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"16 & Pregnant" House Photo

Dirty ... But Really That Bad?

9/22/2011 9:54 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained a photo from inside the "16 and Pregnant" home -- a photo that triggered a raid by child services Tuesday night -- and while it definitely looks cluttered and arguably dirty ... it doesn't scream "child neglect."

According to the arrest report -- filed after both parents were taken into custody for child endangerment -- "Every room inside the residence had human and dog feces on the floors, walls, and clothing" ... but from the perspective of the photo, it just looks kinda messy.

The pic shows a child's play area littered with a few pizza boxes, one used diaper, and a bag of garbage -- not that surprising for a couple of 20-year-old parents.

So we gotta ask ...


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Kardashian H8R    

Not celebrities, not news......

1126 days ago


I wouldn't BEGIN to speculate on the condition of an entire house with this piddly photo.

1126 days ago

James R. - Los Angeles    


1126 days ago


More photos are needed TMZ. Perhaps this is just one of the more "cleaner" rooms of the house? A decision can't be reached with only 1 know that!

1126 days ago


thats just gross.

do you really think they ate every piece of pizze in those boxes? well, maybe considering the "officials" found paraphernalia, they had the munchies to eat it all... but i wouldnt be surpised if their is still pizza in those boxes therefore making the existance of maggots and flies sort of believeable to me.

im 22 yrs old and MY house with my boyfriend doenst look like that, AT ALL!

1126 days ago

Larz R    

This is either an attempt by TMZ to defend the young parents or to make something out of a sad story to generate comments. Oh just a few pizza boxes, a bag of garbage and a dirty diaper? Yah- I don't mind if my kid is playing around that! And we have ONE SMALL VIEW of the house- how does this possibly serve as defense for the situation? Oh TMZ- how nice it must be in your bubble.

1126 days ago


Lock their arses up. I don't care what age you are, if you can't throw out pizza boxes and 'used' diapers, you need a parenting time out. It reflects on everything else you're not doing. When you have a baby, you agree to devote around 18 years to someone dependent on you. Take it serious. Too many situations of general neglect on the surface turns into real abuse/neglect. Some people require pressure to perform, so I say squeeze them a little bit.

1126 days ago


Empty pizza boxes and a soiled nappy really lends itself well to the decor. Did roaches fan out when the lights were turned on?

1126 days ago


Must be a really slow day for news. Oh well, there's nothing wrong with nothing going on...although the main stream media would try to make us think otherwise. If nothing else happens today I'm sure they'll invent something. God forbid that the world should have one quiet and peaceful day...

1126 days ago


Considering all the accusations various CPS agencies face for not acting, they did the right thing.

I don't think the evidence that leads them to the mess needs to meet a certain threshold. Someone was concerned and notified the agency. Children are involved. The agency did the right thing.

1126 days ago


Why should anyone "Cut them a break"...If they are old enough to have a kid then they are old enough to know that you need to keep a secure, clean area for a child! Authorities need to start setting examples of this and they should be charged for this accordingly!!!

1126 days ago


other pictures shown on the local tv news.

1126 days ago


There are Children being beaten, starving, molested, truly harmed, why are making a big deal about this? Because these kids were once on a TV show. Find a real neglected child and stop wasting taxpayer money and valuable city resources

1126 days ago


in my area a mother just got arrested for her 4 yr old child weighing less than 20 lbs. these parents just need to be taught a lessen in house cleaning. help them. dont take the child away.

1126 days ago


Why aren't Americans (mostly white) family oriented? What is the deal with moving as far away from your parents and family as you can get? What happened to families sticking together? Buying a piece of property and everyone living on it and helping each other out? What's with sticking your parents in a home when they get old? What's the deal with this country?

1126 days ago
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