Charlie Sheen Days Away From Settling Over "Two and a Half Men"

9/19/2011 4:12 PM PDT

Charlie Sheen -- Days Away from Settling with Warner Bros

Charlie Sheen is days away from settling his mega-dispute with Warner Bros. over "Two and a Half Men," but sources connected with the negotiation tell us ... Charlie is not getting what he wants.

Our sources say Charlie will NOT get paid for future episodes -- that's something his legal team insisted he was entitled to based on his deal with Warner Bros.  

As for what Charlie will get ... we're told it's around $25 million, but most of that is money that he's already owed for episodes that he shot and profits from the show that have already accrued.  When Charlie got fired from the show, the suits at Warner Bros. stopped paying him -- this settlement is essentially making all the money matters current.

Charlie will still get syndication money in the future for the shows in which he appeared, so the gravy train is still rolling down the track.

But Ashton Kutcher's success will not line Charlie's bank account.