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"The X Factor"

Half the Show Of "Idol"

9/22/2011 8:13 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The big "X Factor" premiere last night fell way short of Simon Cowell's expectations -- earning just over half the ratings "American Idol" got during its premiere in January.

Simon's new show averaged an 8.7 rating, while the tenth season premiere of "Idol" pulled in a 16.4 -- and in last night's head-to-head ... "Modern Family" and "Criminal Minds" won out.

Simon called in to TMZ Live yesterday -- telling us, he desperately wanted to beat out his alma mater in the ratings department ... but based on last night's performance, that's gonna be an uphill battle.

To be fair -- the first ever episode of "American Idol" only scored a 6.1 in 2002 ... and has since had years to build a loyal audience. Then again, singing competitions were new back then.



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Initial reaction - not good. It's a mimic of Am Idol or it's not made clear that it is not. They should have pulled the plug on the guy exposing himself immediately. Not remotely funny. So, there's a $5M prize at the end - what do the contestants have to do to get the prize? Seriously.

1129 days ago

I am Spartacus    

i didnt even see the naked guy. I turned it off before that. I literally tuned into the first 5-10 mins of the show, saw that its the same thing as American Idol, saw that Paula is still annoying and Nicole is not a star and decided to watch something better instead.

1129 days ago


I started watching the show with enthusiasm (at first)BUT when the other male judge didn't give a 'thumb's up' (he said 'no') to one girl contestant (whom Simon for some reason liked), Simon kept asking him something like 'are you sure' and the judge again said 'no' and Simon (again) asked 'are you sure'. The judge again said 'no' (which I agreed with) so Simon made the girl sing/dance without music (so the judge could see 'how good she was')and the judge still said 'no' but Simon wouldn't let it go..and kept insisting how wrong the other judge was. If judges are not allowed to vote without Simon trying to coerce them to say 'yes' then I say 'no thanks' to the show. Simon doesn't look good in a angry/begging position. Goodbye X Factor!

1129 days ago


I would never watch again. Simon was taking people to the next level that should never have been there in the first place. He certainly has lost his talent for dismissing bad talent. It could not even compare to AI -- too bad.

1129 days ago


I actually liked the X FACTOR. Its refreshing from stupid A.I, which I stopped watching about three years ago...( got too boring, doing the same stuff all the time.)I mean you can only keep a show on so long, before it gets stale, even with new judges I'm not saying this show is going to last either, but its better than American Idol that is for sure.

I think they should have brought in a judge like Janet Jackson into the mix. I think that would have been a better idea than Nicole. I do like Paula actually and Nicole, but they need someone a little better and with a lot of experience. I guess we will have to wait to see what happens. I hope it stays on for a few years anyway, and I hope this will be the last year of American Idol too. That show, along with Dancing With The Stars needs to end already!.

Where are all the family friendly shows? We need shows like the Cosby Show, Who's The Boss, and those type of shows from the 80's...

1129 days ago

Mary Bailey    

I only tuned in to watch Cheryl, and turned after about a half hour. Glad I missed Nichole's wannabe, try-hard ass.

1129 days ago


I think the show is terrible even if they gave 10 million to the winner. Very disappointed last night and again tonight. The comments by judges were foolish and I don't get it at all. I will probably no*****ch anymore, and you've got to be kidding about Nick doing Elvis. Pitiful, is all I can say about the performance and the judges comments. This show is a flop in my book. Sorry!

1129 days ago


This is basically another AI. Why not just name it that? The gong show mixed with sap and high pitched crooning. Jerry Lewis nailed it when he said they're a bunch of McDonalds employees with no talent.

1129 days ago


American Idol meets America's Got Talent = X Factor. Boring! American Idol better. X Factor is like watching America's Got Talent. Too much miss mash of everything. It's like eating a bunch of foods that don't go together.

1129 days ago


American Idol meets America's got Talent = X Faxtor. Boring! Too much mish mash of different singing types. Won't be watching. American Idol, as much as it gets boring, is better.

1129 days ago


Sure disappointed with this show. For the first 45 minutes we saw people that couldn't even sing. To bad that can't screen for the bad ones. Sure hope Simon can make it with this show, pretty crazy for the first two nights.

1129 days ago

Moose Knuckles    

I really enjoyed Xfactor. I think the hype of Steven Tylor and J-Lo made the AI premiere something to watch but the show sucked because nobody would tell the bad singers they were bad.

1129 days ago


The publicity stunt - having some moron strip naked during his song (while Simon and the judges feigned "surprise", with Paula walking off)- was enough to make me realize just how desperate Simon was for ratings. I have never seen something so staged in my life. This stunt exposed millions of kids to a male stripper on national TV. I'll never believe for a second that this wasn't set up on purpose, and I'll never watch this show again.

1129 days ago


The talent was not that good! I thought that Cheryl Cole was great and Nicole no so much! They should have kept Cheryl on!

1128 days ago


Simon, your arrogance is a turn-off. i will no*****ch, i will not dvr, i will not be counted as a viewer, i will not add a penny to your coffers. i will watch the ratings numbers tumble and laugh. don't ever think you can come between me and survivor!

1128 days ago
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