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Corey Feldman's Playmate Ex


9/25/2011 6:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Corey Feldman's Playboy model ex-wife claims her famous baby daddy left her high and dry with their 7-year-old son -- and now she's enlisted county officials to force him to pay child support.

Susannah Feldman's local child support agency filed legal docs on her behalf in L.A. County Superior Court -- asking a judge to order Corey to cough up $307 a month to help take care of the kid.

The figure is based on Corey's monthly income -- which, according to the docs, is only $1,387.

Susannah -- who divorced him in 2009 -- also wants Corey to provide health insurance for the child, and pay half of his medical expenses.

Calls to Corey's rep weren't returned.


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Jim Carey just called and he says he doesn't feel sorry for you Corey.

1126 days ago


"Playboy model" is a bit misleading. She was never a centerfold. She posed in the mag after they were married and he was doing his reality show.

1126 days ago


$1,387 a month is absolutely nothing in California. That won't even pay the rent unless he's living in an efficiency apartment on the crappiest side of town. Is she trying to make him homeless? She can use her ho money to take care of the kid until he has better income.

1126 days ago


Maybe he can dig up Corey Haim and do "The Two Coreys" weekend at Bernie's style. No one would notice.

1126 days ago


$307 = 22%, so what? He is only 7. He can't babysit himself if she works once her son is out of school. Clothing, rent and food plus daycare do not even make a dent in that. I don't know where you're raising a child at, but it's a damn shame his "actor" isn't paying up. Maybe Diddy can help him out. What a shame she even has to ask - give me a break, she's not asking for it to make her rich - but it takes two to tango and he's fallen flat on his face, worthless!

1126 days ago


obviously he is hiding some money! I've met folks before who make a lot, and every single one of them hides it someplace - but, that aside, even if he makes $1000 a month, 1/3rd is the norm you loser! Pay for your child. You had such a lavish lifestyle in that worthless "reality" show, I'm sure you can fork out enough dough to help. Real damn sad. And, to whomever said she's trying to cash out - $307 a month is obviously not cashing out! Maybe Diddy can help this loser out.

1126 days ago


It's nice how everyone is so quick to judge when they aren't presented all the facts. Also - don't be so quick to make fun with comments like the "MJ impersonator" joke. MJ was a target of extortion and it's not funny how tried to destroy an innocent man.

1126 days ago


She picked the wrong baby daddy.

1126 days ago


It doesn't seem like she is being unreasonable if TMZ has the numbers right.

But I find it hard to believe he is only earning $1387 a month.Doesn't he get residuals for movies he's been in? I've seen a lot a movies with him in it lately on cable.

1126 days ago


He's got to be lying about his income. There is no way he could live in L.A. with that monthly income. It is sickening to me when men lie about income in order to stiff the child support.

1126 days ago


Omg! It's non of your business! How much he makes and how much he should pay. Mind your own business. Yes as a father he should do his part and provide for his child, but it's not for TMZ to report. Half the time they have facts wrong anyway

1125 days ago


I knew he wasn't going to take care of that kid. He's still stunted himself. Once the cameras stopped rolling he ditched his family. If he can afford $300 sunglasses and different hairstyles each week he can afford to cough it up for his kid.

1125 days ago


Corey must have done a lot of drugs? He is broke.

1125 days ago

Throwback kid    

You people won't be laughing when the Felddog is back on top! Corey Feldman was one of the most talented actor's of the late 80's between 1985 and 1988.
All he has to do is Lisence to Drive 2 and we are talking blockbuster. I have written the treatment and it's a winner. Feldman is now in his late 30's and his son is getting his lisense, did I mention his son will be played by Justin Beiber? This film ha***** written all over it. FELDMAN Rules!

1125 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Some of you emotional & irrational mental midget bag ladies need to get jobs to pay for your own kids.

1125 days ago
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