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Charlie Sheen

I Watched, I Loved

9/20/2011 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seriously ... how could he resist?

If you were wondering whether Charlie Sheen was watching "Two and a Half Men" last night.... the answer is, hell yeah!

And Charlie not only watched, we're told he loved it!

Sheen is telling close friends ... watching his own funeral on TV was "eerie but fun."

Charlie loved Ashton Kutcher, saying "I thought it was the best intro for a new a character on a TV show of all time." He particularly enjoyed the fact that Ashton  "was revealed through the dusty exploded smoke of my remains."

And if you think Charlie has been playing nice because it's all part of his settlement agreement ... we know that's not the case.  Warner Bros. is not demanding favorable reviews from Charlie in return for his $125 million.

That kind of money tends to make you gracious.



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Watched and no matter what, Charlie still carried the show. JOkes were all around him. AK really had no chemistry. I think if any change was done they should have used John Stamos, better fit for the show

1128 days ago

Most people thought the new show sucks:

300+ reviews and 99% say the new Men Sucks!

1128 days ago


I feel like we have been set up. The whole Charlie melt-down- what if he staged it to get fired from a show who's ratings were dropping and had maybe one or two seasons? He gets out of the contract. Lorre gets new blood. And do you really think they couldn't write a "Charlie returns" episoie? It's not like you saw the body...

1128 days ago


I think Ashton kutcher was great but I was disappointed in the lack of sadness for Charlie's death from his tv family even though I cannot stand Charlie Sheen.

1128 days ago


Still haven't proven your assertion that the majority of the reviews online slammed the show. You shared one bad review. There ARE bad reviews online. There are also good reviews online. The point is that a single review or a few reviews does not make a trend.

The review that I shared addressed what the majority of critics were saying. Where is your similar reference supporting your claim that "99%" of the reviews were bad.

Btw, a "review" is not the same as a comment on an article.

1128 days ago


FWIW, I found this article interesting in part for the light it sheds on why people watch 2.5 Men - even when its an often offensive show.

"What last night’s episode, entitled “Meet Walden Schmidt,” revealed is that Two and a Half Men laughs in the face of its critics. Some may have mocked the replacement of Charlie Sheen with Ashton Kutcher, but the uninitiated didn’t realize that the show is based entirely on John Cryer’s delivering somewhere around 75% of the lines. It also reaffirmed that Two and a Half Men is a dark show that attempts to make light of things like STDs, suicide attempts and alcoholism. Critics may find it banal and humorless, but it enjoys the benefit of what Richard Nixon once called the support of a “Silent Majority,” and as long as they keep watching the sort of show that treats these subjects in a comedic manner, it will be successful. And successful means good. The numbers say that Two and a Half Men is the best network comedy on television, and I am inclined to agree. At least there are herpes jokes.

SumOlogy: Two and a Half Men will continue to be wildly popular for a while, and plenty of critics will be outraged by this. Still, it's worth a watch.

Rating: 2.5/2.5. Perfect."

1128 days ago


Charlie Sheen's prediction when Ashton's signing with the show was announced was that the ratings - including the opening show - would tank. You can find those remarks in the Charlie Sheen archive here at TMZ on the article with that interview.

Even the professional TV people who expected the opener to have a good rating were surprised at the huge ratings - the largest in the history of the show.

I tend not to form expectations about things that I don't fully understand, like why 2.5 Men was ever so popular in the first place. However, I am starting to understand that part better now. Laughter is good medicine.

Anyway, I don't think that anyone expects the ratings to remain so high - but given the way that previous expectations missed the mark, who really knows what will happen. Only time will tell.

1128 days ago


Ashton Kutcher is a terrible actor... NOT funny at all! The network needs to read the real comments left by the people all over the internet who will NOT be watching the show next week.. then check the ratings! Everyone tuned in for the first episode just to see how Charlie was killed off! This writer must have been paid off by Chuck Lorre or the Network to write such an article!!

1128 days ago

@Summer_in_Michigan... what people think:
(let me know if you want a few thousand more)
Earl Spencer
Lorre is a douchebag, show what extend he would go to hate Charlie and destroy the show to disgrace charlie. Come on in all seasons Charlie had classy tastes Egyptian cotton, extensive alcohol use, its not class but he even allocated money for hookers in an envelope and unlimited credits cards for con-artist girls friend. What is Lorre thinking???? People who watch the show are fools?? We just laugh and that’s it?? We are so dumb that we can’t remember the details of the characters and the show??? Lorres is insulting viewers!!!
And worse part is though Lorre has no respect for the show he is scared that the new season will fail without charley. That’s why there is no dead body showen, Lorre you money and fame minded pig. Shame on you!!!! And think about it guy want to big 1billion dollars to get his love to be back with him and then same night he does a two random girls. Dude get a life!!!! And Lorre is so scared that show will fall he uses Ashton’s to be nacked to distract viewers from his sick mind episode and the new beginning. I hope the show will fail.
I was a BIG fan of two and 1/2 men but I must say I was very disappointed....the funeral scene was silly and you could tell the produces wanted to make a statement that they hated "Charlie Sheen" not "Charlie Harper"...bad mistake...and put aside Ashtons looks he didnt do it for me on the show, very slow and boring to say the least....Charlie was and will be he only one that kept that show together sorry to say, without him no SHOW.....
If I was going to be executed tonight my last request would be to watch the new Two and a Half Men. It's so painfully awful the half hour would seem like a lifetime and when it's finally over I'd be begging to die.
The funeral was an overkill of hate for Charlie.Not funny at all.The show wrote it for Charlie Sheen the person,not Charlie Harper the character. I always laughed at men,first disappointing show.I will watch once more,I like ASHTON and want to give him a chance.The writing for the rest of the cast,being so anti Charlie is a major turn-off.I will turn it off.
Sorry for the cast, But I can no*****ch that show again, it was lame! I think they should've continued with the cast they had, I don't find Ashton Kursher funny at all, I wanted to give it a look, sorry to say, it was boring. I know this guy had big shoes to fill but he should at least be a convincing actor. He needs acting classes or a refresher course. Really, Really, Bad. I don't think I'll watch the second half because the first half left me disappointed.
It's called 'chemistry', and Charlie and the rest of the cast had that very special chemistry that comes along once in a blue moon. Sadly, all of that is gone.
This new episode was absolutely pathetic. Not even remotely funny.
I'll watch re-runs. At least there's that.
Anna Chase
Ooops -- big miss! Worse than I expected. I'll give it one more try next week, but I don't think it's going to make it. Let's face it, gross and disgusting just doesn't fly without Charlie.
lisa moore
Was a big fan of 2&1/2 Men for years and really had an open mind going into the new series last nite. However, the 1st time I did not laugh @ anything during the show. He whines more than Alan, as mature as Jake, I really do not have any idea where they could go with this character. There is no opposite personality more of a blend of what is already on the show. Will I watch next week? No, it's just not for me.
Whaaaaaaat.A.JOKE!!!!! I was sooo looking forward to seeing the premiere and couldn't have been let down more! It was painful to watch, like many have said. Kinda feel stupid for thinking anyone could come close to replacing Charlie's role. Pathetic attempt to say the least. Rest in peace Two and a half had an awesome run!
Did anyone else find it weird to try and find humor in a funeral. You would think at least a persons mother and brother would be grieving. Then desribing Charlie's death as a balloon full of meat exploding was revolting. I think the writers Should have come up with anything but a funeral as the begininig story line in a comedy show. I felt like the writers were over killing Charlie to make sure he couldn't ever come back to the show.
If you think that jokes about the size of your penis is funny then you will like the new Two and a Half Men. You are also 10 years old and should be asleep at 8pm when this is on. Don't won't last another season.
Well another great show bites the dust. It was a great run, but why on earth does Hollywood try to milk everything above and beyond. I mean I understand the hate towards Charlie, BUT the writers took it too far during funeral scene and ashes on floor. I mean don't insult my intelligence..It was such a desperate attempt..Obviously they didn't appreciate what Charlie Sheen brought to the table. HE MADE the show. Ego's will be Ego's and CBS has a bigger ONE than Ashton Kutcher's being hung like a horse..LOL
Hated the new show. Just started watching the re-runs this summer and loved them. Who cares about Charlie Sheen's personal life....He's the best part of the show. Sorry don't got it! Will continue watching the re-runs and laughing. The new show put me to sleep!
This was such a poor first episode. I was embarrassed to watch. After the first half I had to turn it off. No one likes a cry baby whiner. So much for the show and its writers. Get some new writers! This show really was a stinker.
Did not like it. Ashton Kutcher just can't cut it. What are the writers thinking? I know it's a comedy but come on now. What are the odds of a billionare washing up on your beachfront property and saving the day for Alan? I won't be watching it again.
Nothing against Kutcher here. The show was lame hey they'll get some good curiosity ratings then see ya. Producer or whoever got into pissing contest should have not taken himself so seriously oh well.
I thought that the show sucked. It was inappropriate with him being naked.
Wow, did these writers actually think this was going to be all that? How juvenile and insulting for so many reasons. Big Penis Plot? Really?Sheesh!
Mike W
Two and a Half Men officially SUCKS!! Ashton Kutcher is not a good actor, just a good looker. I sat there not laughing while the laugh track was going off and all I'm thinking is, this sucks, glad I'm recording the Sheen roast. Furthermore, Chuck Lorre is petty, the fans are going to drop this show within a month, this is the last season of Men. Can't wait for Charlie to get a new show going.

1128 days ago

Two and a Half Men will be cancelled at the end of the season. If it makes it that long. Jump on to Twitter or Facebook and read what people think of the new MEN. It's a BOMB!

1128 days ago


Ashton Kutcher is a terrible actor... NOT funny at all! The network needs to read the real comments left by the people all over the internet who will NOT be watching the show next week.. then check the ratings! Everyone tuned in for the first episode just to see how Charlie was killed off!

1128 days ago


Let's put it this way. My wife watched last night and said it was the first time that She had enjoyed an episode.
It's clearly not a show fr "Guys" anymore. I loved the Charlie version, but the new version is not for me.
When Andy Griffith left "Andy Griffith show" they Didn't give Don Knotts the Lead...And as much as I like John Cryer, he's the closest thing to Don Knotts on TV

1128 days ago


didn'*****ch more than a total of 20 minutes of 2 and a half men in 8 years.. not going to start now.
Charlie, let me recommend some reading material: How to Live a Holy Life by Charles E. Orr

1128 days ago


Two & 1/2 Men was pitiful last nigtht. Not funny at all. Ashton was as dry as toast. This show will never make it without Charlie. Big mistake, CBS, to suc***b to your ego and fire Charlie. you should have just put on your big girl panties & dealt with it. Charlie was doing his job. You could have been a man about it Chuck Lorre & just ignored his comments & let the show go on. There's no show without Charlie. People were only watching last night to see how Charlie was going to be handled & to watch what a trainwreck Ashton was going to be.

1128 days ago


Sounds like he's promoting the show. Chucks is

1128 days ago
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