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Larry Flynt

Gunning for Rick Perry

9/22/2011 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt is putting GOP Presidential candidate Rick Perry in his crosshairs ... he'll be offering up to $1 million for anyone who can prove Perry has had an illicit sexual liaison ... TMZ has learned.

The ad -- which Flynt will take out in various newspapers -- says, "Have you had a gay or straight sexual encounter with Governor Rick Perry?"

Flynt -- clearly not a fan of Perry, who opposes same-sex marriage and is generally very conservative on social issues -- has done this before, but didn't limit his targets to Republicans.  In 1998, he offered a similar bounty for dirt on Bill Clinton.  And he's made similar offers for info on all members of Congress.


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Who cares what that dirty old bitter man in a wheelchair thinks?

1126 days ago

Delaware D    

The Perry VS Larry Flynt.

1126 days ago

Abraham lincoln     

Perry loves Chip n dales.

1126 days ago


Interesting that he added the homosexual angle to this..I guess Perry gives off a bit o*****ay vibe so it is understandable. I bet he has a bunch of make skeletons in the closet!!

1126 days ago


Who cares !! He's not going to be President anyways , not because of any stupid sex scandal , but because the guy just reminds people way too much of George Bush , and I don't think people are ready for another round of disaster . We are barely out of the last one..

1126 days ago


It's fair game if the same 1 million is out there for The Presidents past. By the way didn't Flint say weiner's personal life was out of bounds.

1126 days ago


Perry is not bad looking for an older guy. I'd bang him, even though I wouldn't vote for him.

1126 days ago


He just wants to sell the info.

What's next? Vivid offering for a GOP field orgy with Brachman and Palin? or worse, Obama as the engine in the GB train?

1126 days ago


"In 1998, he offered a similar bounty for dirt on Bill Clinton"
No he did not He offered a million dollars for anyone that could find sexual acts on Clintons enemys,when clinton was lying about M Lewinsk, He (Flynt)is a Democrat dirtbag hitman, and so is TMZ for not even running a freaking google check before lying.

1126 days ago


I honestly really don't care about politicians sex lives. I really don't. When it comes to sex people are as freaky as they want to be and to each his own as long as it does not involve children, rape, murder, etc. So if Rick Perry is a freak so be it. I just have one problem though. After what was done to Bill Clinton I say what goes around comes around. That expensive investigation into a private session of oral sex between two consenting adults was embarrassing and unnecessary. If Bill Clinton can get his business put on blast then so can Rick Perry.

1126 days ago

the artist formerly known as hand turkey    

If you're thinking of voting for Perry, please do as much research as you can on him. Please read about the Texas Dream Act, read about the Trans-Texas corridor, read about Cameron Todd Willingham, read about Perry cutting funding for schools and his other transgressions against Texas education, read about Perry cutting funding for volunteer firefighters, read about all the ways Texas leads the nation--minimum wage jobs, poverty, uninsured, teen pregnancy......Perry's approval rating in Texas is as low as Obama's. He wants Texas to be "the blueprint" for the nation....I live in don't want this blueprint.

1126 days ago

Texas Gal    

I LIVE in Texas, Rick Perry is a D-head who has climbed to the top of the food-chain on the backs of hard working tax payers in the state of Texas; check out his record as it REALLY stands. If you hear something in the "so called media", go to and check that **** out for real.

1126 days ago


In this day and age,who cares.
as if larry flint is a virgin and never ever cheated.
now he is in a chair and limp as a fish..
I just want a pres that knows what the hell to do right.
getting sh-t done and quit saying 'we need' well do it then and
quit talking about it..

1126 days ago


Let's not rewrite history. Larry Flynt never offered a "bounty
for dirt on Bill Clinton." The bounty was placed on Republicans attempting to impeach President Clinton. It ensnared Rep. Bob Livingston, among others. "The Flynt Project" is said to have
also gotten the goods on New Gingrich.

1126 days ago

mr. parker    

President Perry will solve all the problems that that mono in the casa blanca has caused or made worse.
Larry Flynt is a pile of crap who let his wife die from an od.

1126 days ago
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