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Conrad Murray Jurors

The Low Down

9/24/2011 4:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


TMZ has obtained the questionnaires from the jurors who were selected to sit in judgement of Dr. Conrad Murray in the Michael Jackson manslaughter case.  Here are some highlights.

Juror #127  Mexican-American female, 54 years old, property manager, she has a daughter who was an alcohol and drug user 5 years ago, and she thinks famous people -- notably Paris, Britney and Lindsay -- are treated differently in court.  She loved MJ's music as a girl.

Juror #145 White male, 45, partner in management consulting firm, wife is pediatric nurse at a hospital, he's served twice on a jury before (murder and rape cases), watched "This is It" on Netflix.

Juror #61  White female, 57, unemployed, worked in past for Red Cross, divorced, listens to NPR, followed the OJ Simpson cases, her younger brother uses drugs, served 5 times on a jury.

Juror #70  White male, 54, college professor of animation and art, created characters for motion pictures at Disney, followed OJ trial, convicted of DUI, thinks celebs are not treated the same by police and can bend rules.  MJ fan.

Juror #44 Cuban/Mexican-White, watches History Channel, "Pawn Stars," "Sons of Anarchy" and "Modern Family," listens to Howard Stern, family members with alcohol addiction, served on a civil jury, fan of MJ, especially "Thriller."

Juror #49 White female, 43, head of communications for international marketing firm, watches NCIS and Hawaii Five-0, and motor sports/speed channel, worked in medical marketing, juror in criminal child sexual abuse case involving incest, does not think cops are more lenient with celebs.

Juror #100 white female, 48,  paralegal for 30 years, watches Big Brother, Survivor, Amazing Race, watched Casey Anthony trial, brother is an EMT, people of wealth and fame treated differently in court system.

Juror #52 Mexican male, 51, USPS letter carrier, watches Law and Order, wife is back-office medical assistant, fan of MJ.

Juror #99 Hispanic male, 42, school bus driver, father was addicted to alcohol, father-in-law died from alcohol abuse, served on a jury, MJ fan.

Juror #38  Hispanic female, 36, customer service rep, filed for bankruptcy, listens to Ryan Seacrest on radio, watched Casey Anthony trial because it involved a child, former employer is a doctor, father was an absent alcoholic, shot in a drive-by shooting in 1993, on a DUI jury, MJ fan.

Jury #128 African American male, 54, technical director for TV, cousin is a judge and another cousin who's a lawyer, his dad died of alcoholism, juror on 3 cases, loved the Jackson 5 as a kid, now likes Jay Z.

Juror #108 male "Wasp," 32, book seller, watches So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, girlfriend, in U.S. Army National Guard, grandparents attended AA, brother got DUI recently, thrown from a horse once, juror in civil trial, trained actor, MJ fan.


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Brigha from UK    

Accident? No, I don't think so.
The choice to charge Murray with manslaughter has always been a bone of contention with the fans (myself included). Many people believe that Murrays behaviour was so reckless that it warranted at least a 2nd degree murder charge.

I guess they figured the lesser charge would be easier to prove, with less chance of an acquittal.

The fans realise that Murray only faces a maximum four year sentence, but after being bombarded with reports of Murray enjoying himself for the last two years, I guess we accept that it's better than nothing.

1090 days ago

Barb. A.    

CatherineEarnshaw: If you really want to catch up on the case go to the link I provided and read all the do****ents. I have a space in that word so hopefully TMZ bot won't censor it.***entList.aspx?title=Peo+v+Conrad+Murray&casenum=SA073164&date=2010-04-15%2010:54:51

1090 days ago

Barb. A.    

CatherineEarnshaw, In the link when you copy & paste it you will have to spell the word do*****ents correctly. TMZ censors this for some stupid reason.

1090 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. I enjoyed the video of Michael's speaking adamantly about education. His use of poetry in his songs and his diverse articulated speeches is another reason to understand why Michael will always be considered such a pleasurable treasure. Thanks, Phantom for finding these videos.

1090 days ago


Thanks, Phantom. Enjoyed the short films of Michael's and the videos of super loving fans. "They don't Really care About Us" short film is thought provoking.

1090 days ago


Bless Michael's children and the Jackson family.

1090 days ago


Great posts Brigha from UK!!!!

1090 days ago

tonny brasco    

Its hard to find a person who never ever seen Michael Jackson as an artist ..So DR GREADY is doomed from the start ..good ..

1090 days ago


HLN to air non-stop coverage of Conrad Murrays trial.

1090 days ago


1090 days ago

love mj    

for those of you complaining about an unfair trial because alot of the jurors are MJ fans. Why aren't you complaining because some of these people have experience with addiction in some way or other. Is that fair to MJ? Both the defense attorneys and prosecution were involved in jury selection. RELAX! Do you want this to fail? The coroner ruled MJ's death a homicide, not a suicide? Who do you think should face trial for the homicide?

1090 days ago


One thing I can't stand is a Dr. who can't admit they did something wrong. Even worse a high pitched moron for a Dr.
Even though propofol was not a controlled substance you still needed a prescription. Just the fact that cases and cases were ordered and delivered show's in now way of weaning anyone off the drug.
A cardiologist is not ananesthesiologist
Cardiologist diagnose and treat.
anesthesiologist focus on pre and post op pain and sedation.
I don't see a bridge between the two for cross treating patients.
What should medical personel do when confronted with a drug seeking individual- what does common sense dictate?
A Cardiologist is not a Dr. that normally does Drug Rehab.
But REALLY with toxocology reports it indicates drug rehab was never in quesiton. Nor was it needed.
What would a normal and I stress NORMAL doctor do under the same cir****tances. 99 percent will tell you they would never be sitting where Murry is now.They would never jeapordize anyone's life by going out of thier scope of practice.
This is open and shut.
You were the one who put that IV in his arm. You were the one who set up a dangerous life threating drip without an IV pump.
You were the ONE who didn't monitor your patients O2 sats with a simple device that can cost as little as 29.00.
You were the ONE having your patient wear a texas Cathater only for the reason of knocking him out and that reason alone.
You were the ONE that failed to monitor the MICKEY MOUSE set up you put together.
You were the One that said YES
And I wonder about the pnuemonia the report talks about, I feel you poured that propofol down MJ throat trying to make it look like he drank it, and it went in his lung. I wonder if they tested that fluid? hmm

1090 days ago


Well, well, well. The prosecution knows how to pick a jury. Murray is screwed. I feel badly b/c I don't feel this is all his fault. MJ was a drug addict, and I do believe he woke up, Murray wasn't in the room, MJ was pissed off and pushed the rest of the propofol himself. Drinking Propofol, nah. not how the drug works. Murray, is guilty of greed, malpracticed, illegal possession of propofol, and being very, very stupid. Should be very interesting to see. Looking at the jury, many are EMT's who know how to do CPR better than a cardiologist. (big sigh, and shaking my head).

1090 days ago
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