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"The X Factor"

Half the Show Of "Idol"

9/22/2011 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The big "X Factor" premiere last night fell way short of Simon Cowell's expectations -- earning just over half the ratings "American Idol" got during its premiere in January.

Simon's new show averaged an 8.7 rating, while the tenth season premiere of "Idol" pulled in a 16.4 -- and in last night's head-to-head ... "Modern Family" and "Criminal Minds" won out.

Simon called in to TMZ Live yesterday -- telling us, he desperately wanted to beat out his alma mater in the ratings department ... but based on last night's performance, that's gonna be an uphill battle.

To be fair -- the first ever episode of "American Idol" only scored a 6.1 in 2002 ... and has since had years to build a loyal audience. Then again, singing competitions were new back then.



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X-Factor has a great feel and modern look. Much more entertaining judges and handsome host. American Idol feels like a tired Beauty Pageant, with aging asexual host Seacrest. X-Factor has more suspense. It will grow on people, with 5 million at stake. And added bonus of not having to watch Lopez and Tyler.

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1105 days ago


I though the show was great, the look, the pace felt new. Much better format than going through the Idol routine. Host much hotter than that tired Seacrest. Good seeing Paula and Simon together. Give it time. Much more suspense than Idol. Gets to the point. You complainers aren't really watching the freaks on Idol. You've fallen into a boring routine. Idol is like watching a beauty pageant rerun

1105 days ago


I live in Florida, and they might have had better ratings if FOX wasnt trying to charge some cable companies here tons of money to carry their cannel!! I couldn'*****ch because my cable provider is one of those companies and currently we do not have FOX, and will continue to not have FOX until they come to angreement!! I have no clue how long that's going to take either! THANKS FOX FOR BEING SO GREEDY!!!

1105 days ago

What's the difference between X-Factor & American Idol? Only flipped though a couple times. Only difference I saw was American Idol has predominantly blue lighting and graphics and X-Factor has predominantly red lighting and graphics.

1105 days ago


The show should be about Who-Has-The-Most-Nerve.

Not who Gushes-the-most, we've seen & we know Gush.

-If we follow this line of thinking?

-Then last nights' winner?

...The Dude that dropped his pants...

-I say make him a regular.

What was Funny about that: Paula made it be about Paula.

-Which is why I love Paula so much!

1105 days ago


What I'm Now Wondering Dept.

If the simple act of a dude's pants falling down/staying down?

Is enough to make Paula chuck her dinner?

Which Grimm's Fairy Tale - is Paula Abdul living?

Hasn't she ever been down, and to Venice Beach?

1105 days ago


It was pretty obvious who the target market was - The African American performers were great - the White performers were jokes - I watched 3/4 of the show - will no*****ch it again. Reverse racism for sure

1105 days ago


It was pretty obvious who the target market was - The African American performers were great - the White performers were jokes - I watched 3/4 of the show - will no*****ch it again. Reverse racism for sure

1105 days ago


I was so excited about the X-Factor Premier. Unfortunately, I was terribly disappointed in the talent. I must be missing something but the talent was not good. The girl that they gave a standing ovation was horrible! Two years ago Simon would have kicked her to the curb. And the "Flasher" left me horrified! Cheryl Cole was a much better choice for the judge. The whole show was such a disappointment. I'm sorry Simon.

1105 days ago

Stupid People Hater    

I don't think there will be a season 2. America is burnt out of these reality singing type shows and reality shows in general.

1105 days ago


I'd like to speak for the masses and say that Nicole SUCKS. She is the lamest person ever.

1105 days ago


This made me LOL. Can you say American Idol ripoff anyone? I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm damned TIRED of shows like this. Reality TV is the bane of television. Give us actual shows please!

1105 days ago


They should have kept Cheryl. I think people would have liked her, Geordie accent and all. Nicole seems fake. And 'The Voice' has probably stolen some of X-Factor's thunder because it has a similar format.

1105 days ago


I liked Nicole! I don't know why people hate Nicole. I admit I didn't really watch much of show because I wasn't that interested so I didn't see the part where Cheyrl was on. The show was boring anyways.

1105 days ago


I bailed mid-show...
no reason to watch it without Cheryl anyway

1105 days ago
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