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Denise Richards

It's Charlie's Money

Not Mine!

9/21/2011 4:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


Denise Richards tells TMZ ... she doesn't want a dime from Charlie Sheen's $125-million-dollar settlement with Warner Bros ... well, other than the $50,000 he's paying her for child support every month.

Denise -- who was shopping in Malibu Tuesday -- seemed way less interested in Charlie's cash than Brooke Mueller, who's been walking around with dollar signs in her eyes.


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Can someone break down 50k a month in custody support.
What are the laws in cali? Does denise use this money to fill her shopping bags with shoes and whatever, or is it strictly for children. Her noble reply is so narcissistic, because if she was so altruistic, she wouldn't have demanded that much cash every month. Obviously Charlie would have cared well for his children. At least Brooke is honest about it.

1127 days ago


Denise is a so-called actor, what do you expect.

1127 days ago


At least she has taste in clothing, that Brooke looked ridiculous. Wearing something a teeney-bopper would wear, at her age? Someone needs therapy.

1127 days ago


As far as i know child support is determined by how much the other person makes, and can comfortably afford to shell out while still maintaining their own life. Not necessarily a number thrown out by one of the parties involved. Could be wrong, but thats how it worked for my aunt and her ex husband.

1127 days ago

northern gypsy about night and day...
B.M. should take a few notes !!!
D.R. has taken the high road regarding C.S.
savvy strategy and well done !!!

1127 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

If I had Charlies money, I'd be sure to keep Denise and Brooke under the same roof and in the same bed with me!

1127 days ago


Why would she want a 'dime' of his money when she gets $50,000 a month of his money. Sort of a non-story no? For all his excesses sounds like he's always paid his child support and tried to be a part of his kids lives. Can't fault the guy for that.

1127 days ago


Every nickle this dummy has comes from Charlie. What was in her shopping bags anyway? Things for the kids or for herself?

Nice lifestyle Denise. Drop the kiddies off at school, fill up the gas guzzling SVU, and hit up the Cross Creek in Malibu...all on Charlie's dime.

1127 days ago


the paparazzis are just idiots. it is funny how they try to make themselves look like they have been friends with the celeb for years and ask them stupid questions. 'who is your favorite on dancing'... the paps are idiots.

1127 days ago

steven katona    

bravo denise! i love you! your such a trooper! you don't need any of his stinking money! you're a superstar on your own! xox

1127 days ago


Brooke Muller comes from money. But whose business is it where Charlie's exes shop? Neither of them are poor.

Leave hem alone.Paps just take too much for granted.

1127 days ago


Hahaha that is hilarious! She doesn't need that 125 million because she gets $50,000 a month. Totally insane! Talk about hitting the jackpot. She can't even act, wow...

1127 days ago

Cleveland Gal    

50 grand a month-geesh! Not bad for doing nothing.

1127 days ago

who dat    

Goldigger 101. Find the richest guy you can and pop out a few brats. Then make the guy pay for 18years. btw- your camera guys are LAME. No wonder she ignored them.

1127 days ago

wasted days and wasted nights    

Denise is surely breathing a sigh of relief, if not in front of the cameras and the paps, and good for her. Anybody would want that money and it looked for awhile that it might all go up in smoke.

1127 days ago
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