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Charlie Harper

Deader Than

A Doornail

9/20/2011 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092011_two_men_v2_videoChuck Lorre, the creator of "Two and a Half Men," made damn sure Charlie Sheen was never coming back ... because as TMZ first reported, Charlie Harper was nothing more than exploding meat when the script was put to bed.

Here's the funeral scene, where Rose recounts Harper's demise ... a demise she clearly orchestrated.


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The show had moments. Charlie's ashes all over the floor and Berta comes out of the kitchen looks down and say's I'm not cleaning him up. Charlies ashes vac***med up with a dust buster. The show had moments.

1093 days ago


Sorry Lorre, you can't force chemistry and I'm at a complete loss why you would think an older version of Kelso would be a fit with this cast and the shows theme. Time to turn out the lights. RIP Two and Half Men.

1093 days ago


I can't believe how people are so serious about a stupid tv sitcom. I've never seen it and never will unless someone ties me down and forces me to watch. Oh and not only is Ashton a psycho he can't act either.

1093 days ago


BRING BACK CHARLIE! The show is awful with Asston. I will no*****ch the show without Charlie.

1093 days ago


I came, I saw, I won't be back...the show is ridiculous.

1093 days ago


IT WAS NOT GREAT. I might have chuckled two times AT THE MOST.

1093 days ago


The premier was such a let down. With all the hype about "Walden Schmidt" I thought the story line would have been over the top. Sadly, it was not. Chuck Lorre should be the bigger man and bring Charlie back with a bomb shell story line. Otherwise, this show will not survive. That is a tragedy, because it is the best comedy in over twenty years. It is a shame, that the cast members and the viewers should suffer due to Chuck Lorre's over inflated ego and pride, after all Charlie made those comments in a drug induced stupor. Leave Ashton as a "new character" but for God's sake bring Charlie Sheen back.

1093 days ago


Charlie Sheens roast was horrible. Seth McFarland, who nailed it in the first 3 minutes of a 90 minute roast was worth watching. Sheen gets up and again bombed.

1093 days ago


OMG, someone suggested Rose really threw a homeless guy in front of the train and stashed Charlie - Wow. Can we not see anyone thrown in front of a train, please. Just disappointed in the show - the women and the genital warts and making tea out of panties jokes - not funny. Rose was boring, even Evelyn trying to sell the house at the funeral.
Everybody was just trying too hard and it all failed. Ashton going upstairs with two women was really Kelso - he didn't even look comfortable doing that - now Charlie is a horndog, old, tired and a drunk - those two women and Charlie were made for each other.

1093 days ago


When they get rid of Lorre, which is planned. Sheen will be back. The script writers and one of the drivers...already have worked on four scenes.
1. Charlie comes back as a dream/ghost.
2. Charlie comes back and is seen outside the window looking in. He is actually alive and the "story" of his death was "fabricated" or in one write-up she did try and kill him but what she "saw" and what the reality was were two different things.
3. There is a test script whereby Charlie's death and season is a "dream" event by his girlfriend and that they had a great time in Paris, and are about to get married...but she wakes up from the dream and realizes that she will always have to worry about Charlie's infidelity and calls the wedding off.
4. He did die but he comes back as a ghost...with a three episode story arc.

1093 days ago


Okay so they came in with both barrels blazing, brought in the nudity and the raunchy jokes. But looks like a one trick pony to me. Ashton Kucher is no Charlie and he's going to get old real quick. Bring Charlie back.

1093 days ago


I really enjoyed the show last night and know it will get even better as time goes by.

The wake was hilarious with Charlie's shirt and pants hanging by the coffin and all his women cracking on him. I hope they will find away to keep crazy Rose on the show....she always cracks me up.

The entire cast was funny and played off of each other the same way they did when Charlie was on the show.

Ashton character was a bit loopy but not like his character on That 70's Show. He was loopy funny not loopy stupid. Jon Cryer is damn good actor and him and Ashton was a good fit. He will do well there is no doubt about it.

I can't wait until next week to see how Ashton's character evolves. Kudos to the writers, the cast and Chuck Lorre.

1093 days ago


From what I've read on this site and a couple of others (lunch break), about 20% of the comments are either positive on the show or are willing to give it a chance. The remaining 80% are really negative. Not scientific in method, but not consistent with the way more positive reviews I've read on and sites either. Just sayin'.

I don't think enough people will watch this in the long term. Personally, I found it to be not very fnny.

1093 days ago


I LOVED IT! ASHTON ROCKS! i laughed just as much as i did when charlie was there. although i do miss him, this is going to be great.

1093 days ago


i don't know what everyone is complaining about - i loved the show when Charlie was in it - thought i was going to die laughing every time i saw it (including re-runs). so, i was skeptical about last night's season premiere...but i have to admit that my family and i laughing our a**es off!!! the writing was hilarious!!! ashton did a wonderful job!!! he does carry on his abilities from "That 70's Show" to this one - "Two & a Half Men" STILL have me a faithful watcher!!!

1093 days ago
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