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Bristol Palin

I'm No Homophobe ...

I Was Just Defending My Mom

9/23/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923_Bristol_palin_2EXThere's nothing homophobic about Bristol Palin's heated exchange with a heckler last night -- according to her rep ... who claims Bristol was only defending her mom, Sarah Palin.

A rep for Bristol tells TMZ, she "was approached in a confrontational and inappropriate manner when two men aggressively shouted expletives aimed at her in reference to her mother. Bristol responded to the unprovoked verbal assault by calmly standing her ground and defending her family."

As we previously reported, Stephen Hanks yelled, "Your mother's a whore" -- prompting a face-to-face argument during which Bristol shouted at Hanks, "I just know you are" a homosexual.

The rep believes there was nothing bigoted about Bristol's words -- saying, "The situation ended with no incident, and accusing her of homophobia is completely unfounded and totally misstates her views."


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Not only is she a homophob, she is a trashy slut who decides to abstain from sex AFTER she has a kid. She is a money whore just like her pathietic mother.

1062 days ago


She is a not-so-famous dancer. And a soon to be reality TV "star" this is common occupation for all ne'er-do-wells.

1062 days ago

Fidel Sarcastro    

Do I think that the comment was homophobic... cant say yes totally. I mean it is possible that she could tell by the way he spoke, dressed, acted or his body language that he might be gay and that she was asking if he felt the way he did about her mother because their conservative views are not typically shared by the gay community. Though weighed with previous comments she has made before its also entirely possible that there was some intention to use his being gay as an insult against him which would be homophobic.

1062 days ago


Of course she is a bigot. Lets not forget what she did on facebook. She is nothing but a hater and she is in the public eye so she needs to watch what she says. She cant get away with talking like this. ITS NOT OK

1062 days ago



1062 days ago


Watch the video before commenting. She thought the other guy yelling was his boyfriend. Big deal, get over it!

1062 days ago


And being underage WHY is she in a bar riding a bull anyway?She is nasty

1062 days ago


Glad she spoke up. This homo deserved to be called a ... HOMO! I'm sick of people thinking what THEY do should be excused because someone else made them feel stupid. Good for you Bristol. That dude is a douche.

1062 days ago


This is so unfair. I'm tired of Hollywood being over the top, unfairly PC. Someone insulted her mother, called her a whore, and she responded in anger. I agree with someone above who said that TMZ is NOT including the fact that he he said your "your mother is against gays". TMZ, you need to include ALL the facts, not just your side of the argument and what works out conveniently for your beliefs. Homophobic slurs are wrong, yes, but this is NOT what that was. Why is nobody talking about this douchebag who started it? He's the problem, not her.

And all you people above: stop acting so self-righteous. The Palin/McCain thing is so dumb. And so what if she thinks homosexuality is wrong anyway? That's her belief, and she's entitled to it. Isn't America about freedom of speech? What is this country coming to?

1062 days ago


When will this family go away?

1062 days ago


Why is the Saddle Ranch allowing under age girls in their bar?

1062 days ago

kathi Altamura    

This guy was a NO CLASS IDIOT!! Who does that?? Drunks/Losers..etc. This goes beyond you being Sara Palin's daughter. He said he's 47 WOW. HUGE ISSUES going here...he
embarrassed himself/friends/family... and calling TMZ to show up while he's walking a dog trying to sound normal. Are you kidding me. Even his dog was barking at him to shut up. NO reasonable normal person would talk like that. You were
defending your mother. NORMAL....glad I wasn't there or I would of kicked his A**

1062 days ago


This whole family makes me sick to my stomach. Stop giving them media coverage, that's just what they crave.

1062 days ago


OH come on, a majority of the gay and lesbian community have been very vocal about their hate of the Palin family , so when confronted by this loud idiot she asked if he hated her Mom because he was a homosexual, that's not being a homophobe, my gosh not everything boils down to being homophobic. This guy was a total ass, glad she stood up for her Mother.

1062 days ago


When you use the adjective "homosexual" as an insult, you are being homophobic. Just because you are stupid and uneducated Bristol, doesn't mean the rest of us are. And if you don't want this kind of attention, DON'T GO ON REALITY TV.

1062 days ago
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