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You CAN Put a Price

On Her Children

9/25/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

It may have seemed like a funny bit -- Octomom's kids working at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" last year to help her out with the mortgage -- but TMZ has obtained documents that show the kids really were paid to do the show ... just not very much.

According to the contracts filed with the court ... Nariyah, Caleb, Elijah and Amerah (the four that appeared on the show, see below) were paid $464.00 each for the episode that aired in September 2010.

The docs state that they would each get paid $112.50 for the first two re-runs of the show, and $75 each for airings 3-5.

Octomom recently said she's giving up the home, so it was all for naught.


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Why hasn't she gone to jail for defrauding and getting paid disability for a back injury but was able to walk around with a huge pregnant stomach filled with 8 babies. It's hard on the back with just one. How was she able to pay for all the treatments when on welfare? How was she able to get away without paying for the huge hospital bills, doctors bills, nurses, nannies, food, clothing, and everything else that was not paid for by herself? How many times have we seen her by herself without her kids???HMMMMMMMM? Give me one good reason we should give this monster a free pass. If it was all about the babies why is it always her face we see and hear about and not how the children are doing. Has the little one with the cleft lip been fixed yet? Or did mommy fix her lips yet again? This woman turns my stomach and should not be allowed to raise these children who will in turn be learn how to scam the system just like their mom.

1091 days ago


No dis-respect but, why does anyone respond to that TeamNada idiot? You all know it's that language butchering,food hoarding, welfare loving, Octohog stalker ~ MsSarcia; aka, too many other names to mention. It says the same thing(s), with no valid point or arguement ever. It is only here to hate Kate & beg for attention...Shouldn't it be watching the M.J. doctor hearing coverage?
Look, someone has to pay mom's face & lip bloat upkeep, right? I think the boxing thing (ROFLMAO) is just anything for attention, an excuse to leave the kids again & certainly not a real paying job. They & the tups have been supporting her their entire lives, I think that's the real story!

1091 days ago


realist: 11 hours ago Paying? With what?
You go through what Nadya has and still is going through with people like you for nearly 3 yrs, then answer that question.

No, perhaps not, but she's doing it now, isn't she? And has been for a couple of years.
Well are you going to pay her bills, support her 14 kids realist? She has to earn a maximum paycheck, not minimum. She's not forcing you to watch or listen to her nor is she asking you for any hand outs. TV is the only way to go, just ask the Duggars or Kate Gosselin.

Exactly, and that's because Octomom wanted to keep the kids all to herself. Like I said, Selfish.
Well who isn't? Sorry realist, but all parents are selfish--especially when they are going through a messy divorce and fighting over custody of the children or want their kids to have nothing to do with their ex, period. This is something, private and personal that Nadya and her kids father agreed upon that they all will have to live and deal with. However no law has been broken, it's neither a sin or a crime.

And he was an idiot to agree to that. Some Azzhole, beating his meat in a lavatory, ejaculating into a specimen cup. What a picture! There's Dad, kids! Get a mental picture of that.
Facts of life- creating a life makes you an idiot and an azzhole? Pul-eeeze... Giving women who can't bare children the natural way hope of becoming a mother someday through IVF or other means of fertility imo does not make one an idiot or an azzhole. You look at it as ugly thing, I look at it as beautiful-- especially when you are able to hold that precious little incredible miracle of life in your arms for the first time. I see nothing wrong in making someone who can't bare children's dreams a reality of having one through sperm donations be it male/female.

Talking about the potential for birth defects from IVF.
realist, be real! Birth defects doesn't only happen just because someone has IVF treatments, DAMN! Just ask Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar whose last child was born with major life threaten health problems and she/Jim Bob aren't letting that child health effect their decision to work on child number 22. You can't go around being scare to bring a life in the world because you fear the child will be born blind or have some other health issues. That's just paranoia at work. If Halle Berry or Sherry Shepherd to name a few felt that way, they never would have had their precious little ones and they both had gone through IVF and so has many of the names I've mentined on the page behind this one. GOSSELINS, MASCHE, HAYES, JONES, CARPIO and the MCGHEE families.

1091 days ago



You're such a kidder.


1091 days ago


I'm not kidding, I'm real.

BTW look what I found on YouTube. This girl is awesome and deserve mad props. See, not everybody is fill with bitterness and hostility. Full of anger and hate towards another fellow humanbeing. Learn from this girl video that's on you tube and no, this girl is not me.

1091 days ago


Vic is right. Shouldn't you be all over the MJ threads? There are so many to choose from. You could have a real field day. LOL

1091 days ago


One more thing missy... some women who can't have children's of their own, sit on TMZ boards being bitter, angry and envy at Nadya because she went out and succeeded where they failed. Sound familiar? :)

1090 days ago


Team Nadya. No, the lives were created in a petri dish. And for your information, Dr K. never recommended the use of frozen embryos because they are not as viable, and because Octomom produced poor quality oocytes, not to mention she had pelvic adhesions that had to be fixed, and the beginnings of endometriosis, and she was in the beginning stages of premature menopause. All according to the records issued at the licensing hearing for Dr. Kamrava.

The IVF specialist for the hearing, suggested that Octomom should have been referred for a psychological evaluation after she had the first four children. She was still demanding hormone cycles every six months.

A "storage bill" for the 29 frozen embryos is a pretty poor excuse for continued implantation, especially when the frozen ones weren't even used. She could have donated them, or had them destroyed if she couldn't afford the bill.

You need to "get over it". What you don't understand is that this woman is not playing with a full deck. She may have wanted a large family because she was an only child (emotional issue), but damn, with six you still get egg roll. LOL.

1087 days ago


Sure, we all helped our folks out as kids or teens. The biggest difference is my mother didn't use the money to fill her lips, a pedi or eyelashes.

869 days ago
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