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Bristol Palin

I'm No Homophobe ...

I Was Just Defending My Mom

9/23/2011 5:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

0923_Bristol_palin_2EXThere's nothing homophobic about Bristol Palin's heated exchange with a heckler last night -- according to her rep ... who claims Bristol was only defending her mom, Sarah Palin.

A rep for Bristol tells TMZ, she "was approached in a confrontational and inappropriate manner when two men aggressively shouted expletives aimed at her in reference to her mother. Bristol responded to the unprovoked verbal assault by calmly standing her ground and defending her family."

As we previously reported, Stephen Hanks yelled, "Your mother's a whore" -- prompting a face-to-face argument during which Bristol shouted at Hanks, "I just know you are" a homosexual.

The rep believes there was nothing bigoted about Bristol's words -- saying, "The situation ended with no incident, and accusing her of homophobia is completely unfounded and totally misstates her views."


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Odd. I did not hear hear her retort with you are fat, ugly, stupid, short, or a thousand other words she could have used. She could have chosen the high road too and walked away; seems to me she was already on a high horse.

1092 days ago


She's an *******. That is all.

1092 days ago


She came to him...and YES! The PALINS are whores....she had a baby under age and now she goes to WEST HOLLYWOOD and she expects us to cheer her?? No ....they are all trash

1092 days ago


If the dude can di***** and not take it, than that's his fault. I see nothing wrong with what she said, it was fighting fire with fire. He called her mom a whore, she called him gay. It was pure trash talk from both sides.

1092 days ago

Fat Mike    

Harvey just walked in and wrote a quick story did he?

1092 days ago


I'm not a fan of any of the Palins but this guy is the one who attacked HER with vile and inappropriate comments and accusations, I don't understand why she's being vilified for asking him if he's a homosexual? Why isn't someone questioning and condemning HIS actions? If some freak started screaming those things at me I probably would have knocked him on his ass.

1092 days ago


If Palin was a male. The SOB Liberal would not have uttered a peeo.
And if she had usd the word Liberal. Then she'd be a Liberalphobe no doubt.

1092 days ago


Bristol doesn't owe anyone an apology

1092 days ago


Harveys show so Harveys

1092 days ago


If Palin was a male. The SOB Liberal would not have uttered a peeo.
And if she had used the word Liberal. Then she'd be a Liberalphobe no doubt.

1092 days ago


Am I wrong for saying all gays will die?

1092 days ago


Pic of jerk who attacked Bristol Palin with Levi Johnston--a year ago (from his personal account):

He is actor Michael Vartan's manager and it appears he and Tom Hanks may very well be closely related--they're both descendants of Abe Lincoln on his mother's side of the family.

1092 days ago

John T.    

Interesting.....Not only is SARAH PALIN’s marriage over BUT so is her political career, The ENQUIRER reports exclusively from Anchorage, Alaska!

Bitterly stung by Joe McGinniss’ book, “The Rogue: Searching for the Real Sarah Palin,” Todd Palin plans to file for divorce AND Sarah’s been advised to forget a White House run, sources say.

“Sarah Palin has been destroyed by Joe McGinniss’ no-holds-barred biography,” a close source told The ENQUIRER. “It’s exposed all her lies, cover-ups and secrets.

“As a result, she’s been told by her ad­visers that it would be political suicide to announce a White House candidacy. The press and her op­ponents would have a field day digging into the dirty details of her background.”

The book has also put the final nail in the coffin of her marriage, added the insider.

Todd was “completely embarrassed” by the book’s disclosure that Sarah hooked up with NBA great Glen Rice in 1987, said another source.

“The hookup has become a crude joke on late-night TV,” said the source. “Todd’s been made a laughing­ stock.”

Todd was “fur­ther humiliated” by con­firmation of a blockbuster ENQUIRER world ex­clusive – published in October 2008 – that Sarah carried on an extramarital affair with his business partner BRAD HANSON, and Todd dissolved their snowmo­bile dealership after learning about it.

Both Sarah and Hanson denied the affair, but Sarah’s ex-brother-in-law MIKE WOOTEN confirmed the cheating story.

Wooten was the key figure in the “Troopergate” scandal in 2008 in which then-Gov. Palin was denounced for “abuse of power” by Alaskan lawmakers for her personal vendetta against Wooten.

“Todd and Sarah were headed for divorce, but Sarah got pregnant soon after, so they decided to stay together,” Wooten told The ENQUIRER.

So go's the great Christian Family and their values they like to brag about.... LMAO

1092 days ago


Look, I am no Bristol Palin fan and I am DEFINITELY not a Sarah Palin fan, but that guy was being a jerk totally unprovoked. As far as asking if he was a "homosexual" yeah she is probably a homophobe due to her upbringing but I knew the guy was gay as soon as she approached him. It was obvious!

1092 days ago


That would be like me saying I know you are a ni88er. But dont take it the wrong way . I was just defending myself

1092 days ago
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