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Tareq Salahi

Journey Is Screwing with Me

9/18/2011 9:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0918_tareq_salahi_getty_EXTareq Salahi is convinced ... his cheating wife and the Journey bandmate she is banging are intentionally trying to make his life miserable by making cruel crank calls ... this according to sources closely connected to Tareq.

Our sources say Tareq received four calls between 3:00 and 4:00 AM Sunday -- and when he answered, the caller immediately hung up. Tareq's caller ID showed the caller's number had an Oregon area code -- the same area code Michaele called from earlier in the week when he feared she was kidnapped.

Tareq then dialed the number and a guy answered, asking, "Who's this?" But more revealing -- there was clearly a party going on in the background.

Our sources says Tareq is convinced Michaele, Neal Schon, and other members of the band Journey are messing with his mind.

A source close to Michaele says neither she nor Neal had anything to do with the calls.

Could this be the final chapter? No.


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These losers are making me physically sick. I have actually stopped visiting your website. I used to come here everyday, a few times a day even, now once per two days on average because I cannot stand watching these annoying fake retards in the headlines. Incredible how they manage to stay "relevant". F*cking losers.

1078 days ago


Please stop reporting on this BS. This guy just looks annoying as hell not to mention when he opens his stupid mouth. This is all so fake and pathetic I have actually stopped visiting your website as much as I used to because I cannot stand watching these losers in the headlines. I used to come everyday, a few times a day even, now max. once every two days. And I thought Kim K. was the annoying fake b*tch from hell. These two make me sick.

1078 days ago

Fuck Celebrities    

Just more BHULLSCHITT from the famewhores.

Its all fake and the pinheads at TMZ are running with it.

1078 days ago

Ya Mon    

He actually said he heard a Loud chicken fight in background, party must have been at the New singers house!

1078 days ago


Jeeze what do these idiots think? They are still in high school? What a waste of life. Please TMZ, enough is enough!!!

1078 days ago


That's like poop telling vomit it stinks.

1078 days ago


Can we not have any more info about these two useless people posted on TMZ???? I love TMZ but I really do not have any interest in these useless, no talent, unattractive and broke ass people....

1078 days ago

Christina G.    

Um, didn't TMZ post his phone number here the other day?

1078 days ago




Seperate Ways(Worlds Apart)

Open Arms:

Steve Perry made Journey!!!


1078 days ago


Next week the sex tape of her with the band is rumored. Kim Kardashian tries to buy the tape and Pari******on gets caught selling this broad some coke from Lindsay Lohans purse. Then she goes back to the looser at the bankrupt winery and they get married again, just in time for the rumors on TMZ about her love of the wine bottles.

Then everyone who reads TMZ takes off their aluminum foil helmets, the gas music from Jupiter stops coming out of the toaster, and some other BS celebrity web site is born.

1078 days ago


Wtf, this post has absolutely no content. He didn't get crank calls, he got a call and then they hung up. This isn't ******* newsworthy I'm going to stop reading TMZ.

1078 days ago


he is making **** up so you jokers will keep his name in the rags. STOP FALLING FOR IT!! WE DON"T CARE!!!

1078 days ago


I saw Tareq at Guitar Center yesterday, he was standing in line holding a Red Fender Start Delux and asking the guy about singing lessons.

1078 days ago


I saw Tareq at Guitar Center yesterday. He was standing in the check out stand holding a Gibson Les Paul. He was crying, but I did hear him humming that Dier Starts song, 'Your money for notin and your chicks for free"

1078 days ago


I saw Tareq at Guitar Center yesterday, he was buying a Fender Strat and talking to the guy about singing lessons. I also heard Tareq singing "your money for notin and your chicks for free"

1078 days ago
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