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Charlie Sheen

I'd RETURN to 'Men'

... If They'd Have Me Back

9/16/2011 6:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

After the WORST TV breakup of all time, Charlie Sheen says he LOVES the idea of returning to "Two and a Half Men" ... even though his character is supposedly DEAD.

Sheen appeared on the "Today" show this morning ... where he told Matt Lauer that Ashton Kutcher is "going to do great" as the NEW star when the show comes back next week.

But when Lauer suggested Sheen could return to his old stomping grounds for a cameo -- Sheen LIT UP ... saying, "If they thought it was a good idea ... I'm completely on board for that."

Even though Charlie Harper "died" after Sheen went off the deep end a while back ... Sheen insists, "There was no body at the funeral ... there was no urn."

Don't hold your breath.


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Yes Charlie, please return :-) You and MJ. I never believed a word of the whole story ;-).

1133 days ago

Leader of the ignorant masses    

It would be pretty easy for him to do a cameo. Either flashbacks or dream sequences or even as a ghost. But i doubt that would ever happen. Time to move on.

1133 days ago


He admitted that he made a mistake. And, he seems to cleaned up without going to Rehab. You can't force anybody to change. The person has to want to change. Looks like Charlie has seen the light.

1133 days ago


He admitted that he made a mistake. And, he seems to cleaned up without going to Rehab. You can't force anybody to change. The person has to want to change. Looks like Charlie has seen the light.

1133 days ago

Susan Jones    

Charlie should read: THE GOOD GOOD PIG.

1133 days ago

Paul Lynde    

Paper Tiger, set afire.

1133 days ago


Charlie Sheen doesn't have to worry about the past.That sitcom was a nightmare for him and his "crisis" too.He did well to quit both of them.nOw,he has to go and look forward as the great actor he is, and the gentleman he is deeply.

1133 days ago


Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!!!! Finally figured out you screwed yourself royal did ya a-hole??? Don't want cha back - don't need ya and Ashton will be awsome as your replacement. Bye, bye Charlie. LMAO!

1132 days ago


He will be back before season end because of crashing ratings. The network will not let this show die.

1132 days ago

shirley lepori    

Charlie Sheen has messed up, but I feel he should have another chance. Nobody can hold a candle to him as far as being funny. He was supposed to die, but with no service and no urn maybe he is somewhere with amnesia, ya think? I know that you acted the way you did because the drugs and alcohol. It wasn't Charlie. We still love you Charlie. I hope they will consider trying to bring you back.

1131 days ago



1130 days ago


EVEN THO THEY MAY WANT TO, it is unlikely Mr. Lorre and CBS will invite Charlie back on board and, in the eyes of the public, "eat crow." Obviously, Charlie is experiencing major guilt concerning his past behavior. Personally, I would like his return, but, it will never happen. Another thing, why in the world would Mr.Lorre compliment Ashton's beard? My God, this boy needs a good scrubbing and a haircut!!! What's wrong with his wife? Can't she see he need to clean-up??? PLEASE FORGIVE ME, but, his appearance is repulsive to the eye. With all his faults, Charlie NEVER disgraced his image ON THE SHOW! He blew it, big time, but, no one can ignore his respect for the show while he was a cast member. I wi***** had turned out differently, but, it is too late to un-ring the bell. Just another life's lessons. I, truly, wish you well, Charlie! Good Luck!!!

1130 days ago


Chuck Lorre, are you kidding me! Wow, that show bit the big one.
If you were not such an ego-maniac, you could bring back Charlie and make this all a dream. Kutcher is not Charlie and therefore the show was like Penn and Teller………..without Penn.
Bad news, not going to make it unless they take my idea.
Gotta be something else on TV that is better than this train wreck.

1130 days ago


I dont think the new show is very well liked. But Chuck may talk the network into just letting it get cancelled rather than deal with Sheen again. That's what i see happening out of their principles alone. They went to far to fire him, kill him off, now if the new experiment fails, it's probably going to be the end of 2 1/2 Men! But for that Charlie will have his last ego blast knowing they couldn't make the show a success without him!

1129 days ago

Leslie Dycke    

Easy enough to bringe back. As you recall nobody saw Charlie's body. So I think the plot line can be that Rose secretly has Charlie locked away in some Chateau somewhere in France. He later escapes only to find that Rose has faked his death so she can have him all to herself. Yes you heard it here first folks. So Chuck if you use thia idea you owe me royalties. Thanks Chuck.

1127 days ago
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