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Victor Ortiz

Floyd Mayweather Ain't All That

9/22/2011 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

092211_tmzliveVictor Ortiz doesn't believe Floyd Mayweather deserves the welterweight title after a brutal sucker punch last Saturday -- telling TMZ, Money May isn't as good as he thinks he is.

Victor came out swinging on TMZ Live today -- lambasting Floyd for for his unsportsmanlike knockout ... claiming, "If he's really as great as he thinks he is, take a step back. We can settle it as professional athletes."

Ortiz adds, "This isn't the way something like this is supposed to end."

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No Avatar


I only wish Sarah Hyland could sue TMZ for slander. I suppose Harvey knows how to walk the fine line however.
That was basically a hit job.
Garbage like that is designed to scare everyone in to boycotting anyone that doesn't support gay's in everything they do.
So much for freedom. From now on we're stuck with Hollywood forcing their morals down our throat. People who live in a fantasy workd and had crap childhoods and can't even manage their own personal lives are now dictating morals for the rest of the country! lol.

1128 days ago


So you are crying because you lost?! You head butted the guy and he knocked your ass out period. Stop playing the victim, you got your ass kicked fair and square. Hate to post like a ten year old, but this puss needs to move on.

1128 days ago


Punk butt!! You got whipped. That never would have happened if you didn't head butt him. You started it and Floyd ended it.

1128 days ago


Head butting *****...got his clock cleaned

1128 days ago


A sore loser with a black eye, so sad :)

1128 days ago


Victor Ortiz your lil bitch self got yo azz kicked...so now your whinning like some (P) ussy............Whats next...you gonna run and tell his mama he kicked your azz...what a phkn loser bitch!

1128 days ago


Ortiz got knocked out legally after he had to resort to illegal headbutts. That headbutt probably led to Mayweather swinging, but the fight was back on and they were legal hits. Ortiz needs to stop crying it was all his fault

1128 days ago


Yeah, that's why he was shaking Mayweather's hand and all smiles at the end of the fight. Victor just wants another payday so he's just talkin ****.

1128 days ago


VERY FUNNY how he has changed his tune from fight night. Sounds like Mayweather's people told him he better start acting like he's sad he lost instead of acting like he threw the fight for a $2mil payday. If you watch him at the post fight press conference he was actually laughing, happy and excited to the point a reporter actually asked him what the hell he was so happy about, he just lost his title.

Eat ****** Mayweather, you're still a poosey.

1128 days ago

Steve Garner    

Must be that concussion talking because he knocked your butt out. Dude head butts him then get KO'ed and then talks crap. Come on everyone i*****ing on Floyd even this old dude.


1128 days ago


Ortiz is a head butting ***** that got his clock rung....

1128 days ago


Quit making excuses and whining. The whole series of events that occur were caused by that intentional headbutt. Mayweather was beating him every round and as in most of Mayweather fights hi*****/Miss ratio was getting better & better with each round. I was not impressed with Ortiz & with or without the LEGAL punches that he left himself open to Mayweather would've beat his ass anyway!

1128 days ago


Interesting.That's not what Ortiz said in the interview that was after the fight.Who cares what he says,now.He should have proved himself in the ring!

1128 days ago

Nay Nay    

Please, grow up. You have plenty more fights left. Take it as a lesson learned

1128 days ago


Ortiz threw an intentional headbutt and he is complaining about Mayweather? After the fight ortiz didnt complain at all because he knew he was getting his ass beat.

1128 days ago
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