in his haste he did a sloppy parking job."

The source adds, "He understands that's not an excuse."

So, we gotta ask ...


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Oh, I forgot-where is the donation to a top charity for folks with disabilities? Is The Situation's mgr as stupid as he is? Maybe some morons will buy his b.s. but if we can just get some more well-needed funds into good charities, I can live with it-those of us with a brain know the truth and the charity gets more money to help folks.

1073 days ago


yes Douche' is the first thing that came to my mind...besides the fact he should be fined triple the cost since he obviously can afford to jack a handicap spot.. He is only sorry because he got caught. Like to see him try that with a Vet. I am disgusted by anyone that takes those spots designated for those handicapped. They are trash! No I don't park in those spots either I have what is called morals, courtesy for handicap. Have you ever had to be in a position that requires you to be unable to do as you usually are able to due to a physical impairment? IF you have been blessed with the abilities to get along without any help then be grateful.

1073 days ago


When you have your publicist doing the apologizing, NO....Be a man and do it yourself!

1073 days ago


This leccaculo wouldn't know decency if it hit him in the face. Enough of these idiots already TMZ, I beg you . . .

1073 days ago


I knew he wouldn't be able to drive that car. Now he doesn't have his father around to cover up his messes.

1073 days ago

KAREN Christopher    

This made news because it's The Situation. I wish people would be so vigilant with average folks who park in handicap spots illegally!! Sitch did what thousands do - It was only for a few minutes. He shouldn't have done it but so many have done it. The law should be enforced - think of the revenue!! I am handicapped and quite often can't find a spot.

1073 days ago


he should have parked in the spot the guy with the cane had to use. his excuse is no excuse. being in a hurry doesn't justify anything. he's a toad.

1073 days ago


Pure white trash! All the $ he is getting paid. Wow, go ahead and piss away your money. Looooozer. He is GROSS. Period.

1073 days ago


Kind of funny how everyone knows how much a ticket costs in their town for parking in a handicap spot.

1073 days ago


I am handicapped and every step I take is painful. Those extra steps he might have caused me would have been excrutiating. His apology is NOT accepted.

1073 days ago


He might one day get his wish to park in a handicap space by becoming handicapped; then he'll understand that there is no excuse for parking in a handicap space.

1073 days ago


Okay, so do we not all do something similar to this EVERY DAY!? I mean, okay, it was a handicap park, but this is ridiculous.

1072 days ago


so he made it to the bank on time, but the disabled driver didn't? nice one Mike.

1072 days ago

jeff kuchan    

your nuthin but a rich punk,who should be slapped like the little bitch you are.

1072 days ago

Alicia Bennett    

It is ******** like him that make my life more difficult them it already is. I have 2 children with special needs so we have a wheelchair van with a lift to get the kids in and out. It is almost impossible to find a handicapped parking space these days because everybody has a handicapped tag let alone the ******** who don't need one and park there anyway. He should thank his lucky stars that it wasn't me trying to get into that parking spot!

1072 days ago
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